Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The little femnist

In this day and age of feminism I have a little Pixie who never needed to be taught the word. She was just born as one. She is the 2 yr old who changed every rhyme with boys in it to say girls. She sang "Baa baa black sheep.. with little girl who lived down the street". She enjoys reading about Rosa Parks and Malala at Age 7. She questions every single atrocity to women. Did you know women did not have the right to vote? That's ridiculous! She says. She also adores Martin Luther King and has books about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. Also made me buy the movies Selma and Mahatma Gandhi so she could watch them.

She is the little girl who decided she wants to wrestle in the junior wrestling team next year. She couldn't this year as other activities interfered. But she came home one day and told me "I am going to be on the wrestling team next year!" Being a wrestling family, she has wrestled before and my son is on the wrestling team, so I didn't think much of it. But I did not have to wait long for an explanation. Indignant she says "The boys in my class think they are stronger! I'll show them!" One of the kids in her class wrestles on the team and she is hoping other boys in her class will show up too and she can teach them a thing or 2. I had to tell Ms. Firebrand that she cant be caught wrestling someone on school grounds! "I know mom!" she says rolling her eyes! "Just on the mat!"

This week she has been tasked with doing a project about a famous personality. Her teacher said pick a personality that changed the world! And the examples were of Walt Disney and such. So we were surprised at her pick "Juliette Gordon Low" Apparently she is the lady who fought for Women's rights and established Girls Scouts. Tootsie sits there on her tablet reading about Low and watching videos about her biography so she can be well informed. And then she comes to us and says "I dont get it!If boys and girls are equal why is there a boys scouts and a girls scouts?" Fair point I tell ya! And after learning more she has decided she wants to be a cub scout! I had to defend Juliette Low saying she was first trying to get Girls to join the scouts which is why she formed a special club! So with that defense we continue on the project of Juliette Gordon Low. But we are unimpressed that the 2 clubs have not yet been merged!

I think I have a politician in the making here! #EqualAllTheWay #GirlPower

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