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The blogging communion

I just spent the better part of an hour reading blogs ... what strikes me is the futility of it all!
I read someone who said .. havent we all dreamt of being an author someday, heaven forbid there are millions of bloggers (read me)! out there writing away without much thought on what they pen ... using the blog as a universal scrap pad (me! me! me!)! If these are the people who dreamt of being authors, I can only thank heaven that none made it!! :)
Thats enough morose-ness for a day I think...
I spend far too much time on the internet as it is, without reading what absolute strangers are doing with their lives !! And now I have begun to do that too.. thats food for thought!

The universal jack!!

The saying goes "Jack of all trades, master of none, though ofttimes better than master of one" .... in my case it was master of none - period!
I have always been the one to try her hand at anything and everything! What I lack for in perseverence I make up for with my enthusiasm ofcourse!
I tried to sing and dance as a kid. Learnt classical music and dance forms.. for many years... the less said about my singing the better, for my husband does read these blogs and heaven knows he might decide to pen a comment and embarass me further!
Then there was the arts world, drawing, painting, sewing, pottery, I have tried it all... and though I have an eye for art, I discovered I dont have the hand for it!! Well we cant do it all can we?
So was I a geek? heaven's no... I only hit the books when I absolutely had to and only read enough to clear my exams with as decent a percentage as would satisfy my mother...
I was good in the literary world for a while, taking part in every debate, …

The Star Teacher!

My son started preschool a couple of months ago. He has been mommy's boy for the past year and a half, with mommy figuring in his every waking minute ... so he had a rough start at school. His school days typically began with "NO... Its not morning yet!!" and "Its Leave today!!!!!"... he whined his way through getting ready for school. I am usually not very patient, but I calmly dealt with these morning tantrums much to my own surprise. I quietly but firmly manage to get him ready for school. I had started to dread these mornings. Then he would go to school and hug me and refuse to let me go... through the day he would yell and scream and torment his teachers.
He once refused to sit down for story time and insisted that he needed to go on the bus! I think he figured if mommy doesnt pick him up he would take a bus home? Now this was all heart rending!!
Then there came the star teacher. When he cried for the bus, she took him to the school bus and let him play at t…

On the dog fighting fiasco....

In India, cock fights are a sport! In Spain its Bull Fights, in gladiator days it was lions! and the list goes on... and now the latest and greatest... dog fights!!! :) There has always been talk of animal cruelty in the other cases, but suddenly Mike Vick is subjected to badbad publicity and condemned!
I hate animal brutality, hell I hate any brutality including the WWF war zones! But whoever decided that dogs are better than cows or goats or turkey or chicken? Dont those other animals have rights too... can we close down the slaughter houses all over the world and stop animal cruelty, killing in its true sense? No?? I guess dog meat doesnt taste all that good eh? So we will just pretend that they have more rights than the other dozens of animals we kill in millions every day!

The Indian Abroad

The Indian Abroad is part of a confused clan. At every oppurtunity he thinks of going back home to india... He misses his parents and family.. But something keeps him here, and he keeps postponing that return! Be it the quality of work, quality of life (except maybe for the roads/ polluiton this is a very questionable point. I had a better quality of life in India I think!!) or money - thats a big factor I guess. We keep thinking that in the next couple of years we will head back, once we have a green card we will head back, once we have a citizenship we will head back - keeping your options always open to run back to the US at any time. Why? Weren't people happy staying in India all their lives? But no now that I am here I need an option to be able to run back here when I please. But by the time I get this option, my son will be old enough to resist going back to India!!
Despite this, the guys and girls who pass out of colleges and join the various IT organizations across India a…


My little sister writes blogs.... and so do most of my friends... I have time on my hands and am online for so long and I do have a case of incessant musings.. so I thought why not?
I am the typical indian girl (more on that a little later), cosetted by parents... stayed at home all of my student life... then went to work and actually managed to stay alone for a year and a half when my mom called me day and night and supervised me over the phone..
Then I got married to a guy chosen by my parents! 2 years after marriage, oh yeah we decide to multiply and had a kid!! A year after that I quit my job to take care of my naughty and already spoilt little brat!! And the past year we have been moving all over the US in my husband's climb up the corporate ladder... or so we think!!
Now my son goes to school and my husband ofcourse goes to work to bring home the bread (I suppose!!) and I am going out of my mind with no one to control during the day... :) hence this experiment with blogging.
I …