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New Post Alert

I know I promised to take a break! And I am really touched by the many of you who have urged me to come back. I will be back soon..I am recuperating from excessive blogging!! Meanwhile yesterday I was surfing through the net and some articles I read affected me and made me write this post on Outsourcing. Its available at my blog Confessions of a closet geek. (I know I am cheating.. I was supposed not to blog.. but this was too hard to resist!!)

Introducing Rambo and Simba...

Sometimes I wish I had a girl.. All through my pregnancy I wished and wished and even lovingly picked out a name for a girl.. But DH insisted that we pick out a boy's name and we argued till the last minute to find that. And lo behold a boy was born! And what a boy.. one who dislikes anything girlish.
I wanted him to enjoy stuffed toys like I did.. but all he did was play basket ball with them using his erstwhile cradle as the basket. I shed tears for my much loved stuffed animals. After a while, even that got boring and all the toys were relegated to the book shelves around the house! We then moved and landed soft toy less in the United States.
But one day as we were walking through Walgreen's he asked me for a brown doggy.. it was so adorable and I was really surprised at this request. So much so, I immediately complied. The doggy was named Fluffy and enjoyed the status of the favorite toy! It even accompanied him to bed for a couple of months. So much so when we moved cities,…

Tall tales.. by the Cheeky Monkey

Jay Jay jet plane landed in the runway, and so did a chopper he named stuffy and two other planes he named Dunstar and Strotus!
Then arrived Lightning McQueen. He said "I am fast"
Then came Mater. He said " I am strong"
Doc Hudson came there too.
Then came Thomas and Percy, Bill and Ben the twin engines. And there came a lone duck too.. I for one have no clue what it was doing there!! Swimming came the reply!!
Gordon came and so did Bulgy the bus.
Gordon said "I am an expert engine"
Bulgy said "I am an expert bus"
Gordon said "No I am an expert engine"
Bulgy said "No I am an expert bus"
And this argument went on for some time complete with voice modulations depitcting the irate Gordon and Bulgy.
Doc Hudson then asked "What is the matter"
Gordon said "You are an expert car"
Doc Hudson said "No I am not"
Gordon said "Yes you are"
Doc Hudson said "I am very sad today"

Random Nantu-isms

My previous post on Guns and Bloodshed invoked a lot of positive responses. We are all rational mother's after all many moms said.. so our kids will never turn that way! After all we played with guns as kids, and we didn't turn out to be killers. I agree, I probably am over reacting as always but then the gun crimes across the country are so nerve racking!

Birth Story
Moving on to pleasanter topics. I have read many birth stories over time .. I even wrote one myself sometime back - here. But this one definitely takes the cake ....

"When I was a little little baby I was inside your tummy" He said
"I cried and I cried and I cried some more. Then you opened your tummy and I came crawling out"
Tada... And that is his birth story!

Valentine's day bash
Nantu goes to school 3 days a week, On Valentine's day he had no school. So when I saw the notice put up in school on a Valentine day bash, I did not read it closely. So imagine my surprise, when on the next day h…

Of guns and bloodshed!

"It is dead.. I think the wolf came and killed it" she said.. The little 3 yr old girl stood looking at a dead bird in our apartment's tennis court. She was speaking in a matter-of-fact tone to her 5 year old friend. I don't know what her mother felt, but dread clutched my heart. 2 yr old Nantu stood beside me and I hoped he wouldn't ask me to explain killing or dying...Since then I have tried to subtly introduce the subject to him, so that it doesn't come as a shock to him. He thinks that anyone who is no longer alive is with GOD ("Umachi kitta iruka" he says). However I know he has no full grasp of the concept, well he is 3 after all! However this morning reminded me that he is at an impressionable age after all. Nantu and I were having one of our world famous arguments when he said "I will shoot you.. pss pss pss" (the only gun he knows is a water gun, so apparently he thinks shooting means splaying one with water?). However my heart s…

The cat got your tongue?

Have you ever asked this to your 3 yr old. I unfortunately did. We were sitting there on a lazy evening.. I was ironing away and Nantu was doodling on his magic erase board. He made a big + sign and said that was an airplane. "see the wings" he said.. and I in all my foolishness told him that it wasn't one! I can sometimes be so dense, and start ridiculous arguments with the All-Knowing-Nantu. In my defense, this is my way of challenging his mind and creativity! But for once Nantu was quiet..very quiet!! So I posed the dumbest question of all "The cat got your tongue?"... He looked at me thoughtfully, I expected him to say "You are so silly mommy!"

"Is it a bad cat?" he asked
"No of course not " I said
"Why does it want my tongue?" he asked
Now how do I explain that it is just an expression, a figure of speech if you may!! So I rushed to make amends!
"There is no cat" I said "I was just being silly"

Happy Valentine's day!

