Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Do not test me!

We don't take to testing. At all. That's the challenge of the year. We are having terrible 6's in our household. Earlier in the year we hated math because of fast facts. There was so much drama till I had to teach her how to not care how she did. Which of course means she tells me "Mommy I did better than yday and that's all that matters".
In counting on the  last report card she made a 2 grade. Which translates to "approaching standards". All other math standards were at 3 or 4 (exceeds std). That was puzzling.. the teacher said she was asked to count to 120 but apparently only did to 100. Ask the pixie "They didn't ask me to stop so I thought 100 is a big number. They Must Be Really Tired Listening. And I stopped."
Accelerated Reading  (AR) is the most miserable story. She reads her books but refuses to take any tests. We have tried every single tactic but nothing helps. I hate comparing my kids to other kids, but thought thats a tried and tested method "peer motivation"!  She told her friend in unequivocal terms "Lets talk about something else" and me "Mom I am unique! Do you want to be X's mom? No right? Then stop talking about her" Oh Well! Since when do 6 yr olds talk like this?

I guess we will just have to wait to meet Math standards and take tests! After all this is the same kid who went to an eye exam and refused to open her mouth. She was 2 and they were showing her pictures of objects and the objects kept getting smaller and Tootsie stopped talking. Mom and Doctor were bewildered. "Why arent you saying anything, cant you see what it is?" 
"I told you already. You are not listening!" She said. So there went the eye exam, we were just left guessing how well she could see!

Some kids are just not test takers I guess. Only option now is to change the education system!

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