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Chennai Chronicles - South bound!

[Note: I am unable to access any blogspot pages from my home in Chennai. It is very strange but true. I can make new posts but I cant read or respond to comments. I am also missing out on all your wonderful blogs!! Hope to get this rectified soon.. meanwhile here is the next post in my India Chronicles!]
Last week we ventured further south into the interiors of Tamil Nadu. The land of the beautiful temples and lush green fields. It was such a relief to see the green fields after the concrete jungle called Chennai. Unfortunately it was not a good time for the farmers. The rains lashing through Tamil Nadu (South India) have destroyed their crops and livelihood. So it was with bereft tales of the farmers that we were greeted at our destination. But that did not abate our merriment in meeting relatives. Nantu was off to meet his paternal grand mom, aunts, uncles and cousins.
He saw the real India of the villages.

With long one-roomed houses and livestock roaming the roads. People with bare b…

Chennai Chronicles - On the road

K3 asked in her comment to my previous post about Nantu's reaction to car rides in Chennai. The discussion started back in Colorado. The plan was to bring the booster seat along with us. Nantu uses a steering wheel back home to do some back seat driving! When asked he refused to bring the steering wheel with him to India. In the last minute the booster was forgotten too. And it was with dread that I landed here. The first ride went off in complete excitement of meeting his aunt and grand dad. The booster and seat belt was forgotten.
Next stage in the reaction was refusal to sit in the front or alone at the back. I had to wear the seat belt with him on my lap.. slowly I moved him to the front occassionally still strapped in on my lap. Now that too has passed and he sits in the back on his own and has resumed back seat driving. Now his driving is interspersed with beeps and Bhams!!! At first his reaction to horns was complete bewilderement. Now he says "Naan safe aa horn adichuk…

Chennai Chronicles - Becoming Chennai-Vasi

Nantu is making inroads into becoming a Chennai-Ite! I thought he will take to the change rather roughly... but not at all.. the minute he landed he was off to the arms of his aunt and granddad and I wasn't even spared a backward glance. More often than not I am forgotten these days. The iron walla and "Taxi Dude" are greeted with a "Hi" and when they fail to ask the follow up questions, still get the reply "I am good"! (Uh!!) The shy kid I knew in Denver is long gone and here is an eager, exuberant chatterbox who wants to talk to everyone on the road.
The other day his granddad stood outside talking to some neighbor. And Nantu stood next to him. The neighbor made the mistake of striking a conversation with Cheeky.
"So did you fly here" he asked!
"How can I fly, The plane flew I just sat in the plane" came the reply!
"Really the plane flies" he asked
"Yes the plane flies that is why it is called flight" came the repl…

Chennai Chronicles - The journey home

Oh yes we are home.. what a lovely word isn't it HOME! Just the feeling of getting down on the tarmac in humid Chennai with the unmistakable stench of sweat was a nice feeling! I know I make it sound gross, but seriously what is it about the sticky air and the wafting stinks that gives you the sense of belonging that nothing else can? I am jumping for joy like Tigger below.

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The trip in itself was quite a nightmare. Air traffic control played villain by delaying my start at Colorado. The customer care centers were first closed and the only open one had a mile long queue which would just not move. At the next stop I rushed out the plane while yelling frantically about my connecting flight to anyone that would hear and to some that wouldn't! Only to find out I had to exchange boarding passes as the one I had won't work (Uh?). I then found out that my ticket itself wont work as it was exchanged (??) A frantic phone call to the travel agen…

Parenting Diaries - Handling the tantrums

Oh yes I am back with part 2 of Parenting Diaries. As all parents of toddlers know the tantrums are here and back again and we have by now learnt to live with them.

And each of us have perfected our style of handling the tantrums. But these tantrums show us something ugly sometimes. Like this kid who was having a tantrum at Nantu's school the other day. She told her teacher "I want to kill you". The teacher was shocked and so was I. When the initial shock and fear had passed out of my system, I grew rational. The kid probably did not even know what she was saying. She was just having a fit of anger and she probably said what she had heard someone else saying at that time. More reason to watch what they hear! (Pict

How I handle this personally is to invite open discussion. Every afternoon Nantu and I sprawl on the bed and talk. I prompt him to talk about school and friends and the shows he watches on TV. This way I understand how he p…

Parenting Diaries - Rules are good!

Today I start a new series called Parenting Diaries. I have been a parent for all of 3 years, 2 of which has been spent in close contact with my son as a stay at home mom. I read a lot of parenting articles and magazines. But that makes me no expert on parenting. But I do stumble on in this momma world like many of you. And here I share my experiences on parenting. I urge you to tell me what you think about this topic... parents and non parents alike.

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Topic for today's discussion is Rules.

Consistent Parenting
Setting some ground rules with kids is a must. This helps for what is called as consistent parenting. And no age is too early for rules. But for toddlers rules need to be a bit more flexible. That does not mean the rules cease to exist.

Setting the limits with your toddler.
I have seen parents of 1 and 2 year olds who think their kids are too young to be disciplined. So these kids are not corrected when they refuse to share or push and shove.…


I decided to pop in and say hello. I am running around preparing for a long vacation and can't stop grinning.. but since the end of internet will never happen to me, I will be blogging no doubt about it! But my posts will probably be more sporadic in the coming months!(Oh yes I said months.. are you jealous now? Anti-Jinx Anti-Jinx!!)

I have not been off blogger completely.. I have been reading some wonderfully interesting blogs. It seems to be the season for discussing personalities. High Strung Kids and Shy Meek Kids seem to rule the roost. One particular post really had me shocked - read it here. Its about meek precocious Ruhi. Since when is being shy a crime?I was a kid people probably ran from.. I cornered every stranger and subjected them to an earful of preschool prattle.. never ending as it was, I bet I was feared!! I was high strung that way, I could not stop talking. My sister was this shy kid who hardly talked to strangers had few good friends, and had some really profou…