Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wedding Cake Toppers

I got married in an Indian Style wedding. So I neither had a cake nor a cake topper. Growing up my birthday cakes had no toppers either! But now there is no birthday cake without a fun topper. My son choses his birthday cake theme months in advance! My daughter turned 2 and we went looking for a barney themed cake in every store! If we are so particular about birthday cakes, then think about their wedding cake toppers! It would definitely need to be over the top!

Recently my husband and I who have adjacent birthday's decided it was time to get ourselves a yummy cake! So I went looking for a cake topper! I wanted one with a biker guy and a hot chic! We settled for a bike and 2 figurines. But why settle? This was a small do, with family! What if it was a wedding, the most important day in your life would you want to settle?

Now you dont have to! Wedding Star has the most amazing cake toppers! I was looking at the different options and was impressed! I especially liked the one with the girl piggy backing on the guy's back! I am sure I would have wanted one of the funny ones! Well it never is too late, maybe it is time to renew our vows!

Wedding Star has a huge variety of  Wedding Cake Toppers to choose from. Make that your first choice. Go browse now and you will walk away with something that will capture the true essence of your relationship! And this cake topper, will remind you all your life of why the two of you came together! It will make your wedding day, a day to remember!

Wedding Decorations

I recently wrote a poem in my other blog. A wedding is a girl's dream! Across the world girls dream about it! Much as we complain about the cost of weddings, there is something about the glitter and sparkle that is appealing. My sister got married recently in an Indian style wedding and we went all out getting ourselves all decked up for the wedding. The wedding hall boasted vegetable carvings, sculptures, magic taps and various other decorations! The music was selected with much thought, and the menu was cause for much delibration!

Everyone expects perfection for weddings, and now it is easy. There are so many people available to help. Wedding planners, wedding stores, fairy godmothers and magic wands. Whatever your budget, whether you want to spend a few thousands or hundreds of thousands, there is a way to make that day extra special. There is a way to make the day sparkle and glitter. There is a way to make it a memorable day!

Wedding Star is one such place making dreams come true. Wedding star is the one stop wedding place. You can find accessories, decorations, wedding favors, cake toppers, ring pillows. You need it for your wedding and you can find it there! And whats more, it is in the digital era. Made for the modern man and woman, everything is available at the click of a button!

The goal is to make your wedding planning as fun and stress free as possible. Wedding Star believes "The time leading up to your momentous day can be stress free if you've already spent time ensuring you've left no details to chance". And isn't that vital? Isn't the wedding day something you will cherish the rest of your life. Wouldn't you rather spend the days leading up to it relaxing in a spa somewhere? So do that! Use the time spent planning your wedding to pamper yourself! And leave the details to the experts!

Wedding Star has been doing this for years and the experts can help you make decisions faster, quicker and smarter! Pick a theme, select the wedding decorations, bridal accessories, wedding favors and even cake toppers all at the click of a button! Internet has simplified our life! Let Wedding star simplify your wedding. Make it a day to remember!

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