Saturday, June 28, 2008


I have too much time on my hands I tell you. This despite the voice in the background from morning to night. Or lets say foreground!! Cheeky no longer stays in the background, if he doesn't get answers at once, he is dancing in front of my face with the questions! But I am Cheeky's mom and equally relentless, so I spent this morning reading my past posts. I stumbled across this one - Culinary Chronicles. This brought to mind an episode that happened in India this time.

I d mastered the skill of telling Cheeky "You don't have to like it, you just have to eat it" with a straight face! My aunt speaks highly of this other aunt of mine who would tell it to my cousins and they would listen implicitly. I dont think my mom could use this on me, I was quite a trial on my mom and I should know by now that history repeats itself! But this technique worked for a while and I was too proud of myself that I got carried away! We visited one of my aunts in India.

My aunt had lovingly cooked us a delicious meal and had made a south indian style dal (paruppu) for Cheeky. Cheeky however decided to eat plain rice and beans! He refused to eat the dal. I put some on his plate and used my tried and tested "You don't have to like it, you just have to eat it"! Cheeky decided that was enough of that "Amma how can you eat something you don't like?" he asked me! As I stood there fumbling for a retort, he went on to tell me "Why did you put that yellow thing on my plate, I told you not to! You are on a time out now.. sit on that chair and don't talk!" What can I say, I was this close to being the authority figure and I lost it!! Big time!!
(pic courtesy:

I have learnt my lesson, so I now consult Cheeky for all major decisions. The past week I have been thinking we need to name DH and me for the purposes of this blog! I am tired of calling DH a different name in every post! Now I am not very imaginative, or by now I would have thought of an appropriate name... I don't want to call him geek despite all the geeky talks I am subjected to just because there are a lot of geeks in the blogging world!! (no offense!!)

So I decided to stop deluding myself about my imagination and fess up to the li'l imp that I needed help. After all he has named all his toys successfully even if they end up being called Duppy Gocho (the turtle) or Breegy Briggs (the Rabbit) and Fristan (the Catterpillar) or Spatty (the cow)! Just where he gets some of these names from is just beyond me!

So I ran to Cheeky for rescue and he tried many names for Dad including Lion King and Drivy! He then suggested Koff and Keef (for dad and mom) and when I scoffed at that, decided that it had to be Mickey and Minnie! Yikes! So much for that, now it is up to me to come up with some names and I have decided to try the oldest trick of all, open it out to you!

What do you think we should be named? And do you think Cheeky should be renamed?? Before I go I leave you with a picture of us as drawn by Cheeky.

Thats Dad, Cheeky and Mom eating Spinach. I wonder why Mom has such a swollen face and no hair? On the top right corner is a dog (see the 4 legs with one leg longer than the others!). The fourth image was his cousin but has been stricken off as "she doesn't live with us!" {pout} {pout}.
So now that you have seen pictures of us, out with the suggestions!

Now I am off to dance to the tunes of "If you are happy and you know it..", being sung loudly by one cheeky brat! I better go soon to avoid that time out!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cheeky Cheeky!

I have found that Cheeky sells, writing about Cheeky seems to improve traffic. So henceforth I am going to follow Cheeky around with a pen and paper... that should help with my blog ranking!
The other day we were off for a drive and a Hummer overtook us. Cheeky is enamored by Hummers so much that we once rented one (when Cheeky was 2) just to earn his approval! But now Cheeky is not just enamored by Hummer's, as you all know he enjoys tormenting us with his endless questions. So he asks his dad
"Daddy why did the Hummer overtake us?"
Dad in sheer frustration exclaimed "Go ask the Hummer driver!"

A day passed by and the questions did not cease, but no mention of the Hummer. The next day, Dad was at work and unsuspecting mommy was puttering around at home.
Cheeky walked up and asked "Amma do you know a Hummer driver"
Amma bewildered "No I do not"
Cheeky "Neither do I" said a Cheeky with a huge pout on his face.
Holding back a giggle at the expression Amma ventured "But what do you want a Hummer driver for?"
Cheeky "I need to ask him why he overtook us, Daddy asked me to!"
Hahaha. Later that day, Mommy related this incident to Dad amidst a lot of laughing.
A serious Cheeky listened on, wondering why this was so funny! Then it struck him
Cheeky said "Daddy we rented a Hummer in Denver"
Daddy slow on the uptake "Yes we did""
Cheeky "You were the driver of that Hummer"
Daddy the bulb above his head flashing frantically now "Yes I was"
Cheeky "So why did the Hummer overtake our Camry"
Phew!! Now it was Dad's and Mom's turn to stop giggling and look at the little Cheeky in utter bewilderment!

