Letter to Cheeky

A lot of sentimental notes in the blog-sphere today.. about husbands, kids and room mates! I wondered if I ever wrote a note to the men that ruled my life how would that sound.. Could I write a letter to either of them and come off sounding sentimental and sending my readers in search of Kleenex? No one has ever shed a tear reading my posts.
Hmm.. lets see if we can remedy that as I write a letter to Cheeky. Yes I do lack in originality.. but what I lack in that, I hope to make up for in content.
Dearest Cheeky,
So you have finally managed to get here after years of hiding this blog from you! Before you run out to find and confront me for using you as a fodder for my blog all these years.. I want you to remember that it was all fair and square. I put up with your impishness and being the parent of a Cheeky toddler. And in return I earned some fame only by letting the whole world know about it!! What fame? I have 20 readers on good days.. 5 on bad! Now that the secret is out, can you help spread the word.. might as well get something out of this! And will you also let me in your realm (video camera et al) to gather some material!

As I write this that transition has already begun! From being mommy's ardent fan, you have begun to ignore me! I realize this every morning as I drop you off at school! I take you to the doorstep of the (much hyped) classroom every morning having rushed through the hoopla of packing lunches and stuffing breakfast down your throat (so what if lunch is a sandwich every day.. atleast I try ). And every morning you have a momentarily lapse of memory as you dance in without a backward glance at the woman who brought you into this world!

I shake my head at all the thankless kids while I trudge home sure to miss you every minute of the day. After all I have shamelessly given up my job to be with you every waking minute (and sleeping.. but we will leave that rant for later). I do not mention to you or your dad that I did a little dance on the way home. While you believed that I was at the gym working off those extra pounds, I was at the mall sashaying my way through the Gucci, Prada and Fendi aisles! And lamenting to myself on how I should win the lottery soon to fill the hole in my pocket! I then rush home to drown my sorrows - kid who has forgotten mommy, Prada and Gucci bags that can't be mine... you get the drift. I have a lot to mope about. So I bring out the carton of ice cream and dig in - (yeah no decent ice cream in a bowl.when you are not around!)... I turn on that girly movie and lose myself in it. What it is time to pick you up already? The movie isn't even over! With a sigh and a backward glance at the TV I trudge back to school to peer in at you through the glass pane on the door.
You are supposed to be eating lunch, but while the box remains full you are yapping away to your friend nearby. I sigh, now I have to stuff the lunch into you when we get home and that will sure take the better part of the afternoon! Phew! I move aside to give room to the next mommy looking to peer in at her kid.. Her kid waves back at her.. Sigh again! I think if calling you an imp has led to this impish behavior on your part or if the impish behavior is the reason why I call you imp. The chicken and egg story of my life which helps occupy my brain on most days. The much eyed door finally opens and all the chattering kids make a beeline to their parents. Finally you do not diasppoint.. you give me the customary hug around the legs before you drag me off on a dance down the pavement home! I look at you bemused.. my day has just begun!!

The better half of the afternoon is spent feeding you lunch and threatening you with dire
consequences if you do not eat that food! But once again I succumb to your declarations of love (what a loser!) and the dire consequences end up being a yummilicous snack! Soon you are seen dragging me off to the yard to play soccer. What do I know? I never touched a soccer ball in my life till you turned me into the clich'ed soccer mom!

After all the huffing and puffing I trudge back home.. only to find the favored parent is back home and I am all but forgotten as Daddy gets hugs and kisses. At least I get to arrange myself on the couch and stay that way while your dad gets to share the recliner with you while protecting himself from injury with you bouncing off the walls onto him! Remind me to get him an iron clad armor for his birth day next year! But in the middle of the night when you decide to visit my bed why is Daddy forgotten and its my sleep that is lost as I hang in precarious balance while trying to sleep through the kicks you send my way! Aah I forget, he is the favored parent right? Sigh!

Whew just writing this letter has worn me out, and today is one of those days you stay at home and with no Super dad to the rescue, I will have to deal with the bouncing myself. So I am going to sign off and build the farm you are demanding!

Your sleep deprived Mom!

In the midst of this rant, I forgot the Kleenex.. oh well I have to say my life is all the more interesting for Cheeky. What exactly did I do to beat boredom before Cheeky? Yeah I know watch girly movies (which have now been declared silly), hindi movies (which are now olaral - or gibberish), read books (Mommy is reading her boring book again Dad, there are no pictures in it.. how boring!), talk on the phone (Mom I need to talk, give me the phone). No I am never going to help you get out the kleenex might as well give it up!! :)

(Img Courtesy: http://www.stuartngbooks.com, www.momgadget.com, http://secret-agent-josephine.com)

This post was inspired by Dottie, Sandhya and Rayshma

Meanwhile in anticipation of this never ending rant and wallowing in self pity, 2 lovely women sent some awards my way!! Raysh sent me this without much ado.. and the picture says it all.. I am cute friend ain't I? But Raysh why are you a man??!!

Meanwhile PG decided to award me the brilliant blog award again. Cool eh? And she had such lovely things to say too "a very creative person - a talented writer and poet. I was quite impressed by her lovely poems and stories she writes at her blog creative outburtsts. A very nice and neat blog. She writes such lively posts about her everyday life with her son Cheeky (or Nantu) at Incessant Musings."
I was so touched and impressed by the kind words she had to say! Thanks PG. And although you claim "Writing is not in my blood. It does not always come as easily" .. I think you write admirably well! I love your Richie posts for the life that shines through in them. Richie is an adorable kid!

