The little femnist

In this day and age of feminism I have a little Pixie who never needed to be taught the word. She was just born as one. She is the 2 yr old who changed every rhyme with boys in it to say girls. She sang "Baa baa black sheep.. with little girl who lived down the street". She enjoys reading about Rosa Parks and Malala at Age 7. She questions every single atrocity to women. Did you know women did not have the right to vote? That's ridiculous! She says. She also adores Martin Luther King and has books about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. Also made me buy the movies Selma and Mahatma Gandhi so she could watch them.

She is the little girl who decided she wants to wrestle in the junior wrestling team next year. She couldn't this year as other activities interfered. But she came home one day and told me "I am going to be on the wrestling team next year!" Being a wrestling family, she has wrestled before and my son is on the wrestling team, so I didn't thin…

Do we need Women's day? When is Men's day?

Tomorrow is Woman's Day. Now is the time when many people try to show their respect for Women. Men and Women alike post videos and articles about how celebrated women should be. They are after all the Martyrs that sacrifice their life and hope and ambitions. For what? To be a dutiful wife, mother and daughter in law. And what do they expect in return, your respect, your acknowledgement, your time! But yet you want to watch your favorite sport on TV, or belittle their art, or sleep in on  a Sunday! How sacrilegious of you to not notice her martyrdom!

Every year there is that one video, one Chetan Bhagat open letter or one picture that makes it to everyone's facebook page, or whatsapp group. There is one such video this year as well. Unfortunately it drives me up the wall. It shows me how little we think of women. How we have not moved forward at all over all these years! What is Woman's day about? Is it a day to thank the women in your life for all the sacrifices she has m…

Do not test me!

We don't take to testing. At all. That's the challenge of the year. We are having terrible 6's in our household. Earlier in the year we hated math because of fast facts. There was so much drama till I had to teach her how to not care how she did. Which of course means she tells me "Mommy I did better than yday and that's all that matters". In counting on the  last report card she made a 2 grade. Which translates to "approaching standards". All other math standards were at 3 or 4 (exceeds std). That was puzzling.. the teacher said she was asked to count to 120 but apparently only did to 100. Ask the pixie "They didn't ask me to stop so I thought 100 is a big number. They Must Be Really Tired Listening. And I stopped." Accelerated Reading  (AR) is the most miserable story. She reads her books but refuses to take any tests. We have tried every single tactic but nothing helps. I hate comparing my kids to other kids, but thought thats a …

In a league of her own

I am re-learning parenting this time around. None of the parenting tricks I have learnt works, and re-learning is not an option. No parenting book or self help website is of any use with this new brand of kid we have produced. For Tootsie is truly in a league of her own!

But life never lacks for entertainment. Thats a given. We get these elaborate feminist notes taped on our wall. Be it about the fact that "Boys are not allowed in our room.. except Daddy and boys that sometimes need to sleep in the room"

Or a venn diagram about the likes and differences between gingr bred man and grl! Here is a picture

Yes kindergartener's are being taught about venn diagrams. And my little pixie thought this was a good opportunity to put together some feminist thoughts. After all she is the kid who turned every rhyme to the feminine gender. We can't let boys have all the fun can we?

How do you make friends? For years I have taught my kids to be friendly. If you see a kid who doesnt…

5 yr old truant!

Cheeky is growing.. He is now 11 years old! 11 years old and head spinning busy. The kid loves every sport there is, is good at academics but treats that as his last priority. So ofcourse he is the tiger mom's nightmare. He wants to become a UFC fighter and trains for it like he means business! Not for the faint hearted let me tell you that!

So for this birthday I decided my busy kid needs a little break. So we were going to play truant and take a mom and son day. Cheeky loved the idea convinced dad it would be a mom, dad and son day just no sister! Well it is his birthday, so we agreed and all was set. Till the bday dawned. The little monster caught a whiff of the plan.

Day of, she woke up and could barely speak. Looked tired and with a nasal tone said "Mom I am so sick". We knew what was going on here, but she is 5 yrs old. So we gave her some credit, gave her a doze of cold medication (she did have a cold) and tucked her back into bed. After I was overheard calling t…

Kindergarten Diaries

"Mommy we dont shower in Kindergarten" was the first update I ever got about Tootsie's Kindergarten life. You would wonder why my kid thought that was an important bit of information to divulge to parents? Well.. We got a long voluntary supply list for Kindergarten. Every year for Cheeky that meant going to the store and buying a ton of stuff. But it was always a long drawn exercise, looking at folder colors, arguing about what characters needed to be on said folders.

This year everything was ordered online and packed and put away without much room for arguments. But there was one thing Tootsie was allowed to pick. A bath towel for Kindergarten! She was very surprised and amused at this request. Hence the important update. The bath towel is for rest time after lunch. After all the work that these munchkins do, they need to rest and watch tv at school!

A lot of my friends have been asking me "How was kindergarten? How is she holding up?". My response has been &…

The making of the babies! And kids moving on!

"Cheeky, did you go to God and ask for a Baby sister?" came the question
"Hmm.. No actually I asked for a Baby brother" says Cheeky
I prepare myself for some drama.. but no little drama queens have grown up and are thinking about matters too deep to worry about little set backs.
"Mommy can you go to the temple where Cheeky prayed for me?" she says
"What temple?"
"The temple where you go to get baby brothers and sisters?"
"Huh" says the dumb mom!
"I would like to pray for a baby sister"
"When I turn 10, the baby will turn 4 just like Cheeky's baby sister". She even got the timing right! But how?????

"But Tootsie that will mean I need to have another baby. I dont think I am ready to have another baby"
"You just have to Mommy, how else will I get a baby sister?"
"Tootsie finish up your icecream" and like that catastrophe has been averted! For now!

In other news today was fir…