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Two in one - Sensitivity and Planning Ahead!

Another year has come to an end.. and we look forward to new beginnings tomorrow. Its been a lovely year full of wonderful memories and exciting milestones. We do look forward to the next year with eager anticipation on what it will have in store for us. As the year ends I wanted to make two posts.. here they are!

I have never allowed Nantu to watch too much TV. Most Indian movies we watch are probably okay for a kid to watch.. being musicals and family entertainers... but we don't like Nantu watching them. Most parents I know allow their kids to watch, and kids enjoy watching the bright colors and lovely songs.. Nantu watches song sequences too.. but nothing else. So much so, when we were in Tennessee Nantu declared that if he watched Adult TV (Daddy's TV Time its called!) he would get pulled up by mom for it! Oh well!!
Pic Courtesy:
I also don't let him watch cartoons which have anything remotely related to violence.. and unfortunately thi…

Back to Pavillion!

As most of you know we were off on a short vacation this past weekend. I am usually very finicky about staying at Friend's homes. We have loads of friends and enjoy spending time with them. But usually we like to respect their privacy and stay in a hotel if possible when we visit. But then usually we combine these visits with a sightseeing vacation.

(Picture: Smokey Mountains-Tennessee)
This past weekend for the first time we went on a vacation not to see any sights but to visit friends! We were off to warmer frontiers - Tennesse! Our Friends R and L live there with their daughters Big A (5) and Lil A (1). R is DH's friend from college and had visited us in June for 10 days. However this was the first time we were going to meet his family. I was unsure how Nantu would adjust to new faces. He was looking forward to meeting Uncle R and even more excited about riding in Uncle R's Honda Odyssey Van! He was also looking forward to a play date with Big A!
We took a cab to the airpo…

Naughty Gene - The Payback

Two posts in a day you ask.. oh well I had to...
Many of you that read the naughty gene post said you have no sympathy for me .. I challenge you to think again! Age 4 months - Nantu: goo goo gaa gaa Person passing by - Mom/Dad usually... : Oh my dear baby, are you bored picks him up and has a wet shirt!! Oh yes we were still stupid enough to use cloth diapers Age 6-8 Months - Mom trying to feed Nantu : Nantu aaaaaaaaaa Nantu - tightly closed mouth. Mom - Anga paaru kaka (Look at the crow there) Nantu - looks up with a smile, mouth not open even one inch Age 1 year - Patti (Grandmom) has had a long day and is waiting for mom and dad to come home Nantu: ammaaa..... (wailing) Patti takes him to the patio to wait.. Nantu slyly waits for patti to look elsewhere and proceeds to empty all the clothes pins out the railing... Patti frustrated takes him out the door Nantu: Ift Ift ... (lift - as in elevator).. Daddy?? (he looks oh so innocently at patti) So Patti takes him close to the elevator to peer in... …

On this and that ...

I am done reading all other blogs, now its time to make a post and I wonder what about.. so here are a few random thoughts

Happy Go Lucky!!
Do I have it in me to have deep thoughts? I have been reading a lot of blogs and it occurs to me that many of the folks I read have such profound thoughts! While I have none? I do love reading all the posts and most times give me two cents on the topic of discussion, but I can never make such heartfelt posts of my own.. I wonder why.. I am reminded of my mom .. she used to say "I do hope you get serious once in a while.. life is not a big joke you know?" Oh well..

Staying at Home! I am a stay at home mom.. by choice!
I often get this question "How can you stay at home, arent you bored". I used to think so too when I worked. Then a couple of years back I quit, my life was getting too meaningless for me!! I needed to step back and give myself some space, and enjoy Nantu's company. A lot of my relatives and friends never could und…

The Naughty Gene

A lot of my blog friends have been taking up the wickedness tag!!! No one has tagged me :( But then I thought, oh well I am not wicked at all... So its a good thing I dont have to rack my brain for wicked tales.
And then Dotmom wrote her take on the tag.. This has inspired me to share some naughty tales (not wicked and I challenge you to disagree)!!

Age 6: Mom would tell me dont go to the road when you play.. so I scaled walls to go to a friends house which was about 3 houses away.. Imagine what mom went through when she looked and found me gone.. I was ofcourse grounded for a week.. like that would work
Age 7: A friend and I would climb a gooseberry tree (yes gooseberry tree) and pluck all the berries. On the other side of the compound wall was a workshop and we routinely picked up long rods from there to hit at the gooseberrys.. We were once shooed away by the men working there. The next weekend, a lot of their material left outside went missing.. I only hope they had the good sense to…

Whats in a name!

