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A huff and a puff

It has been a long month... what with the christmas parties and the rush to bring Santa home. While wishing that Santa would send me a gift in the form of maybe a lottery or a sweepstake.. maybe millions of dollars or a big bad car... anything would be welcome! But ofcourse Santa fooled me this year too!! huff!
However the holidays have been fun.. and I have been catching up on movies.. I even fit in a mini vacation where I managed to drag myself off the couch long enough to visit a city 4 hrs away and eat loads of Indian food, as well as treat Cheeky to a trip to the Nation's largest aquarium!
Managed to avert that trip to Pet smart... so far! And have been spooking myself with tales of dogs gone bonkers.. on Discovery!!
As you can see all this busy schedule has left me with no bloggable material.. not to mention a house looking like a hurricane hit it. So I might be gone for a wee bit longer.. while I get my life in order :P And while at it get my brain in some semblance of order t…