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I have too much time on my hands I tell you. This despite the voice in the background from morning to night. Or lets say foreground!! Cheeky no longer stays in the background, if he doesn't get answers at once, he is dancing in front of my face with the questions! But I am Cheeky's mom and equally relentless, so I spent this morning reading my past posts. I stumbled across this one - Culinary Chronicles. This brought to mind an episode that happened in India this time.

I d mastered the skill of telling Cheeky "You don't have to like it, you just have to eat it" with a straight face! My aunt speaks highly of this other aunt of mine who would tell it to my cousins and they would listen implicitly. I dont think my mom could use this on me, I was quite a trial on my mom and I should know by now that history repeats itself! But this technique worked for a while and I was too proud of myself that I got carried away! We visited one of my aunts in India.

My aunt had lovin…

Cheeky Cheeky!

I have found that Cheeky sells, writing about Cheeky seems to improve traffic. So henceforth I am going to follow Cheeky around with a pen and paper... that should help with my blog ranking!
The other day we were off for a drive and a Hummer overtook us. Cheeky is enamored by Hummers so much that we once rented one (when Cheeky was 2) just to earn his approval! But now Cheeky is not just enamored by Hummer's, as you all know he enjoys tormenting us with his endless questions. So he asks his dad
"Daddy why did the Hummer overtake us?"
Dad in sheer frustration exclaimed "Go ask the Hummer driver!"

A day passed by and the questions did not cease, but no mention of the Hummer. The next day, Dad was at work and unsuspecting mommy was puttering around at home.
Cheeky walked up and asked "Amma do you know a Hummer driver"
Amma bewildered "No I do not"
Cheeky "Neither do I" said a Cheeky with a huge pout on his face.
Holding back a giggle at the e…

May I ask you a question?

I have been tearing my hair apart! I have found that the questions don't cease, they don't get deflected and they get repeated ever so often. There is also no right answer sometimes.. and the why's keep piling on!! What am I talking about? A day in the life of a mom of a soon-to-be 4 yr old. On weekends I try telling him that the questions can be asked only to daddy, but daddy gets tired soon and says "Go ask mommy". So the imp comes to me and says "Amma, daddy says its your turn now"! I pretend to be very busy in the kitchen, this trick has worked in the past but I have found it does not any more!! I have thrown tantrums about the repeat questions. So Cheeky comes up with "Mommy can I ask you a question?"
Me: "No" ***Mean you think? You would not think so, after you have answered the questions non-stop for 12 hrs a day! ***
Cheeky : "Mommy can I ask you a question I have never asked before?"
He is relentless!

Cheeky came up to…

School Shopping

I thought it was all done. I think I had even made a post on finding the perfect school for the little imp! I had done this way back in January and even paid the first month fee in his new Montessori with the best rating in Colorado! Only to tell them sorry faced that I am moving. Once here, I have been torn between another Montessori or the preschool literally in my backyard! Finally we figured, its play school for heaven's sake so the closer the better at least we will not have to subject North Carolina traffic to my driving! Phew!! I know many drivers sighed in relief the day I decided against the Montessori!
So this morning, I decided to go there and ask them if they would have any openings. And also check out the place while at it. Nantu tagged along with a long face!
"I don't want to go to school" he said!
"Whats your problem? I thought you loved school" I said.
"No I don't! " says he. Now I am smart and so I know I don't want to be su…

Can you tell a story?

Galadriel started this ...
"She wondered if she could ever count each of the twinkling stars in the night sky. The clock in the tower struck 9. She had to get back to reading her text book, ignoring the weird grumbling noises her stomach was making. The flickering orange street light looked like it would go put any minute."

Rayshma followed ...
"she considered her options. she cud complete reading before the light died on her. or she cud eat. or of course, she could attempt to count the stars. it was in the midst of this contemplation that her phone buzzed. books aside, hunger aside... she now focussed on the screen. should she answer... she wondered."

And she decided to tag me!! So here goes ...

She decided to let it ring.. must be her mother calling to find out if she was alright. She was really tired of her mom checking on her four times every day! And then she heard it, a blood curdling scream filled the air. There were sounds of running feet ,followed by another sh…

Who me?

First weekend in our new home, and what did we do? Drove 160 miles (one-way) to catch a movie! Yes I know what you are thinking, we are really crazy! We really are! Cheeky was so well behaved and asked only 40 questions through the length of the movie.. and only climbed on and off my lap a dozen times! And only said it was a bad movie twice! So well behaved, I am feeling guilty! Next time I will have to find a baby sitter!
About the movie... it was Dasavatharam. I have been waiting for the movie for so long now, that we had to go watch it as soon as it was out! The movie was ok and I actually had a nice time. Also saw the numerous reviews on Dasavatharam. When I saw the movie, I had started enumerating the flaws in it myself. The biggest one in my mind was Kamal's tendency towards the gross depiction of violence. Otherwise, the movie was entertaining despite some flaws. I do not consider myself a movie critic. I have always looked at movies as a source of entertainment and sometime…

Growing up pangs!

[CHEEKY IS BACK.. After a long break from his cheekiness. Well not really,Momma was taking a break from Momma-dom while the hoarde of friends and relatives in India listened to Cheeky! Now its back to when he talks and I listen, and he talks and I listen!!]
"Amma namma kitta naraya paisa iruka?" (Do we have a lot of money?) came a whiny voice. I sat typing away furiously as I chatted with my dear friend A. No phone and this has become a daily ritual of ours, this daily chats. And now we somehow end up spending even more time talking to each other than we would when we had a telephone.
Anyway, coming back to the whiny voice, I knew there had to be a reason. And there it was, ketchup adorned my new carpet! And my little imp had the cheek to ask me if I had money to pay for it!! God what will I do with this boy? Earlier today I moved his bed from his room to my room (thats another story I will talk about next, hold on)... and cheeky takes care to inform me "Don't spo…

Just In...

I have moved.. oh yeah the packers came and went, followed by the cleaning crew who scrubbed and cleaned while I cribbed to Hubby Dearest about how I had to do it all while he basked in NC. But then I locked the doors and bid final adieu to an over cast Denver and took the cab to the airport with a reluctant Nantu tagging along. At the security check point Cheeky stopped turned back dragging his little back pack with him and said " I am not going with you, I am going back to Denver". I could have cried, not that I have ever been emotional about the many moves I have made in life. After all, I have always looked forward to new explorations. But my pouting 3 yr old who declared how he missed Denver already had my heart tugging!
But then in true child like innocence he shifted the attention to the air train which did not have a driver.. and had little fans on the wall in the tunnel. Fascinating I know.. he still talks about it! And then we had to visit the gift shop where I walk…

That curve ball

This weeks prompt at Sunday Scribblings read curve. I thought very hard of what poetry to write on that topic. I had just finished writing a poem (sadly it did not turn out to be as rhythmic or fluent as I like it to be, but nevertheless a poem...) for writer's island. As I have already mentioned I am moving in 2 days and have had a hectic day. Blogging was supposed to be my break today and I am not in a very poetic mood. Not after dealing with customer service departments at every single company all day! You can imagine how frustrated and worn out I feel. Well, coming back to my point... I was thinking of all the curves I have encountered in life. Life has a knack of throwing me a curve ball every once in a while.
Thats the fun part of life don't you think? If life was always straight lines how boring would life be.. I cant even think of decorating my home with straight lines after all! I like curves and not every curve ball life has thrown me has been pleasant, but its always…