For the past couple of days I have been lurking around and reading a lot of blogs... There were 2 of my pet peeves being written about a lot... Mommy Bloggers and the Husband-Wive divide. I wanted so much to write about each of these topics and sat down to do just that. Now all of you who know me, know how my mind works.... and there it went on a spin again.. remnicing a conversation that took place recently in our household..
An email had arrived from my aunt .. and she had asked how "Nantu" was. DH: Why is she calling him Nantu? Me: Oh well maybe she has read my blogs you know a barb intended here... i have asked and asked and though he reads my poetry blog.. he stays away from the rants on this one .. boohoo!! DH: Do you remember how much time and energy we spent in naming him... Me: Do I remember? We only spent all of 9 months arguing over it really.. we are so finicky arent we? DH: His name means "Endless" and now with this nick name its just the opposite Me:(thinking …

Cant Wait for Santa

Oh am I impatient.
Most of you know how I have decided to celebrate all the american traditions this year so that Nantu has the best of both worlds. Halloween and Thanksgiving went by without much fuss. And now its time for christmas! DH and I have been buying gifts for Nantu that Santa will bring him.. The highlight for this year was a lovely tunnel and tent play zone... I was so sure that Nantu would just love it... (picture courtesy :

Then DH went on a business trip last week. Nantu missed his dad so much, So I had DH give him one of the gifts pretending he had got that from the trip. Nantu was excited and played with the Word Whammer (find it at Amazon) for all of one day after which he found something else that interests him... Anwyay, last evening I was sitting and talking to DH as he typed away at his comp. Nantu was playing on his own and he would go under the comforter and pretend thats his tent. I was sooo tempted to give hi…

Sunday Scribblings - The Competition

I started to write about a little game called One Upmanship.. this is a pet peeve about which I have been longing to write for a long time. The way parents of all ages constantly pitch their kids against each other in this game they play...
I do it too, albeit in my mind. Every time I see a kid acting up or throwing a tantrum I think of how well behaved Nantu is at that instant. (Every time Nantu throws a tantrum, I think of running away!! ) A few weeks back, Nantu put me in my place when I started at this game. A fellow parent had come home and was raving about how her kid could write her name. A day or so before that another parent had told me about her daughter writing A - E or whatever. So I in my effort to play the game of One-Upmanship (Where my son has to be better than the other kids his age) ...
Me: Nantu N writes, S writes wont you try to write the letter A Nantu: Amma ippo enna kiruka udu, naan big boy aanodane ezhudhalam (Mom let me scribble now, when I am a big boy we can write…

Nantu Bytes

(Edited to add: No Nantu doesnt bite his mom is a geek ...)
The topic of discussion in Nantu's school was occupations
Teacher: A what does your mommy do?
A: She works in the doctor's office
B: Mine does too.
Teacher: Really what does she do?
B: She gets the shots
**We do need someone to get the shots right?**
Teacher: Nantu what does your daddy do?
Nantu: My daddy hugs!
What do you do about imaginary friends? I am always stepping on one of the other of them.. my house is so full of them, does anyone want any, I sure have a lot to spare .....
Nantu: I want a bouncing ball for christmas
Mom: Pray to Lord Krishna for it
Nantu: Oh no I will ask Santa
Mom: How do you think Santa gets the gifts, Krishna gives it to him
**Boy am I confused?! **
Nantu: Nooooooo, Santa buys them at toysaurus!
Mom: But you have to be good for Santa to bring you gifts, pray to Krishna to be good.
Nantu: Krishna, please make me …

Restless Feet...

When I was young I would dream of exploring every part of the world. Before our wedding I made DH promise that we would travel and see places. My aunt and uncle are the Nomadic Couple who have seen most of the world including Siberia and China, and I wished to emulate them.
Little did I know that fate would take it so literally?! We have been cursed ... every few months we move to a new place! DH and I are die hard optimists who take this in our stride and can actually work up the enthusiasm to move to a new place and set up our home all over again... I had no idea how much till recently. We had thought we were going to move again... after weeks of being offered various assignments in one location after another, DH found one to his liking here in CO itself. So it turns out we dont have to move after all, I felt strangely deflated! Nantu has been a real trooper all this while ... In the 3 years of his life he has (officially) moved atleast 4 times and has taken to it as happily as his cr…

Sunday Scribblings - The Walk

I have a new illness! Everytime I take up the virtual pen to write a blog, I seem to develop this profound seriousness and come up with sad stories to write about.. I saw the prompt from Sunday Scribblings - Walk, and came up with a blog on a lady's walk of life.. her struggles, woes and fight for success against fate. It is a touching tale, and maybe I will post it later but today sagas like this are not my cuppa tea! So thinking of pleasanter things...

I think of Nantu's first steps. Nantu took his time to walk. My MIL lamented everyday since he turned 11 months "Oh when will this boy walk!" We forbade her to try and make him walk with luring him or holding hands...
So he took his own sweet time. He wouldn't even walk holding furniture. Only in his crib wud he walk.. He ofcourse was a master at crawling, and even climbed full flights of stairs on hands and knees.. so I think in his mind there was no necessity to walk.
Then it happened.. when Nantu was 1 Year a…