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Cheap you say?

Ever watched Russell Peters? He was one of the reasons I started watching stand up comedy! He makes the most outrageous racist jokes, not to mention the language... but still I watch and laugh! Although I had to keep closing Cheeky's ears.. and shooing him off to the other room last afternoon while I watched his show RED on Showtime:On Demand! Still I was holding my tummy laughing. But I am not here to recommend him to you, the reason I write this that one of his comments had me thinking (while I flinched). He called Indians cheap. Are you Indian? then you know what he is talking about! We have all seen it and like he says we think being called cheap skates is a compliment! We carry that air... I am CHEAP and proud of it! And I am no exception!

This weekend we went to the local grocery store for some weekly shopping. M picked up a bag of pistachios and threw it into the cart. I picked the bag up and eyed it suspiciously... turned it over and over (I have lived here so long but stil…

Scam.. Scam.. Scam...

I received an email today where this guy promises to give me 8.6 million $. We all know I am not lucky and God loves playing jokes with me. So my immediate response.. was not jumping around in circles whooping in joy.. but to look at the sky at that guy up there who thinks my life is a comic relief! Sure enough he had opened the skies up and the rain was pouring down.. Not to mention that I have the sorest of sore throats and sound like I have sand sifting through my throat as I talk! His cheekiness had a full blown water works today when he found out that both his teachers had decided to take the day off and there sat 2 substitute teachers in their absence. It took 4 kids and 4 moms all promising him that their kids would play with him while the kids ran off to play by themselves, to convince Cheeky not to go in! And finally I played the worst trick...I just slipped out.. don't you dare roll your eyes? I am tired, hungry and its pouring outside! (img courtesy: http://www.dennish…

Letter to Cheeky

A lot of sentimental notes in the blog-sphere today.. about husbands, kids and room mates! I wondered if I ever wrote a note to the men that ruled my life how would that sound.. Could I write a letter to either of them and come off sounding sentimental and sending my readers in search of Kleenex? No one has ever shed a tear reading my posts.Hmm.. lets see if we can remedy that as I write a letter to Cheeky. Yes I do lack in originality.. but what I lack in that, I hope to make up for in content.Dearest Cheeky,
So you have finally managed to get here after years of hiding this blog from you! Before you run out to find and confront me for using you as a fodder for my blog all these years.. I want you to remember that it was all fair and square. I put up with your impishness and being the parent of a Cheeky toddler. And in return I earned some fame only by letting the whole world know about it!! What fame? I have 20 readers on good days.. 5 on bad! Now that the secret is out, can you hel…

w@ did ya sA?


WW: Wilderness at the doorstep!

(c) Preethi @ Incessant Musings, September 2008

(c) Preethi @ Incessant Musings, September 2008

(c) Preethi @ Incessant Musings, September 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I dub thee Supandi!

As unwilling as I am to put behind my previous post written in a fit of morbid mood... I have to move on. If you haven't read my post on Is the world in wrong hands?, please do!

Moving on.. or moving back on to the humor in my life! I talked about how God thinks the purpose of my birth is so that he can have some fun with me! So I must not have set my hopes too high when I did a stint in India a couple of years back, but of course I did!
When I moved to India I was very excited by the prospect of finally having a maid! I pictured myself languishing in the lap of luxury while my maid waited on me hand and foot! Instead I was washing clothes and piles of dishes coated with grease in hot humid Chennai while my maid took yet another impromptu holiday!
And then Cheeky happened. My MIL had dropped her life to rush to our side to care for the baby! But knowing that no son of mine was going to be less than a handful I decided to get her a babysitter to help! So I called this agency and asked…

Is the world in wrong hands?

I woke up today with a morbid mood.. and the prompt on Matinee Muse suited me .. In wrong Hands it said.. and had me wondering. The world is in wrong hands don't you think? Terrorism is a curse all over the world.. while some parts of the world are just waking up to it, this has been rampant in India for many years!

I sometimes wonder if the world would be a better place if no one believed in God? But no, then there would be yet another cause to fight for! As I sat here thinking about all this I wrote this poem on my other blog in response to the prompt. But I want to make a repost here to share with my readers on this blog!

Have you ever had a cut
Have you ever seen the blood
Have you ever let it flow
Let it mix with that of the man next door?

