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The art of hiding!

Have you ever been faced with the daunting task of finding something so well hidden that it takes you weeks or months to unearth it? Well of course you have! And so have I. But not when I hid it on purpose!!

I have always been known as the google of the household. I can always find thing no matter how well hidden! Little did I know that the reverse was true as well. 
Anyway, the story goes like this! A year back Cheeky 's music teacher at school decided to teach the kids how to play the recorder! Now as parents of Cheeky we are in no doubts about where his artistic talents lie! Let's just say that gene skipped him! After sitting through a variety of concerts year after year we knew too well what to expect! ( hey I am not a bad parent... Just a realist! As is Cheeky... He will be the first to admit how tone deaf he is !)
So the concept of a group of 3 rd graders playing the recorder was daunting to say the least! So the 5$ was paid and the recorder was brought home to "prac…

How old is old?? 3??

As I carried my daughter and walked towards Costco, Tootsie spent her time canvassing a movie she wanted to watch later. And then she let me in on a little secret. "Mommy I am old" says she, still stitting on my hip. "Really" I asked her "how old?"
"Old!!" came the reply... making her case to swipe my credit card at the store. And she is old.. 3 going on 13! I wonder what the future will bring!

And she has a plan! "When I turn 4  I will need to learn Dance, Jijitsu, Football and Swimming" says the diva. " At 3 I will just learn dance". Cheeky is all into MMA and UFC. So Tootsie wants to learn Jijitsu as long as it doesn't give her a "boo-boo". She might just whip out a contract here before we sign her up!

At school the little missy is learning to write her name. She misspells her name all the time, she repeats the same syllable over and over again. After weeks of correcting her and getting into trouble for it…