Cheeky thinks about work a lot. He wants to go work directly, whats the point of going to school and college he figures! And he has a fair idea of how the whole work scenario functions!
He asked his Thatha (Grand dad) the other day
"Thatha does the Accent work now or is it retired?"
Thatha said "No it works well now, I got it fixed"
Mommy thinking hard "Cheeky why did you ask if it is retired"
Cheeky "When things don't work, they retire like J thatha"
Now that I know why he retired, I am retiring too ... my brain doesn't work anymore!

I have been staying all cooped up from the heat the past few days. Last evening, I had a guilt trip and decided to take Cheeky for a walk.
I told him "Lets take a nice walk this evening"
Cheeky "Where are we going"
Me "Nowhere, lets just walk"
Cheeky "Ok do we take the stroller"
Me "No I will get bored, give me company walk with me!"
Cheeky "Ok lets go to the road then I want to look at cars!"
This is a kid who has his priorities straight! So off we went with layers of sunscreen on us, wearing our hats which makes Cheeky look cute and me look very silly! But although it was 5 PM we still needed the ammunition!
After a fair amount of time I decided to head back. Walking with Cheeky as you can imagine is an endless array of questions. He also stops to wave at everyone on the road. And I had to hurry him on lest he start a conversation. I was beginning to wonder what my problem was when he was acting shy! Is this why they say watch what you wish for? When I broke it to Cheeky that we were heading home, he did not want to of course!
"No! Lets go to someone's house" he said.
"We don't know anyone here " I said
"So lets go ask their names" he said. Simple solutions appeal to him!
"We cant do that" said boring mommy and tried to distract him by making him chase birds (yeah right!) in the grass instead. This is the boy who chases rabbits all around the place, he can chase birds now don't you think?

As we entered our building he did what he does every day, run to the apartment next door and stand at their door. He is going to freak them out someday. I decided to scare him (as if!) and said "I am going to knock and ask them if they will keep you, You seem to like that house, stay there! Daddy and I will stay at our place"
The imp got very excited "Knock amma, come lets knock on their door" says he "let us ask them their names!". Now what did I get myself into?
Vacations are truly endless. Now, I am going shopping for summer camps!!

[Edit: He still wont let it go. This boy is so persistent. ""Mommy do you have one friend or many friends" He asks.
"Many" I answer
Still undeterred "You want many friends, lets go ask the people their names"]

Monday, June 23, 2008

May I ask you a question?

I have been tearing my hair apart! I have found that the questions don't cease, they don't get deflected and they get repeated ever so often. There is also no right answer sometimes.. and the why's keep piling on!! What am I talking about? A day in the life of a mom of a soon-to-be 4 yr old. On weekends I try telling him that the questions can be asked only to daddy, but daddy gets tired soon and says "Go ask mommy". So the imp comes to me and says "Amma, daddy says its your turn now"! I pretend to be very busy in the kitchen, this trick has worked in the past but I have found it does not any more!! I have thrown tantrums about the repeat questions. So Cheeky comes up with "Mommy can I ask you a question?"
Me: "No" ***Mean you think? You would not think so, after you have answered the questions non-stop for 12 hrs a day! ***
Cheeky : "Mommy can I ask you a question I have never asked before?"
He is relentless!

Cheeky came up to me the other day and asked
"Amma can we break the roof of our car?"
Me: "What? Why?" I am ready to declare a time out for such violent thoughts!
Cheeky replies "Then we will have a convertible"
Bingo... what a simple fixer upper!!

This weekend we took him to a friend's house and let him loose on our unsuspecting friend! I must go off track and inform you that the shy bone has been lost again! I have a son who talks too much again (for those who did know he was shy all of last year and had me bewildered) and asks me just to confirm "Mommy was I shy today?" This I have found is his way of fishing for compliments and is the same as and followed by, "Mommy was I good today?". So back on the topic of the relentless questions... We turned Cheeky loose on S and had a blast watching S answer all those questions. S of course broke out in cold sweat quite a few times in the 2 hours and could be heard lamenting "My daughter is going to ask these questions soon. Oh God!" Just our way of spreading some joy!!

