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Misspent youth...

I am running out of things to write about... well thats not really true.. I just came up with half a dozen topics in the past half hour... yeah I am bored... DH is working and Nantu is asleep... and I am a crazy person who cant sleep till the house is dark and quiet. So I decide to blog.
I came here, read some blogs and sat down to write something. In the past half hour I came up with a half a dozen topics I dont want to write about just now. Hip Grandma... I could never do that tag you took up, now you know why!
Anyway, as I was browsing blogs, I came across yet another writer's challenge - The Sunday Scribblings.
Scribblings?? Sounds familiar I said... So here is mine for this week - on Misspent Youth.
These two words brought to mind this real story...

I went to school with a boy who was also a very distant relative. This boy was a year older to me. So when I was in 11 grade, he was in his 12th. He was a relatively quiet and studious boy who kept to his books. He had a very nice and…


I recently discovered Writers Island.. it sounds like good fun. The prompt from Writers Island this week is Letter... Decided to give it a try... At the mention of "Letter" a numerous things flit through my mind.. 1. Letters from pen pals in school... I had a couple of pen pals (a friend and a cousin). We would write each other every week...and try our hand at humour in the back of the envelope!!! 2. Letters a friend and I would write to each other. We went to school together... but wrote to each other.. poetry, letters etc. We also wrote anonymous poetry to all our friends.. which ofcourse wasnt so anonymous after all!! 3. Letters from my grand dad .. He is 96 and stilll writes long illegible letters .. filled with advice, blessings and love. Letters from grand mom in the last leaf of the aerogramme... trying to fit everything in the small space thatha gave her!! 4. Opening my mailbox every morning in eager anticipation for emails from DH .. when we lived in different parts of t…


Every thanksgiving we have a tradition... we take a vacation! This time around DH was feeling stressed out from work so wanted to give it a miss. I humoured him... no vacation we will spend 4 days at home and plan a simple outing for each day!! Thanksgiving morning dawned with a sink full of dishes and a long faced me... I was upset that we hadn't taken that vacation!! (I do have a mean streak!!) DH dragged himself out of bed and to the PC. I sat Nantu down and told him about thanksgiving. So what are you thankful for I asked.. Nantu:Mommy what happens to the turkey.
Me: Oh nothing at all.. the turkey ran away din't you know? Nantu:Where? Me: To the forest I think... lets forget about that... what are you thankful for? Blank... Me: Nantu are you thankful you have wonderful parents Nantu (Hugging me): Yes Mommy I love you! Me: Nantu are you thankful you have a room full of toys Nantu: Mommy can I have a rocking horse please!! Well atleast I tried!! So we started a new tradition. Nantu …

Tagged!! Yes Again!!!!

I have been tagged.. yes again!!!! (Is it the season for tagging??) This time thanks to Fuzzy Logic who has done a brilliant job with this! These are questions supposedly asked by guys to better understand girls.. like they would do that!!!!
Anyway.. here goes.
1. How do you feel after a one night stand?
I hate Wrestling (Before you gt the wrong idea.... One Night Stand is an annual professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Dont believe me? See this
2. Do you ever get used to wearing a thong?
Yeah, and I love them especially this one!!
3. Does it hurt?
What.. wearing a thong?? Not unless they are the wrong size.
4. Do you know when you are acting crazy?
Yes all the time
5. Does size really matter?
Ofcourse it does... whats with you.. See 3
6. When the bill comes are you still a feminist?
Never.... I am the one without the wallet!!
7. Why do you take so long to get ready?
Says who... You never give us fair warn…

Curiosity Kills!!!! - An Interesting Meme

Suma of the Thinking Aloud fame put me up to this... It sounded interesting .. and now that I have done 2 tags already,.. decided to attempt this one

1)Which one person would you choose to understand you better?
I have been thinking about this .... cant seem to come up with a name. Nantu?? Oh well... he better atleast when he gets into his teens right?? But I bet he never will, like I never understood my mom!!

2) What do you think is the best age to be? Why?
22, just out of college, the independence of working... and the ecstacy of staying alone!! That was some of the best times of my life!!!
The now is not too bad too.. never has been.. I also love watching Nantu grow!!