(Pict Courtesy:
The best time of the year was here again, Valentine's day! She remembered all the roses she received in college... but now she was married! So this valentine's day was going to be extra special! She dreamt of all the good stuff her husband would buy her! "I have to drop a hint about the lovely diamond pendant I saw at the store" she thought! Dreamy eyed she waited for the man of her life.
As he walked in she asked "So where do you think we should go for dinner on valentine's day?"
"That hallmark holiday" he asked
Visibly sobered down she said "Yes that!"
"Thats a bunch of commercial nonsense" he said "Whats more ridiculous than setting a day aside to celebrate your love?"
But she thought, isn't it lovely to have one special day to celebrate love? Besides she had been eyeing that diamond pendant for far too long! And her birthday was still month's away.
She searched the interne…

The Continuing Story

I have been having some brain cramps lately and haven't written anything on my blog Creative Outbursts for a while. And then last night I had a visitor, my brain seems to have momentarily returned back from its vacation and I was told how the story goes on. So here, the third part of the continuing story "Life is like that" is now available at Creative Outbursts


I have been tagged.. not by one but by six people Lavs, 2As Mom, Swati, Rayshma, K-3 and Silent One to do the same thing... retrospect.. Now if you have been reading me for sometime now, you know that I have this tendency to trip down the memory lane all the time... So this is just the tag for me.
The memory lane is something I hold so dear.. be it the baby videos of Nantu or the posts from Blogger. I just hope blogger will still exist when I am old and toothless, I will then read these posts and reminisce.
Okay.. thats enough craziness for one day. Now to the task at hand!

Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given : family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.
Hmm.. here we go

Nantu had taken to a new passion, RELATIVES. He was obsess…

Confusions - Unlimited...

Nantu has been awfully quiet this week, minding his own business and not coming up with profound thoughts.. The major subject of my posts gone, I started thinking and came up with this topic to write about. Its a story...
(Pict Courtesy:
Now I am going to tell you a story... this tale is set in Arid Arizona and is part true, part exaggeration. The true part happened a few years ago, the rest happened in my imagination. The hero of this story is a man we will name Mr. Confused. The actors in the tale are his American lady manager - lets call her ALM (yikes?? my creativity is lacking due to some brain cramps) and then there is me.
I am a fan of bath and body works and always had a tube of body cream adorning my desk those days.. what with the dry weather et al, I needed it. ALM was a good friend of mine, and as she passed my desk one day stopped to smell the tube of cream. "What is it?" She asked. "Moonlight path" I answered... and we …

Quirky Me

Prats has tagged me to list six of my non-important things/habits/quirks .. I made a post sometime back on seven weird things about me ... that sounds so much like the current one that Prats has tagged me to do.. However, I am gonna oblige and try and come up with six vague things about me!The Junkie - I love the news.. when I go to the gym, all the time the news channel is blaring. I come back home and read the same on the internet. I have stopped buying the newspaper now.. but when I used to, I would then read the same news on the papers. And then see the analysis on television by people like Larry King and Glenn Beck. Lately I have been having less and less time for this though!
Soda and the iron box - Being in the west and not a millionaire we have to iron our own clothes. Being a housewife, I take pity on DH and iron his clothes for him. But I am far from organized, I let the pile grow and grow before I get to the iron board. So a pile on one side, iron box in one hand and a can …

20 Questions.. tag time!

Tag time again.. this time Preethi tagged me (No I didn't tag myself.. this is another Preethi I found in the blogger world.. boy do I have a common name!). I just found out that Prats has also tagged me :) (for once I will be making a quick response to your tag Prats) Anyway, this is a 20 questions tag (reminds me of the guessing game we used to play.. ). Here I even get to replace one of the questions with one of my own! Yay!! So here goes.

(Pict courtesy:
1. Name Three Most Valuable Assets?
Laughter, Family and Friends (Not necessarily in that order though)
2. If you have the chance, what would you probably say to your beloved one?
I have the chance, and I make sure I say this every day "You are very lucky that I am your wife" :)
3. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you?
Suma - Her zest for life, will help keep me cheerful
Fuzzy - Her wit will keep me laughing
Gomz - She will befriend eve…

Blessings and The Little Astronaut!

I got a note from Sumaasking me to drop by her blog. Imagine my delight when I saw this lovely post . With the incessant cough and cold going on in the Nantu-household, this is just what I need today. Some Positive vibes. It seems like a wonderful idea to spread this among my wonderful blogger friends. This is for each and every one of you out there. Thanks Suma for sending this to me and giving me a chance to be fairy godmother ;)
Now to pass this on..I tag
Vish - My little sister who introduced me to blogging. Who writes such wonderful fantasies but her posts are so far between... hope you do write more and add to your story.
Vidhya and Gomathi - Two of my dearest friends.. who have been blogging less and less, but their excuse ... they are embarking on a larger and more beautiful journey of motherhood. God bless you both! Come back to blogging soon.
Dotmom - Her serene posts inspire me, and she has a lovely sense of humor that drag me to her blog every time she writes. Hoping to hear a…