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Little Miss Attitude

It's been long since I stopped to write!! I have been lazy I admit!! In my defense my life has been turned tipsy turvy by a certain little missy. For the past year and it looks like for the rest of our lives, we have turned on the dramatics.
Talk about the other side of the grass. I always thought when Cheeky was younger that I missed having a girl. I thought girls were easier and mellow. Boy did I have my head turned around!! 
Today every small task involves dramatics and hours of negotiation. You skip a step or raise the voice a tiny notch... The drama begins!!! You will then find yourself dealing with hours of trauma and regret!!! So we have learnt the hard way!! 
A few weeks back I took Tootsie to an eye exam. They showed her slides with pictures. 3rd slide down she refused to tell us anything. After a lot of probing and cajoling we were informed "but I already said all that"
Her teacher had the kids gluing skin colored faces and features to teach them body parts in Span…