And with that note.. signing off from you for now.. A sleep deprived mom of a little bouncer who wants to invite his friends for his birth day with this invite that he had mommy write out at her other blog Creative Outbursts.

Coming up:
Post (c) Preethi @ Incessant Musings, Spetember 2008 (yeah right, like anyone would want any part of this.. )


Sandhya said…
First of all i can't get over the fact that I am an inspiration and now I will going over and telling everyone who says I waste my time on the net!
Your post was so cute!! I know you are ranting here and I am describing it "cute", well it is!
I love those mall trips where I do not have to be a tape recorder that keeps saying "no, don't go there, no don't touch that" and when i do not have to answer questions like "but you have a bag mamma, why are you looking for more?" Oh well!
Vivek said…
Wow!! A Beckham in the making! I mean both the mom and the son ;)

You had me in stitches!! :D :D
rayshma said…
no no... i'm the little green gurl in the corner... see? :P

cheeky's gonna love this letter. just wait till he gets here! :)
No, no, I'm sure you make a damn cool soccer mom! :) And Cheeky lurves you, so there, no Kleenex for you, young lady!
PG said…
you are so funny! :D "why are you a man"...
Thank you so much for such nice words too!
PG said…
I thought the letter to cheeky was another post than about the awards.
You have such good humour. A very cute post and so well written! I enjoyed reading it thoroughy. :)
Pavi!!!! said…
okay..i ll be honest...ur posts have never made me cry...but alwez (not ALMOST alwez)make me smile...ur rants bring a smile on my face!..yes, thats a compliment!

n lol at the letter!Lucky Boy Cheeky..U've made him so popular n u've written him an awesome letter as well:)..Ur gonna be "the Best momma in the whole wide world" for him :)
emmani said…
Wow! I've got all this to come... I'm waiting for her to talk and then when she starts talking she's gonna stop talking to me!! It's a really sweet idea to write a post to your boy... imagine how loved he will feel when he finds it...it's really too cute!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's really wonderful to have new faces to connect with.
Suma said…
i hear you loud and clear..mayb it comes with having boys...and i have two of them... BAWL!!!!

but i loved this letter, because this is what i feel most days..:D
Preethi said…
Sandhya - Yeah it is cute and funny isn't it.. thats my life :) hehe!!
Vivek - Mom? Are you sure? Then you know nothing about me!!!!
Akshaya - thanks
Raysh - Naah.. thats Cheeky.. :P
MM - Yeah I am a cool mom just that Cheeky doesn't realize it!! Just not yet!!
PG - You are welcome. and Thanks!
Pavi - Thanks for the vote.. me Best Momma.. sigh..
Emmani - Welcome here... yes its amazing first they start talking and then they start talking to everyone else but you :P
Suma - Knew I could count on you to understand!! hugs!!
Sumana said…
Ahh Preethi, No wonder about the kicks and the midnight sleep disturbance all waiting for the momma and the night. All those feeding nuances and what not. Hugs have to be for the dad. I am with you. Can i get a Kleenex please??
Pinku said…
awesome....had me in splits...and i did reach for the kleenex to stuff in my mouth so that the rest of the office would hear my squeals...

congrats on the awards....am here for the first time...but it does look like you really deserve them.
Rofl :D. . . .You read out this letter to him dint u?? I know u did!!

Alrite Alrite I will get kleenex , i am laughing so hard that I got *anandha kaneer* :P
DotThoughts said…
lol!!! the trsistion has begun at our end too and frankly, I am relieved :) Congrats on the awards!
Preethi said…
Sumana - Kleenex and Hugs!!!
Pinku - Welcome Aboard!!! {wink} and now you have me blushing!!
Vish - No I did not.. remember I am waiting for him to discover this on his own.. cant have him demanding royalty can we?
Dottie - Aah lets mope together.. we do have loads of company!! :)
K 3 said…
LOL!!! Ok maybe I shldn't laugh since I am sure transition will hit me soon enough! Eh! Hope you will give me moral support then! ;)

Congrats on the awards.
Neera said…
I could write the exact same letter to Vansh - what is it with 3 year old boys - no greeting not even acknowledgment on seeing me, preferred parent syndrome, kicking mom at night ..huh!!
Fuzzylogic said…
Congrats on the awards and that was an awesome letter. I was smiling the whole time:)The ignoring stage is already happening here as well with grandma at times getting the lion share of Ina's attention:(I guess I have to get ready to be disowned when she starts school as well huh?:(
Mama - Mia said…
i still need that kleenex!! or its indian equivalent Maruti soft tissues!! :P

i have been laughing till i had tears!!! awesome awesome post Preethi!! you so totally deserve brilliante award!!

and you mean woman, making fun of our soppy posts??!! :p


Preethi said…
K3 - Count on me.. I will help you laugh at it I promise :P
Neera - Another member to the club.. it just keeps growing!!
Fuzzy - You too.. Now I am going to post an open invitation on my site to the ignored mamma's club!
Abha - You caught on... I was wondering why no one commented on my mockery of all the lovely sentimental notes!! haha!! But then I could never write something like that.. there is nothing to be sentimental about in my life.. you see!! so its not mockery.. just some green green jealousy!!:P
Maggie said…
LOL! But really, what would we do without them, eh?
Lovely, funny, letter (no tears from me either)
Used to love those "all-by-myself" trips to the mall and aimless drives to expensive neighborhoods to drool at em multi-million dollar homes :)
Strangely miss those SAHM days, despite lamenting on how stressed out I was!!
Preethi said…
Gina - Thanks
Maggie - yeah we would be bored wouldn't we?
Gnd - yeah they are fun aren't they..the impromptu outings!

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