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Here we go again!

Its that time of the year again. Call it a very late case of spring cleaning.. or the recurrence of restless feet! And when everyone thought that we were finally ready to settle down. Some of our all knowing friends have even been suggesting that we finally put down some roots and buy some real estate... "Where" I had to ask them.."in this city or the next?". Anyway the good news is we are not moving very far this time... just from one end of the town to the other! So technically I am not sure if this can be accounted for as a move move or just some minor displacement!!

So now I have a legitimate reason for the mess in the house (like I need it)... and am beginning to despair at the amount of crap I have accumulated.. and we have begun the debate yet again on whats best.. more square footage, or the drive to a dumpster.. but we know where that will lead.. the moment we de-clutter we just seem to be opening doors for more shopping, and more unwanted junk! Phew.. who …

Being Mom....

Its been an eternity since I blogged.. I would love to say I have been busy.. however I still haven't gone and gotten a life, I still haven't lost any weight, I still haven't found any answers for Cheeky's endless questions and I still haven't dealt with the cobwebs in my head.

So what have I been doing? Lets paint a picture.. Its getting dark outside (its almost summer here... so its start getting dark at 8 pm).. the hubs returns home looking like he has actually done something all day (not played scramble and hangman all day on the comp.. ). I am lying on the couch watching some rerun or the other.. a bag of chips in hand.. He plonks on the recliner next to me... and says "Boy am I HUNGRY".. I offer the bag of chips.. and if he as much as moves to take it from my hand, I ask "Can I have it back?" and launch into how tired I am and how I have had a long day.. Th hubs looks around at the mess.. at the kid entertaining himself.. but knows better t…