Bring the men all together
Cutting the barriers of religion and color
Cut each hand with a tiny tear
And let a drop of blood mix here

Now I will give you this little jar
Separate the drops will you dear?

Separate the black, white and blue
And that of t…

Friendly Encounters

I have talked before about friends I have encountered in the blogging world. Even though I am not usually the most expressive of people when it comes to such declarations. But as I have already said before this blogging is a strange thing. I meet so many virtual identities and their blogs transform them to real people for me!

Three such people are the lively Rayshma , the Witty Suma and the Queen of retrospection Prats. I love their blogs not to mention their personalities and ... their families. While Rayshma has the poor Vin wrapped around her little finger, Suma dances to the tunes of her cute little boys (I am sure if they heard the term "little" they would hunt me out and ... lets leave that unsaid.) Prats and Suma sometimes mix up in my brain because they are so similar to me.. almost like long lost twins. Prats has two very precocious sons too... and I am in awe of both her and them!

They are among the few that I have sought out outside the blogging circles to see what …

Slice of life- Finding Humor in everyday life!

That should have been the header for my blog don't you think? Because my life does not lack in humor for one! God definitely has a sense of humor when it comes to me! I think when he is feeling light hearted he turns to me! I thought of this on the day we tried to salvage our vacation and head to the zoo. I forgot the camera.... and amidst the head bashing at this miss, I looked up at the sky and I swear I could hear a resounding "gotcha!"
And this humor is profound! For example a trip to the store this weekend. The store for some reason was filled with Indians most dressed in Salwar Kameez. I was wondering if I had come to the wrong place - it was Costco for Heaven's sake! (I am sure it is this taking of God's name in vain that gets me in trouble.. what do you think?) And then there was this guy who loves India apparently, ignored all the swarming salwar kameezes and chose to ask me "Where are you from?". I sputter and claim "North Carolina" .…

Sistah! Sistah!

To the making of every Calvin there is a Hobbes lurking in the background. There is one such in the making of Cheeky too.. although I identify with the Hobbes position, there is one person better suited for that position who teaches Cheeky the tricks of the trade! I am ill fated enough to call that Big Imp my sister. She is none other than Ms. Fantasy... She blogs too at Fantasies of a Lifetime! Well what did you expect from someone who refuses to grow up right? ARE YOU SAYING IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY?

So here is how she works her charm on the imp!
My son had a very interesting riddle to share the other day! Who works weekends he asked? People with a lot of work? No geeks he answered! What did you say? What is a geek I asked! Like he hadn't just defined it to me, I should have been sighing with relief! I am not a geek, after all I never work! So can a woman who drapes herself over the couch feigning a headache while eating enormous amounts of chip and dip be called a geek? No there is …

School year begins finally!

We have new neighbors.. the sky is rolling and that's how we know... Its been so long since we lived in a first floor apartment and now that we are here, we can hear every step our neighbors make. But I think we are living down the stairs from Rolly Polly Tornadoes! So the minute I think of resting me head on the couch for a siesta they start again.. grumble, rock and roll! M thinks its a good thing will keep me from the afternoon nap and the growing waistline! I think he is jealous and has resorted to bribery, talk about loving husband!

School year is about to start.. and I wait with bated breath. We had a parent's meet followed by a kids meet and greet. School opening seems like the weather forecast.. never comes true! So we went for the meet and greet and the play ground passed Cheeky's test. His teacher already seems to have caught on.. "So did it pass, is it atleast a little cool?" she asked.. A beaming Cheeky replied "Its very cool". What a relief!…

How confused am I?

Hmm... I bragged about my brilliance and the award bestowed upon me by 2 unsuspecting souls.. and I got a meager response of 7 comments. So apparently I gather that my brilliance is neither appealing nor does it ring true.. Not to mention the shadows it casts on the rest of the world!
But then I have obtained the bragging rights fair and square... so I will continue to do so! But since I cant dedicate yet another post to this.. I have decided to move on.. from brilliance to confusions (I knew this would seem more realistic to you!)(Pict Courtesy:
I have finally finished reading The Namesake by Jumpa Lahiri! Why so long? Apart from the fact that I keep being accosted by Cheeky for a slice of my time.. not to mention all the other things I have to do for the two men in my life! Another factor for the delay was the attack of Deja Vu. Why you ask? After all I am Fresh of the boat Desi Mom.. what else do I need to be attacked by Deja Vu on reading this book?
And …