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The truth about Santa

The Geeky Dad always had trouble with acceptance. He always tended to put a spoke in the wheels come Christmas. No it has nothing to do with the spirit of Christmas or anything.. He just wants credit when it is due. And he was upset about some fat guy taking all the credit when he worked so hard, bought the dear, coveted and pricey gifts (Seriously whats with these kids and their gifts? The Price tag seems to grow with them)... and hid them well! So this year he had been threatening me with not going a hunting for the perfect gift.. "Not if I cant take credit" said He!

Meanwhile Cheeky has always been a practical kid.. He has never wanted to sit on Santa's lap.. thinks its too "Cheesy". Yet a Santa picture adorns our mantle this year. Thanks to his friends, who wanted to see Santa. Cheeky sported a Sly grin and said "Yay! Lets go see the real Santa and take pictures" and went off with his Friend's family! Earlier when we were in Disneyland, he spo…