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Snowy Tales and Tag time...

Nantu and I love making the snowman. This year, every time there was enough snow for a snowman, we were either out of town or sick, so we have not got around to it. And then on Wednesday it snowed, and a beaming Nantu woke up on Thursday morning, egging to make the snowman!
However the past few nights we have been having bedtime struggles again and amidst all the kicking and shoving.. I have not been sleeping well. So Thursday found me irritable and I kept as quiet as possible to refrain from snapping at the culprit! But after lunch when I was thoroughly worn out and would have given anything for a few minutes of shut eye.. Nantu started his refrain. "Can we go out now?"
Promises had been made, and had to be kept... So I bundled up Nantu and mustered the enthusiasm to go out in the cold and make snowman! In the last minute I chickened out and decided to make a snowman with the snow that had fallen in my patio!! The little ruffian obligingly joined me and proceeded to roll th…

Story the nephew!

I have a sweet little nephew who has always amazed me with his creativity and insight. Here is a short story he has written. This is his first attempt at story writing.. and I am very proud of it!! :)

THE FOOLISH TIGERS Once upon a time there were two tigers in a forest.Their names were Nimy and Timy. One day Nimy hunted an Ox. Timy hunted a Giraffe.
Then Timy said "I want your Ox but i will not give you anything in return".
Then Nimy said "I want your Giraffe but i will not give you anything in return."
The Tigers quarreled with each other. Then they began to fight! But alas, none of them won. Instead the Tigers lost their lives. MORAL: BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE.
Very Interesting don't you think... with a moral et al. Kids are so remarkably creative.. it never ceases to amaze me.
Meanwhile Nantu is still into sunning and is fixated on the sun. Here is his art in the bath tub...
His teacher decided to enlighten me finally and sent home a collection of art work that h…

Object of my affection

Its the tag season again.. and when it rains it pours.. Here I have 3 tags in the offing.. so you will be hearing a lot from me!! (yeah right.. like thats the only reason!). Anyway, I have decided to start with Dotmom's tag...She did a great job with it herself. I also read some other posts on the same topic, and I wondered what was the object of my affection?!
Would I write about the lovely (Kemp) pendant that has passed down generations.. from my grand mom's mom to her, to my mom and now to me. I string it with my little coral string necklace and wear it ever so often.. Its a lovely swan and looks so beautiful in its antiquity. But thats all I have to say about it.. Or would I write about the 300 books I left behind in India.. Books have always been the object of my affection. As I read Noon's post, I thought of the little oval plate (thattu) in my grand mom's house which my cousin (who is 11 yrs younger to me) and I still fight over every time we are there! I then th…

Out of the box

"Lets go Sunning" he said. Both of us burst out giggling like the silly nincompoop's we sometimes are!! And Nantu sat there looking at us patiently, to shut up and ask the next question.
"Whats Sunning" I asked obligingly!
"We need to go light up the sun" He said
Mouth agape I managed to exclaim "What?"
"Yes we need to make the sun hot so that we can be hot again" he said! (He has been waiting for summer.. he wants to buy a bicycle and roller skates and hit the playground!)
"How will you light the sun" I asked
"With a sun hose" he said and held up his hand with an imaginary hose for me to see!!
This conversation is beyond my simple mind.. but I think this may have something to do with Space Science? what say?
(Pict Courtesy:

In response to my previous post many berated me for calling Nantu a "Scatterbrain" and exclaimed at his creativity!! Oh well, he i…

The li'l Scatterbrain

Every school morning Nantu runs into school with eager anticipation. Mommy heaves a sigh of relief and rushes back home. Every afternoon as Nantu gets into the car his clueless parents ask him the same question
"What did you do in school today".
Nantu answers vaguely "I played".
Mommy asks predictably "What did you play?"
Nantu "Legos" or "Cars" or "Housekeeping" or "Dinosaurs"..
The answer varies every time the question is repeated!!! Still they ask the same questions everyday!! Every once in a while they dare to ask
"So what did Miss A talk during circle time"
Nantu is so clued in.. he knows that this is a trick question... and if he answers "I don't know".. or like he says "Edho pesina" (She talked something!).. they will pounce on him "Why do you go to school really? I wont send you to school from tomorrow"
So Nantu in all his creativity makes up stories "She talked about…

At the crossroad

The topic on Writer's Island this week was crossroads. I told myself I wont write this week... have just been writing too much, so maybe I will give it a break? But this image kept coming back to my mind and I had to put it down on paper!!

The word crossroads brings to my mind the crossroad in Adayar Chennai. If you know Chennai, it is the cross roads between Adayar and Thiruvanmaiyur at the end of LB road. It was a sultry afternoon and we sat in our Air conditioned SUV windows rolled up.. oblivious to the scorching heat outside. On my lap sat Nantu a little more than a year old at that time. We had stopped at the signal and were waiting for the green light. Nantu started to get excited and started tapping at the window. I looked at what was attracting him so much.
(Pict Courtesy:

There beyond a few cars stood a lady in rags, carrying an equally bedraggled child of about 2-3 looking so undernourished and sad. As Nantu jumped up and do…

Of Dreams and Reality

(Pict Courtesy:

Every morning as Nantu wakes up.. the first thing he talks about is whether or not he had a dream the previous night. Today he was a bit put off that he had no dreams!!A couple of days back he had a dream, he said"I was playing near the river and my shoes went away in the water. Gaja and Kija started playing with my feet and they wouldn't stop. So I started screaming!!"I am really amused that he knows the difference between dreams and reality!!

