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Thrills of Parenting - Cheeky Tales

Every year the schools we go to (yeah so far we have kept the record.. we do not stay in a house for more than a year and that applies to the schools too)! Anyway.. the schools we go to have this lovely concept called “Star Student of the week” which they claim makes the selected kid feel special all of that week. However what it is really aimed at is making the parents sweat some. The arguments about favorite toys and books does not end and what’s more leads on to demands for fav toys and books. Now if we had to go shopping every time someone asked you for your favorite things I wouldn’t be a mom! So we argue through the week and the weekend we make and unmake our mind. But that’s not all.. we have to do things with Curious George and take pictures!! Sigh… and there is more!! Mommy (because Daddy won’t do it) has to write a letter or a poem about Cheeky!

Last year Mommy wrote this poem that made the kids laugh (Mind you I scribbled it in 5 mins that morning and did not intend for it t…

The little pixie called Tootsie

"Don't pick her up so much you will regret it" I told my friends. "Don't give in, be strong" I advised them. "Stick to the rules" I gloated. Little did I know that I had gotten lucky. The little guy did not want to be picked up, he could stay entertained looking at little hands and feet. The light, the fan, the curtains and even the toys were his friends. Rules were not questioned.. And then he turned 6 and all hell broke loose. Because along came a little itty bitty girl named Tootsie and Mommy had to eat her words!
At 4 months the little chipmunk has a mind of her own. She has decided she loves to sit up and hates lying down. She wants to watch mommy work from the royal seat.. mommy's lap! She wants Mommy and Daddy to talk to her not into the phone! She voices her opinion to the doctor and the nurse. SO much the doctor turned to Mommy and said "She is a strong personality already".. A nice way of saying "Boy is she stubborn?&qu…