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Quite a Handful

I am nearing the one year completion as well as the 100th post celebration for my blog. Not yet but will be there soon, if I decide to start posting anytime now. Time to dust my brain and shake off the writer's block (I can call myself a writer can't I?) I told myself. If I don't get off that couch and start typing.. I will never reach the 100.
And then I read Prats blog. Prats seems to be a constant inspiration/fodder for me these days. She had written about being Nerd Momma... and I went on a trip down memory lane.
And I thought
About the time in first grade where I was asked to write words 10 times each and I wrote 1,2,3,4,6,8,10.About the time in first grade when I flicked a 5 paise or some such thing off the living room table to go buy a Popsicle on the sly. (I of course could not keep a secret and ended up telling my mom the tall tale over dinner.)About the time in 5th grade when my hand just would not heal from its fracture because it was time for the exams.About the s…

A trip down memory lane...

No fodder for blogs.. or so I thought as I sat at my computer this morning. So time to vaccum the house, and clean the tub and finally iron some clothes - I cant remain in PJs forever can I? But no, I had to turn on the computer, and go to blog lines and read other bloggers...
This has sent me down memory lane.

UTBT wrote about Kootanchoru. It took me back in time to the vacations I spent in my grand parents home as a kid. I would go there every vacation as both my parents worked. Sometimes mom would join me too. In December my uncles and cousins who lived abroad would gather too. Summers were spent with my aunts, uncle and grand parents. On such occasions we would gather around my grandmom and she would mix the rice and give it to us in our palms for us to eat. She would make one big bowl of rice for all of us. Summer vacations when no cousins were around, we used to do this with my mum, aunt, uncle and me. As I was the only kid I got fed by mouth while the others would get the food i…

Cheeky Rules!

It all started with one innocent phone call to R one evening! We were thinking about the July 4th weekend and deciding whether we wanted to make that trip to DC. Meanwhile Cheeky had been asking endless questions all day and I was truly tired. So I suggested to the geek to call R and find out what they were doing for the long weekend. After all I am always in the quest of finding more people to answer Cheeky's questions.

So we called R and Cheeky ran into the room. Once he heard Uncle R on the phone, it was his turn on the phone now! "Uncle R I moved to a new house. The house is called North Carolina" Uncle R remembers Cheeky of a few months ago, a Cheeky who quietly played with his daughter A and was so excited about cars that was all he could think about!
So the poor guy said "You know that is so close to Tennessee! "
"Really" went Cheeky his voice going over the edge and getting very squeaky in delight!!

The geek and I knew then that we had lost our c…

Literary Characters - Top 10

The tag read Top 10 literary characters. It sounded like a blast, and I had to do it.. just then K3 tagged me to do it as well.. so here I go.

1. Scarlett O' Hara - Gone with the wind is one of my favorite books and despite her obstinacy I adore Scarlet. She is quite a girl. Many a times I have known to quote "Tomorrow is another day" and I have this picture of Scarlet standing at the stoop of Tara in my mind. I even read the sequel "Scarlett" but unfortunately the book tries to mellow her character and she loses her personality. So my advice don't read the book Scarlett. (pic courtesy:

2. Kundavai and Nandini - These are characters in Kalki's book Ponniyin Selvan. I read the english translation of this book and absolutely fell in love with it. It is a must read, the book is so beautiful and these are two strong women who rule the roost! The tamil version is available as an ebook at Project Madurai. Unfortunately I was not abl…