While there, S's cute kid little A all of 7 months kept wanting everything Cheeky picked up and Cheeky would hand it over and move on to the next toy. He seemed to understand that she was very little! I had the proud mamma expression on my face, when he turned the tables deftly! Cheeky had brought his mobile phone all secure in his pocket and fished it out to display with pride, to S! Little A made a bee line for the mobile which makes sounds and lights. I urged Cheeky to give her the mobile to play with.
Cheeky put it back in his pocket hastily "Amma it needs to be charged"
Me: "Come on give it to the baby, you can take it when we go home"
Cheeky: "Amma that is not a toy, and I have a call"
I had to give in, after all I have talked my way out of many sticky situations in the past!!

M had cooked up a delicious meal and as we urged Cheeky to sit down she asked him "So what do you like? You can eat whatever you like"
Cheeky responded sweetly "I like the plate, can I eat that?"

And it went on and on the Cheeky retorts and the relentless questions. While it was fun, it could only last the 2 hours as S and M seemed visibly exhausted at the end of it, and we made a bee line for the car. After all we can use the break every once in a while and we don't want to push our luck do we?

But Cheeky doesn't get it. He got up bright and early this morning to ask me "So when are they coming"
Me: "When are who coming"
Cheeky: "The people we visited yesterday"
Me: "Uncle S?" Cheeky nods vigorously "They are not coming today"
Cheeky: "Thats ok we can go there then!"
We need to make more friends here, we can't subject M and S to a daily doze of Cheeky can we? Anybody game?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

School Shopping

I thought it was all done. I think I had even made a post on finding the perfect school for the little imp! I had done this way back in January and even paid the first month fee in his new Montessori with the best rating in Colorado! Only to tell them sorry faced that I am moving. Once here, I have been torn between another Montessori or the preschool literally in my backyard! Finally we figured, its play school for heaven's sake so the closer the better at least we will not have to subject North Carolina traffic to my driving! Phew!! I know many drivers sighed in relief the day I decided against the Montessori!
So this morning, I decided to go there and ask them if they would have any openings. And also check out the place while at it. Nantu tagged along with a long face!
"I don't want to go to school" he said!
"Whats your problem? I thought you loved school" I said.
"No I don't! " says he. Now I am smart and so I know I don't want to be sucked into this discussion. So I just stuck his cap on his head and walked out the house! In 2 minutes I was at the school's doorstep and Nantu spying the play area perked up!!
Meanwhile a lady walked up to us and offered to take down our details for the secretary. I think she is a teacher there. She asked Nantu some questions and Cheeky decided to answer very politely, much to my surprise. No hiding behind my legs this time!
He then asked me if he can see the class room. I told him he could when he gets an admission there.
He then asked "Can I play in that yard too if I get ammichon here?"
"Yes you can" said I!!
As we walked out Cheeky was heard saying "I like the play ground, I think I will go to school here!". It is a simple life after all!! Except we don't yet know if he is going to school there, they have not told me anything about availability!!Uh!(Pict Courtesy:

K3 tagged me to do a post on 6 of my quirks.
I have done that a couple of times before - here and here.
I sure seem to have a lot of quirks don't I? Another to add to the list, brought to mind by one of K3's quirks.
I had a knack for story telling as a kid or so I have heard! I used to make up stories all the time. And if I did not like a story my mommy told me, I would just change it the way I liked it! So no evil witches in my tales I presume!! Nantu seems to have acquired that trait! I had once written about how he twisted the Crow and Vada tale here. Just today he decided to re-sing the Piggy on the railway rhyme!
It goes "Piggy on the road picking up stones
Down came the engine and piggy not there"
[The original goes "Piggy on the railway picking up stones
Down came the engine and broke piggy's bones"]
We don't like that as Pig is our favorite animal. Yikes? I know.. he wanted to know if he could pet the pigs he saw in India.. I wanted to make a face, but I calmly told him that he could only pet the ones in the petting zoo. I have a tough job.. being a mommy is not easy. And keeping a straight face is even harder!
As for the altered rhyme, reminded me that He is truly my son!! yay!! His poor teachers are going to have a tough time though, don't you think?

Another thing Cheeky has been bugging me about all day is to return to Chennai. Last night a friend was here from India and asked Nantu if he wanted to go to India with him. Since then Nantu has been asking me to take him on a flight to India. Apparently he needs my help and presence only till we reach India. Once we are in Chennai all I have to do is wait for Chitti (his aunt, my sister) to arrive and then I can just turn around and come back.
"Wont you miss me" I ask.
"I will talk to you on chat" he tells me!
Boohoo... what did I do to deserve such a thankless son??!!! Priya Chitti [Fantasies of a lifetime] here is wishing you a very happy birthday from all of us. Nantu even baked a play doh cake for you today!! We miss you so much! (pict courtesy :

Can you tell a story?

