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5 yr old truant!

Cheeky is growing.. He is now 11 years old! 11 years old and head spinning busy. The kid loves every sport there is, is good at academics but treats that as his last priority. So ofcourse he is the tiger mom's nightmare. He wants to become a UFC fighter and trains for it like he means business! Not for the faint hearted let me tell you that!

So for this birthday I decided my busy kid needs a little break. So we were going to play truant and take a mom and son day. Cheeky loved the idea convinced dad it would be a mom, dad and son day just no sister! Well it is his birthday, so we agreed and all was set. Till the bday dawned. The little monster caught a whiff of the plan.

Day of, she woke up and could barely speak. Looked tired and with a nasal tone said "Mom I am so sick". We knew what was going on here, but she is 5 yrs old. So we gave her some credit, gave her a doze of cold medication (she did have a cold) and tucked her back into bed. After I was overheard calling t…

Kindergarten Diaries

"Mommy we dont shower in Kindergarten" was the first update I ever got about Tootsie's Kindergarten life. You would wonder why my kid thought that was an important bit of information to divulge to parents? Well.. We got a long voluntary supply list for Kindergarten. Every year for Cheeky that meant going to the store and buying a ton of stuff. But it was always a long drawn exercise, looking at folder colors, arguing about what characters needed to be on said folders.

This year everything was ordered online and packed and put away without much room for arguments. But there was one thing Tootsie was allowed to pick. A bath towel for Kindergarten! She was very surprised and amused at this request. Hence the important update. The bath towel is for rest time after lunch. After all the work that these munchkins do, they need to rest and watch tv at school!

A lot of my friends have been asking me "How was kindergarten? How is she holding up?". My response has been &…

The making of the babies! And kids moving on!

"Cheeky, did you go to God and ask for a Baby sister?" came the question
"Hmm.. No actually I asked for a Baby brother" says Cheeky
I prepare myself for some drama.. but no little drama queens have grown up and are thinking about matters too deep to worry about little set backs.
"Mommy can you go to the temple where Cheeky prayed for me?" she says
"What temple?"
"The temple where you go to get baby brothers and sisters?"
"Huh" says the dumb mom!
"I would like to pray for a baby sister"
"When I turn 10, the baby will turn 4 just like Cheeky's baby sister". She even got the timing right! But how?????

"But Tootsie that will mean I need to have another baby. I dont think I am ready to have another baby"
"You just have to Mommy, how else will I get a baby sister?"
"Tootsie finish up your icecream" and like that catastrophe has been averted! For now!

In other news today was fir…

College? But Why? I am ready now!

Tootsie the Pixie has a personality that keeps life interesting for all of us. She is 5 now, ready to start kindergarten. Her spark of personality is so unique true to her name. We are often stumped by her brand of reasoning.

Many years ago a wise lady advised me on dreaming big. She said its important for us to encourage our kids to dream big and set them on the right path. She had convinced her kids they should be doctors and if you asked them thats what they would say. But not mine. I have tried this many times with Cheeky. He went from wanting to be a fire fighter to a truck driver to a wrestler and UFC Fighter. Yes my son wants to be a fighter in cage fighting!!!!! No amount of encouragement to pursue a less bloody career works! If you ask him what you want to be when you grow up.. there are only 2 answers you would get. "A billionaire" is usually the first one! How will you get there? "UFC Champion" is the next. I have never failed to remind him ... UFC Cham…

How will you be named?

Apparently my kids think its normal to name themselves. For those of you who have heard my tales you are probably familiar with the tale of Cheeky naming himself Ronak. If you aren't and wish to get acquainted, do read the link at the bottom. It seems to be a never ending battle with not 1 but both my kids. They think its quite normal to rename themselves. And I have to run nick names by them too.

The Cheeky Tale:
We are a Tamil family with too many last names. Traditionally we take the first name of our dad as the last name. As you can imagine that can get quite confusing. After marriage, the girl takes the husband's first name as the last name. I ofcourse chose not to. So now we are stuck with 3 last names. In a stroke of genius we decided it would make our lives so much easier and conversations with doctor offices so much shorter if we all had the same last name. So we picked a family name and decided to retain our current last name as a middle name. So no one loses right?…

My Real Family!!

Whats with my kids and cheeky talk? Tootsie is turning out to be a talker. And the things that leave her mouth. We have had numerous conversations about fictitious lunches, her teachers talking Tamil after I leave and more recently Santa's discussions with her.

However the conversation we had this week took the cake! I was driving home with the kids a couple nights ago. Cheeky and I were talking about hair styles and bangs. Cheeky was telling me why bangs were not a good idea and how he was glad Tootsie grew hers out. While confused little Tootsie kept chiming in from the back "And you know I looked like Dracula with my bangs"... 4 yrs old and we get f and b confused! But we are not fazed by the fact that we had fangs!!

Finally we revealed to her that bangs had to do with hair and not teeth. So then she says "Yeah my real family really liked bangs so they gave me some". That stopped our conversation in its tracks.
"Real Family?" I asked
"Yes my …