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I have been letting out impromptu whoops of joy and dancing around in circles. Well not really impromptu to be accurate... I received the Brilliant Blog award.. not once but twice and that is my reason to celebrate. Couldn't have come at a better time.. as you all know I had a ruined vacation and was all about ready to mope around. I could look up at the sky and see God grinning to say "Got ya .. yet again"!

Meanwhile the two women Mama Mia and Galadriel decided to award me the Brilliant Blog award thereby cheering up my holiday weekend!
Mama Mia a doting mom is insightful and puts up the amazing pictures. Galadriel is funny, sensible and brilliant. I found both these blogs in recent times and have enjoyed reading them since. Coming from these women I am really impressed. After all, its been a while (more like forever) since someone called me Brilliant {wink}. (Abha did say that I had to share the claim to Brilliance with Cheeky, I choose to ignore that in my brag!)Now my …

Vacation Jinxed!

Talk about over planning... All of last week had geeky me making up the perfect itinerary for the labor day weekend.. Actually about 10 days ago I started this madness. M obliged to my silliness claiming he will take a couple days off to oblige so that we can make an extended trip to the area. So we planned a trip that took us to Richmond, VA and onwards to DC, Baltimore and Shenandoah Valley. The trip seemed perfect. The imp was consulted to plan the DC Itinerary and the prospect of National Air and Space Museum, and Natural History museum not to mention the Chinese Panda's at the National Zoo were all part of our tour of DC.

I must digress here to mention that we have taken trips before. Touristy trips cramped into 3 days of long weekend. Trips planned on a whim, decided the day before we left and sometimes hotels booked after we landed at our destination. But since Cheeky's birth, we try to act like responsible parents, planning ahead and keeping things at a leisurely pace. …

Moi Yesterday, Today and Tommorow

A year ago on a whim I started my journey in unchartered waters.. I had too much time on my hands and fancied myself a writer , so I started a blog! To be honest I have a basic instinct in me shared by many Indians I have observed. The quality of being inanely competitive. We don't think, we just jump into the competition and do our best at survival, we have been born with this inherent quality. So when I figured that so many people (I knew) blogged, just for the sake of competition I began to blog too. What started as a whim triggered by competition, soon turned into an obsession and addiction. Then slowly the newness subsided and it turned into a more healthier hobby.
I started by bribing advertising and torturing people - friends and family alike to read my blog. I began every conversation with my blog url. I hardly ever chat. I have avoided going online (I do go on as invisible sometimes) since my college days. But suddenly people found me online with the yellow smiley beaming …

I have been doing what?

I am being accused of taking a break again... so I wondered how to make my come back... After all I need to come back with a bang so as to speak!
So what have I been doing while away from all the blog sites...
Being the model housewife - Cooking, Cleaning and Doing the dishes. Shush, lets just pretend there are no giant specks of mess all over the carpet, and the dishes in the sink have disappeared by magic. It seems to be a conspiracy.. I think every night all the dishes in my kitchen wait till I go to bed and then sneak up into the sink, getting loads of grease on them on the way to their destination. I then have to go at them every morning up to my elbows in suds. Yeah I kind of knew all along that no one will believe me.. so no its not the cleaning or the cooking that has kept me busy.

Hmm, how about the Gym? Like M says I have to go there for a length of time to claim that I am hitting the gym really. But what do I do? Go there for a couple of days and potter around.. and announce …

To be (geek) or not to be?

I made a post yesterday and deleted it in response to the household censor board. But apparently it still appeared in some readers.. so if you do see it, just ignore it will you?
Meanwhile as promised I am moving on with my life.. and starting to turn my worries in the directions of Geek-dom!
I keep claiming about what a handful I was in school and hence non-geek. That is not true.. I was a geek alright, trying very hard at being cool. I tried to be the jock and tried my hand at sports.. but this is how the story went.

I enjoyed badminton quite a bit and even toyed with volley ball for a while. However around the time when it looked like I would get chosen in the school team, my hand started swelling up every time I played. For some unknown reason my fracture in both elbows years back decided to come back to haunt me! So that was the end to my claim to fame.

But I was unfettered. Every PT (Physical Training) hour would find me trying to learn a new sport! Oh yes I was trying to find the…

On Consultation...

While I have been tormenting myself about my huge crisis, I did not stop to ask my SeniorConsultantForMakingLifeChangingDecisions about what he thought.
Even when he said "I am going to make BMW cars"
I absentmindedly replied "Have your bath first"
Cheeky exclaimed "No amma, when I grow up"
"Good" I told him still looking like a woman with lost marbles.
So Cheeky decided to take things in his able hands "Amma what do you want to be when you grow up? A computer engineer" he asked making a face!
I know it is so distasteful even for him! So I asked him "Why? is that boring?"
"Yes" he said "do you want to be a firefighter instead?"
"mm no" said I
"I know you go make Yamaha bikes"

Still later ... we started our day dreaming.
Cheeky rattled off the cars he was going to buy for himself. I secured myself a Maybach and a Rolls Royce for good measure. Dad was going to get a Bugati Veyron and a Suzuki Hayabu…

Am I experiencing...

I had a chat with Rayshma yesterday. I told her I was considering going on a camping trip and rough it up, spice it up a bit, live life on the edge (yeah right, where did I think I was going to Jurassic Park?). No I said something along the lines of experience nature, be a little adventurous! And the lady wanted to know what was wrong with me! M wanted to know too.. lets go camping he said.. but lets first rent one of those bus like RV's and bring the conveniences of home with us! Yes I have finally decided to call him M in an unimaginative way, DH is too tacky for me.. hubby dearest? really? Geek does not suit him well enough and Cheeky's dad gives him an identity crisis... Koff was a good option, but would throw everyone a curve ball if they were encountering it for the first time.. so I decided to stick with M.
Anyway, I am digressing.. so back to Rayshma's question. Whats with me? I have been thinking too.. what is it? Mid life crisis?

You bet Rayshma wan…

When I grow up...

What do I want to be when I grow up? Rather late to ask the question you think! But a very important question in my life now! I have all I need in life, credit cards, drama and entertainment. In a moment of insanity Hubby Dearest provided the first. Cheeky makes sure the other 2 aspects of my life are provided for. But apparently the two men in my life have tired of all my melodrama and are on the verge of kicking me out and send me rolling to a job!
I sat on the couch and asked "So what do I do?" with a painful expression on my face. "Is the thought really that painful" DH asked. I dug out the lego block from under me and yelped... After putting away the blocks and straightening up the house, doing the dishes and burning some stuff on the stove, I was back to resume my position on the couch. Amidst smirks and giggles I grouped my audience/ think tanks.
"I really want to know, what kind of job do you think I should take up?" Now it was DH's turn to look…