Galadriel started this ...
She wondered if she could ever count each of the twinkling stars in the night sky. The clock in the tower struck 9. She had to get back to reading her text book, ignoring the weird grumbling noises her stomach was making. The flickering orange street light looked like it would go put any minute."

Rayshma followed ...
"she considered her options. she cud complete reading before the light died on her. or she cud eat. or of course, she could attempt to count the stars. it was in the midst of this contemplation that her phone buzzed. books aside, hunger aside... she now focussed on the screen. should she answer... she wondered."

And she decided to tag me!! So here goes ...

She decided to let it ring.. must be her mother calling to find out if she was alright. She was really tired of her mom checking on her four times every day! And then she heard it, a blood curdling scream filled the air. There were sounds of running feet ,followed by another shrill scream!

And now I tag ... Dottie. I want to see where this goes.. keep me posted! Oh and the
tag is to take the story ahead in EXACTLY 55 words. And if you want to bash up someone.. you know where to look!! Look for the lady who started this trail!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who me?

First weekend in our new home, and what did we do? Drove 160 miles (one-way) to catch a movie! Yes I know what you are thinking, we are really crazy! We really are! Cheeky was so well behaved and asked only 40 questions through the length of the movie.. and only climbed on and off my lap a dozen times! And only said it was a bad movie twice! So well behaved, I am feeling guilty! Next time I will have to find a baby sitter!
About the movie... it was Dasavatharam. I have been waiting for the movie for so long now, that we had to go watch it as soon as it was out! The movie was ok and I actually had a nice time. Also saw the numerous reviews on Dasavatharam. When I saw the movie, I had started enumerating the flaws in it myself. The biggest one in my mind was Kamal's tendency towards the gross depiction of violence. Otherwise, the movie was entertaining despite some flaws. I do not consider myself a movie critic. I have always looked at movies as a source of entertainment and sometimes if that means overlooking a few flaws/ aberration of common sense, so be it! I did not want to critic a movie or defend it. However, as the reviews started pouring in, some of them pure venom and others taking such an acute critical stance; I cannot help but comment. I can't help wondering, don't these people see any other Tamil or for that matter Indian movie at all? A lot of them seem to want to tie the movie to reality? Where have you heard of a bullet taking away cancer? And how can the bones of a man still be on the statue after 800 years? the questions are endless... It seemed to me that these self appointed critics have taken it on them to do this fault finding exercise and that was the sole purpose of watching the movie! I term it artistic license! There are some things that can be left to the imagination, some things that need to be as explicit as possible to reach to the mass audience, and some dramatization is essential! Remember not every person who watches a movie is of the same wavelength/ intelligence. The success in a movie is to appeal to these different levels of intelligence! Not every movie is a no-brainer! Further the comparison of Dasavatharam to every Hollywood movie we have ever seen is so unfair. Unfortunately Tamil cinema is not yet comparable to Hollywood no matter what we say... the budget, and technology as well as resources are just not at par!
As for the characterization of 10 characters, I think it is pretty apparent that when there are 10 characters, a few are going to come out looking strong, a few weak and a few others superfluous. If the characters had been done by other actors, we would have overlooked them. But just the fact that the characters have been played by Kamal has these critics raving about how bad/ unimportant some of them are! Just what did these people expect going in? And then there is the chaos theory and butterfly effect Kamal has based the story off and this actually has come out tying the story together. I also thought the screen play was pretty good, and tied the loose ends together, considering there were so many vital characters. Some of the characters were just brilliant like Balaram Naidu and Vincent. I liked the villain Fletcher too.. the brutality shone through, and that was critical Characterization. Some other of Kamals avatars lacked the conviction or presence like the Japanese or Kallif Ullah. But like I said, that is bound to happen!
While the movie has its own set of flaws, but which movie does not; it is a laudable effort and deserves due credit for the sheer mountain of work that has gone into this! The biggest irk factor for many seems to be all the hype before the movie! (read the audio release). So many seem to have gone in expecting Kamal to deliver something larger than life! My advice, watch Dasavatharam with an open mind and watch it some more and introspect! There is so much in hidden nuances in there!
There now that weight is off my mind.. I am no die hard fan, I enjoy Kamal movies, I also enjoy Rajini movies which sometimes require you to stop thinking so hard about reality and common sense. They are both entertainers and I have always enjoyed them. But this movie seems to have brought some daggers out and that has had me really bewildered. Some of the venom really seems uncalled for... But then I think some greats like Kamal and Sachin just have as many critics as fans.. that seems to be a tribute to their greatness.. When its a Kamal movie, we expect perfection, but others are ok if they are as far from it as they possibly can get! (Pict Courtesy:

