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Fautly Engineering? Where is the Flip Switch?

I was talking with a friend today and sharing the woes of being the mom to a 2 yr old. And I got thinking. I have been a mom to another 2 yr old, but things were never this intense then! Everything seemed much easier and more relaxed. Is my memory failing me, am I growing senile or is it just different this time around? As I was thinking I figured what was missing. The man up there has played yet another joke on me. There is no flip switch on this model!

My son knew when to tone down and turn off his tantrums. Every thing that seems a struggle now was just the flip of a switch then. When he peed his pants as I struggled with potty training ... all I had to do was switch to pants and warn him repurcussions. Lo Behold potty training sturggles were behind us. Cheeky just does and did things that way, he has a flip switch hidden somewhere. One day he wasnt walking, and the next day he suddenly was. One day he decided to throw away the bottles and switch to sippy cups. And one sweet day he…