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Starving for lunch

I have a big problem! The day care Tootsie goes to refuses to feed her lunch. They just starve my poor baby every day! Poor girl just cant catch a break here!

So every evening I pick Tootsie up from school and start on my hour long drive back home in traffic. This is usually our time to chat about our day! Or so I think. The first thing I do is hand her a snack and when she is done judging and going through all the different options for the day. Apparently I am a restaurant on Wheels! Anyway when she is done we can finally begin to share our day!

Usually one of the first questions I ask her is about her lunch. So here are a few examples of our conversations

Mom: Tootsie what did you eat for lunch today
(No Answer)
Mom: Tootsie what did you have for lunch today?
(No Answer)
Mom: Tootsie did you eat lunch today?
Tootsie: No
Mom: How come?
Mom: Tootsie did they give you any lunch today?
Tootsie: No
Mom: What about the other kids?
Tootsie: They ate lunch
Mom: What were you doing?
Tootsie: …

Driving Confessions

My car pool buddy and I have very intense conversations every night. There is something about sitting in the traffic for hours at end that will do it to you. It makes us philosophical. Besides that sometimes there are geography lessons to be had. And who is this driving buddy you ask? Why it is the little pixie called Tootsie. Tootsie has been a late bloomer when it comes to conversations. She is a talker alright, but she is a dreamy talker none of the cheekiness of the big brother. Here are some excerpts from our conversations

"Mommy, S is going to come to my home, take the princess clothes and give them away to Santa". S is the best friend and they so lovvveee each other. If you have a girl you know how that works. With Cheeky, the other kid was either a friend or not. And if he was a best friend they played together, if the kid was not a best friend they still played together every other day!! Life was simple. Now its all stories about "How will you feel if I do that…