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Party time!!

Prats tagged me on FB a few days back and in true scatter brained fashion I forgot all about it. She now is following up and making sure that I keep my word. Aah.. talk about a task master! And what does she want me to do.. write any 5 things about myself. Haa that's easy -
1. I am Preethi - See my profile if you don't believe me that's what it says!
2. I am a scatterbrain who is still figuring out what to do when she grows up, besides pondering the nuances of everyday life!
3. I am in possession of the most greasy butter fingers
4. My life is ruled by a little imp called Cheeky who rules the roost and this blog
5. I am God's idea of a comic relief!
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Prats I am sure after reading this you are ready hand on hip and belan (roll pin) in hand to plonk on my head. I am going to wait till the crimson wave passes to come by your vicinity {grin}. Having said that I must say my life is pretty much a Hodge Podge of crazy events like you w…

Chicken Monkey Shoes



The word hijacked has taken a new and more personal meaning today. I will not say that I have not seen the signs of the coming era.. just that I did not expect it so soon. A couple of years back, I would drag a toddler down to the local library. While other kids tapped on the mouse and keyboard this one would look on with avid interest. The minute he found an empty spot he would toddle up to the chair, pull himself up and rapidly proceed to strike on the keys of the keyboard humming to himself for lack of anything to do.

However the computer at home was still off limits! Then I succumbed and bought him one of those toddler laptops.. but after a few half hearted attempts at playing with it that was relegated to a quiet corner, only to be brought out for pretend play. The little computer engineer brings it out to type status reports for his boss!!

Friends however were plotting to destroy this peace in my household. They got him a computer game last year.. but again mommy has managed to l…

The votes are in...

Summer is here and so is the season of bathing suits. With that comes the sudden urge to lose weight. I have tried to find an easy way... I tried green tea and benefiber. I tried sweet n low and brown rice. I tried the waist belt and the tummy trimmers. Anything that would do the work for me.. but I haven't had the chance to verify their real capability .. for on the side I also gorged on the muffins and doughnuts, the ice creams and chocolates, the samosas and fries. Not to mention a sedentary life style of adorning the couch!

Not that I ever intend wearing a bathing suit.. yikes who wants to swim really? (the case of the sour grapes?) But still I would give anything for some killer abs... except maybe give it some pain! Like I say if you need me to choose between the fat and the pain, I choose the fat of course! For who would have a sore tummy all the time from all the crunches, or hurting muscles from all the running. If anything can be solved from a stroll down the treadmill, c…