And now its tag time! Neera has tagged me to talk about ten things! Ten??!! Really.. here goes
Ten things I miss right now ...
1. Filter Coffee.. from Saravana Bhavan
2. California weather.. that was the best thing about California, I am an outdoorsy person and I loved California where I could just take long walks at all times!
3. Family and now that I am sitting all holed up in new city, I miss friends
4. Phone!! boohoo.. 3 more days to that elusive phone connection and my link to the outside world.
5. Unplanned days and nights of Pre-Nantu times
6. Baby gurgles and chubby feet climbing up onto my shoulders and face!!
7. The ability to eat what may and not gain weight.. And the ability to look at the weigh machine without that grimace!
8. Sleeping in...
9. Breakfast on a tray.. my stomach is grumbling and I have to get up to make breakfast.. (not that I ever have had breakfast served on a tray... but that does not mean I cannot miss it?!)
10. Home Sweet Home!! I still think of my place in Chennai as my home.. that and my childhood home in CBE... yes that too.. I miss them no matter where I go!

Ten things I would like to achieve in the next decade! Oh my! Neera you really got me on this one... I am not that well planned! But I just remembered that I have done this one after all.. Phew! Find it here - Planning Ahead

I am not going to tag anyone in particular. All of you who want to take it up are most welcome to do that!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Growing up pangs!

[CHEEKY IS BACK.. After a long break from his cheekiness. Well not really,Momma was taking a break from Momma-dom while the hoarde of friends and relatives in India listened to Cheeky! Now its back to when he talks and I listen, and he talks and I listen!!]
"Amma namma kitta naraya paisa iruka?" (Do we have a lot of money?) came a whiny voice. I sat typing away furiously as I chatted with my dear friend A. No phone and this has become a daily ritual of ours, this daily chats. And now we somehow end up spending even more time talking to each other than we would when we had a telephone.
Anyway, coming back to the whiny voice, I knew there had to be a reason. And there it was, ketchup adorned my new carpet! And my little imp had the cheek to ask me if I had money to pay for it!! God what will I do with this boy? Earlier today I moved his bed from his room to my room (thats another story I will talk about next, hold on)... and cheeky takes care to inform me "Don't spoil it? Do you know I spent so much money on this bed?"God help me!
Now to the bed story! When we got here, it was decided that Nantu will sleep on his bed in his room! And he has been doing a good job at it. Only a couple of hours later Mommy and Daddy peek in and finally after a lot of deliberation carry sleeping Cheeky to their bed! I am so worried that he will roll of his (so called) toddler bed! But Nantu has informed me that he will buy a bunk bed (yes all by himself) when he turns 4 and will sleep in his room by himself. My little boy is growing up fast, too fast!!
So that is the story of my life. I have a young adult now in my household, who talks and acts like one! And I have a whiny parent (yours truly) who misses the little baby who wanted mommy at all times! Time to get back to work I suppose! Cheeky thinks so too. "When I turn 5 go to work amma he says! You can come back home when I come home in the evening!". He figured not much use for mom in between I suppose.. so might as well put her to use!!
Amidst all this emotional trauma (!!), Rayshma decided to brighten my life with a lovely award and some lovelier words about me. I was really touched and now its my turn to brighten some of your lives!
It has been said "This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people, good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!".Now as per this, I have to give this award to all of you who have been so nice all this time that I have been blogging. And inspired me to write more and more of mundane topics!! (So what I am trying to say is that you are to blame for my boring blogs!).
However with value for time and space here I am going to mention a few.