3) Of all the people you know, who would be the easiest to seduce? Why?
DH ofcourse!!! whats more easier than not having to try at all :)

4) What's the best advice you didn't heed?
The list is endless.. I never ever heeded to any advice from my parents.. so lets not delve into this!!!

5) Show and Tell. What comes to min…

Relatively speaking....

Nantu has a new obsession ... Relatives.
And it doesnt suffice to tell him how they are all related to him. He needs to know how they are related to me, to DH and to each other. For example.. he will tell us who DH's mom is .. who her sister is ... who her mother is and how he,we should refer to them. Also how they should refer to each other!! He can even list all of my grandmom's children... I started out being amused! He would ask me
"Amma how come you have so many cousins,while I have only 2" "Amma how come you have 4 mama's (maternal uncles) while I have none" "Amma how come both you and daddy have a sister when I have no sister" Also when we talked to everyone in India he calls them by the correct mode of address and makes sure he inquires about everyone in the household/ city that he knows of!! He will also try and talk to everyone of these people. Recently on one such occassion he asked DH .." How come Athimber (SIL's husband) doesn…

Tagged yet again...

The Phoenix has me tagged now. I think she wants me to write my blogging story!! Well here goes...
To my friends I was the obvious person to start a blog. I have bored them too much I think. So every once in a while a friend would ask me if I owned a blog. At first I was confused.. I know about blob's (non-IT folks please forgive me for this remiss act - this is an object storage type in DBMS) but what was a blog? I turned to google.. and found that this was a whole new thing entirely!!
I chanced upon a travel blog written by a friend who I had long lost contact with. I got very excited and left him a comment "Hey how do I reach you??!". I didn't notice that his entries were old and he was obviously not even writing anymore yet!! Yeah thats how naive I was!! I will digress here a bit and write about why everyone thought I should own a blog. I had written journals all my life. And loved to write poetry. I wrote poetry on friends, foes, nature, politics everything! My fr…


Sumana has tagged me! Yay!! (for once something about me and not Nantu!! Yay again!!)

Tag Name :Seven Random and / or Weird Things about Me.

Rules : Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Here goes.. you will be the judge of the random/weird classification!
1. Childhood .... I was quite a handful apparently. My mom had to watch her words. She would tell me no going to the road when you play, dont step outside the gate. I scaled walls to reach friend's homes!! She would say, when you see daddy come home, you better get back too.. I would hide at the sight of his car, and pretend I never saw him!! Now its time for nature's sweet revenge!!!
2. Saying No ... I have never learnt the word no. However there are many things I dont want to say Yes to. And I…

Mommy-Know-It-All's fall from grace!

When I was a kid... I believed my mom was the encyclopedia... If I read something in a book, I would run to my mom to reconfirm if it was indeed true!! My sister did the same too.. We even took to thinking that daddy din't know a thing... In retrospect I think we thought Dad was illiterate. We would tell him "You dont know daddy, let me ask mom". Then the inevitable happened, we found out there are somethings mom doesnt know.. And then we were the boss. I remember my sister teaching my mom pronounciations ("Its not tortoise it is tortise") when she was in Kindergarden!!! My mom would lament at her fall of status!!!
My SIL went through this in the recent years. She has a 9 year old, who went through the same phases.. She warned me about the falling from grace.
To me it happened sooner than I expected.
My son corrects my english every day today...
Its not "Laughing" its Laughin
Its not "Pitttteerrrrr Patttterrrr" its Pider Pader...
Oh Nantu I dont s…

Marital Bliss - Overheard!

I am no longer surprised by the american tales of marital bliss.. but this one stumped me.
I was at the local pharmacy.. waiting to get my prescription refill. I overheard this conversation between the pharmacist and her friend.

Friend : How long have you been married
Pharmacist: 4 Years, bbt we have been together for 7
F: Oh thats longer than me I have been married for 5 yrs
P: Yeah right, lets see how long this lasts. We will see if I do stick on...