This is the same boy who insists we return back to Cedar City though. He left behind the trailer to his toy truck in a hotel there when we were visiting Utah. He keeps asking me when we can go back and get it. I have tried explaining to him that even if we do go, he wont find the truck. He is annoyed with the housekeeping there.. "They are really bad people" he says "Why do they want my trailer?"!! Now I have given him an ultimatum.. the next time he raises a fuss about this, he w…

Post 50 and More Nantu-isms

Post 50

(Pict : I thought and thought.. is a 50th post mention worthy?? But then I thought oh well, it is my blog after all.. so I decided to say "Yay, I made 50"!! Or like DH saw it when I told him last night.. "You wrote 10 posts every month for the past 5 months.. you are crazy"!!
I started blogging one lazy August afternoon.. and ever since have had a fun time in my new found world!! I have also made many friends (albeit virtual) and read so many varied blogs! I have re-discovered my love for writing. But I have also discovered that there are so many out there who are so much better at it than me!! And today, I would like to thank you my blogger friends for making this journey of mine so much fun!!

Pooh-ed(Pict Courtesy:
Aryan's post on saying "Ba .. Ba" for "come" took me on another trip down memory lane! Both my sister and I have been fond of Winnie the Pooh... although I don't reca…

Reality Bites

To me Incessant Musings is a fun blog. I like to write on the lighter side of life... Many times I have visited other bloggers who have written on some serious issues. As I read their post, I want to write a post on it.. and I have often left a comment saying that I will make a post on it.. But as I sit to write, I think of yet another funny tale and write that instead.
However today I am going to write about something that has truly touched me.
A few weeks back I was surfing around on blogger when I came across a blog called Baghdad Burning. I added it to my blog links and forgot all about it.This morning I read some posts on that blog... and have been able to think of nothing else since!
I have always been one to take life for granted. My biggest worry being how to cook today's food without burning it. I am a citizen of one country, but live in another... The doors to both countries are open to me and I come and go as I wish. I roam around inside each country as I wish. I take my …

Take Me Along!

As you already know I am getting to be an addicted blogger. This knowledge of course has no effect on me. Despite the fact that the past few weeks have been pretty busy in the Nantu Household I have been sitting down at the blog-dome! A couple of days back I decided to start authoring another blog ... at I decided I would get creative and write short stories. So I wrote my first one yesterday and waited day and night and all day today to receive a comment. I did receive one comment from my dear blogger friend Suma. But it did say 77 views. I wondered, is Suma just being nice to me? So I caught hold of DH (at least caught hold of his attention) and made him listen to the story.. With a very questionable smile (of course I haven't figured the meaning of the smile) he said that the story was good. But he went on to say "But maybe you should post it on Incessant Musings, then people will read it". (I choose not to interpret this!!)

Incessant Musings is for my ra…

Culinary Chronicles!

I read Thinking Aloud's post on her culinary troubles and that has inspired this post!!
I am going to write about my tryst with cooking and hope you will still like me just a little at the end of this!!
If you know me in person know of my love-hate relationship with the kitchen. I love food, I hate cooking!!
My tryst with the Kitchen started as a young girl.. I spent hours in the kitchen watching my mom cook as I sat on my perch - the kitchen counter! I would yap away and that would be the extent of my contribution to the meal!
When I turned 16, my mom declared if I wanted any fried snacks, I would have to make it myself... Reluctantly I began venturing into the kitchen to fry up a storm!! And leave dozens of unwashed dishes in the sink, and leave my mom wondering how I could go through so many dishes to make 10 pakodas!
Then I started working and staying on my own.. We put this learning to good use. And made pakodas for a gathering of 10-15 ever so often.. The guys would buy the ingr…

Bedtime Struggles!

Oh yes.. another Nantu post.. Like Compassion Unlimited said in his comment to my planning ahead... my world seems to revolve around Nantu these days... or at least my blogs do... well what can I say.. he is my inspiration to blogging!! So I record here a thanks to darling Nantu!
While I am in a thanking mood, I would like to thank all of you who visit and read my musings/ ravings/ rants.. call it what you may and actually return to read the next rant!! I am now emboldened to introduce you to another blog of mine.. I am trying my hand at poetry (Good God? Yeah!!).. read it if you can spare some time.. And remember I can use some criticism!!
Now back to Nantu....
Even before Nantu was born, his mom and dad decided that this kid will sleep in his cradle. Much to the shock of all Indian Mommies, Grannies, Aunties and other Babies-Sleep-Between-Parents types Nantu did sleep in his cradle. The reason was simple, mommy needed her sleep and needed to get to work the next day... At 4 months, th…

Boys will be boys!!

Nantu told me the night before last before he hit the bed .. Mommy I played housekeeping in school today.Last morning.. I grilled him on what this "house keeping" was...
In his wordsThere is a toy kitchen in our school.. It has pretend food, I ate m*****(that made no sense to me, but I dint stop him), B ate Orange Cake and C ate Muffins
Me: How lovely, did you guys cook too?
Nantu : No T cooked.
T is a girl and I was smarting at the chauvinistic attitude Nantu was taking. Or was it that?
Me : Why dint you, B and C cook
Nantu: T cooked, we ate!
Me: Will you cook tomorrow.
Nantu: No I will play with cars tomorrow.
uh uh!!! This conversation brought to mind something I read a few months back... On boys and girls.. I had also written a post on this a few months back. Who teaches these kids on what to play with? Why do boys play with cars and girls with Barbie? I never taught Nantu any of this!! Or did I unconsciously do just that? I bought him a fairy tales book when he was a baby ... …