K3 - She is a new blogger friend, and has touched me so much with her thoughtful comments and even inquiries when I went off the radar for a while. That was so sweet.Also I have to say I love Kocchuunni tales, even the name is so adorable!!
Neera - There is so much love shining through in all her posts. She is lucky to have a wonderful family. And her family is lucky to have her!
Keith - I absolutely love his sense of humor, his stories and his photographs. Everything he posts is so honest and full of life.
Rambler - Rambling on about his life, his take on the writer prompts at Sunday Scribblings, Writers Island always make me wonder why I never thought of it that way! He has been a loyal blog friend, visiting frequently and always has a nice word for me. Thanks Rambler!
Aryan's mom - I love the tales of Aryan.. I just adore the fact that it is written from the mouth of the babe! I know you wanted a break, but I want to give you a reason to come back!! :)
and Rayshma - thanks so much for the award. The only blogger friend I have ever spoken to! You are a lovely person with an enviable zest for life!! Stay that way!!
To all others out there, there are so many of you I wanted to mention and talk about.. but I will stop here for today.. My stomach is grumbling just a wee bit too loud! Thank you all for making this blogging world of mine so lovely!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just In...

I have moved.. oh yeah the packers came and went, followed by the cleaning crew who scrubbed and cleaned while I cribbed to Hubby Dearest about how I had to do it all while he basked in NC. But then I locked the doors and bid final adieu to an over cast Denver and took the cab to the airport with a reluctant Nantu tagging along. At the security check point Cheeky stopped turned back dragging his little back pack with him and said " I am not going with you, I am going back to Denver". I could have cried, not that I have ever been emotional about the many moves I have made in life. After all, I have always looked forward to new explorations. But my pouting 3 yr old who declared how he missed Denver already had my heart tugging!
But then in true child like innocence he shifted the attention to the air train which did not have a driver.. and had little fans on the wall in the tunnel. Fascinating I know.. he still talks about it! And then we had to visit the gift shop where I walked away with a final souvenir of my favorite city so far - The Mile High City. I have lived in a lot of places, but I think the one place I loved the most was Denver.
On the plane we had our next adventure. Nantu got to peek into the cock pit. As you can imagine he found it very interesting that there are 2 people trying to fly the plane. I had to answer all his questions on that till he finally dozed off from exhaustion!
I reached NC in the middle of the night.. literally, and the first thing that hit me when I got off the plane was the heat! Whoa.. at midnight no less. What exactly did I get myself into? But then I have found the best thing I like about NC already.. the trees. I just love that there are trees everywhere.. dense thick trees, gives you calm, quiet and some wilderness, literally at my door step. Nantu on the other hand is excited about his new room with a patio no less and the very fact that his room turned out to be bigger than mine has him dancing.
So that is the report just in from NC. More later as I finally settle down. Once I am done settling down, I need to tackle the most dreaded of all chores! Finding the perfect school for Nantu. This has me in jitters, he has loved the school experience so far and I really want to keep it that way!! Meanwhile Cheeky claims that he doesn't have to go to school "I am just going to skip school and go to college" says he! Knowledge picked up from the India visit? Aaah, I do have my work cut out don't I?
(Pict Courtesy:,

Monday, June 2, 2008

That curve ball

This weeks prompt at Sunday Scribblings read curve. I thought very hard of what poetry to write on that topic. I had just finished writing a poem (sadly it did not turn out to be as rhythmic or fluent as I like it to be, but nevertheless a poem...) for writer's island. As I have already mentioned I am moving in 2 days and have had a hectic day. Blogging was supposed to be my break today and I am not in a very poetic mood. Not after dealing with customer service departments at every single company all day! You can imagine how frustrated and worn out I feel. Well, coming back to my point... I was thinking of all the curves I have encountered in life. Life has a knack of throwing me a curve ball every once in a while.
Thats the fun part of life don't you think? If life was always straight lines how boring would life be.. I cant even think of decorating my home with straight lines after all! I like curves and not every curve ball life has thrown me has been pleasant, but its always worked out! I wanted to be in mass communication, but ended up doing engineering like every other kid in India. And guess what? I even had fun doing it. What's more I landed a coveted job and had the time of my life there! I wanted to work after Nantu, but after a year I decided to quit. I was so sure I would be bored sick of it, but I have actually had a fun time and rediscovered my love for writing!
Through the years I have become fond of a place and considered settling there, but life would throw me a curve ball yet again and it would be time to move. But guess what, every time we move we go to a fresh place, meet new people, make some great friends and see some lovely places. Its been a rich experience!
Many have very radical views about my life.. either they are in awe of the number of places I get to visit or in absolute disgust of my nomadic life... I have also had mixed emotions each time, but I have always had fun nevertheless.
So here I am looking forward to all the curve balls life is going to throw my way... after all thats what colors up my life and makes it a fun ride!

The Elf on the Shelf! Me Too!!

So after years of avoiding the marketing gimmick of "Elf on the Shelf" I finally succumbed to the pressure and popular demand. I ...