Felt like sharing this to the blogging world :)


I remember being 6, sitting under the table with my li'l cousin and playing for hours with little wooden and plastic kitchen utensils! A couple of years back, I was browsing through Poompuhar (Handicraft store) and I came across a straw box filled with wooden kitchen gadgets and dishes! I got excited looking at this and got one for Nantu. Nantu ofcourse being true to his nature made a train out of all the dishes and spent hours entertaining himself.

Kids have an over active imagination. They imagine monsters out of shadows, they conjure up friends from their imagination. Their bed turns into a jungle, boat, car, mountain, camp ground and so on. And the imagination is so real... I remember a friend's kid who took it on her head that the living room was a ocean filled with sharks and whales... She would jump across couches and coffee tables, anything to keep from putting her foot on the dangerous ocean bed!!

I have always enjoyed these imaginative plays be it the regular mommy - d…



I have been married for a few years now. Through these years I never made an attempt to cook up a storm for any function/ festival . I made the occassional Payasam (Kheer) ... but mostly I rebelled the concept of how every celebration seemed to revolve around food!!
However, a year ago... I changed my mind! Here's why... I had thought my little son was still a baby who was growing up unaware of his surroundings. Sure enough he was in the US but din't speak a word of English. Halloween went by without a fuss! It was Christmas eve, and my husband and I were talking about how the shops were closed because it was christmas tomorrow. My son perked up... and said "Amma, Santa will come tonight and leave a gift by the fire place. It will be there when I get up tomorrow". My husband and I looked at him amazed!! The culprit "BARNEY"!!!!! We ran around town looking for an open shop and found a Rite Aid, where I got him Santa's gift.
The realiza…

Advent into motherhood.

I was talking to a friend recently about pregnancy and birth... I got to thinking about my journey through it.
All through my pregnancy, I read religiously about the foetus's progress daily... I made it to all the doctor visits, and grilled her with questions about everything related to pregnancy and child birth. She took to telling me what I would read on the internet, and what they do differently in India even before I opened my mouth! I ate veges and fruits and all healthy things. One month when I decided I had developed a craving for icecream (for once my DH let this go unchecked)... my doctor berated me for the weight gain... cravings is a myth she said, if you have intention of getting back to shape after the baby... dont dare touch those icecreams and chocos!!! So I wasnt pampered with having all the midnight cravings satisfied by DH. He kept remiding me of doctor's orders and generally suspecting my intentions (let me set the record straight by saying he was right in do…

Going to school - the transformation

Nantu started school in the first week of July. It has been four full months.. and my what trasnformation!!
Before we go further on this topic, a bit about Nantu. Nantu was an extrovert and would talk to every single person on the road... till he turned 2. A month or two after he turned 2, he started to exhibit shyness. Neddless to say I was confused! I have always been an extrovert, I found it very hard to relate to a shy kid who suddenly had seperation anxiety, wouldnt talk to adults (strangers or not), would play with kids outside and in his home, but took time unwinding to play in their homes. I decided he needed to go to school.
In April I first visited this private school in my area. Needless to say it was a lot expensive than the other schools here, but I felt this might be good for Nantu given his shyness. I took a tour in April when He spotted some fun toys and asked if we could stay longer! However, we couldnt start him on school till july, due to many reasons. Meanwhile, Nant…

Eating Troubles...

We recently visited a chinese restaurant... this place din't have a kiddie menu. We decided dumplings for my li'l munchkins, noodles, plain rice and a side for us! Nantu had a dumpling and another half... out of my hand. This from a boy who says "Mommy I am a big boy, I can eat by myself". We get to a restaurant and he wants to be fed!
Then the dumplings turned "yucky". I said try some plain rice, for some reason he loves that, in its plainest of plain forms. I also served him some of the veges from our side. That pleased him, and he started to eat a bit.
Meanwhile we were done and the waitress brought us the dessert tray. She regaled us with a list of the deserts while showing us the mouth watering li'l cups of dessert. With a heavy heart I refused and so did DH. Nantu speaks up to her directly, not so much as Mommy may I "I will have the chocolate cake please". With a smile, she gets it for him!
All the rice and veges are still on his plate...…