Chennai Chronicles - The journey home

Oh yes we are home.. what a lovely word isn't it HOME! Just the feeling of getting down on the tarmac in humid Chennai with the unmistakable stench of sweat was a nice feeling! I know I make it sound gross, but seriously what is it about the sticky air and the wafting stinks that gives you the sense of belonging that nothing else can? I am jumping for joy like Tigger below.

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The trip in itself was quite a nightmare. Air traffic control played villain by delaying my start at Colorado. The customer care centers were first closed and the only open one had a mile long queue which would just not move. At the next stop I rushed out the plane while yelling frantically about my connecting flight to anyone that would hear and to some that wouldn't! Only to find out I had to exchange boarding passes as the one I had won't work (Uh?). I then found out that my ticket itself wont work as it was exchanged (??) A frantic phone call to the travel agent and later a swipe on the credit card had me hopping on the plane 30 minutes late. Yes I set a record by holding up a plane for my royal arrival! The rest of the journey as they say is history!

But finally the final prize of all... landing home! All the worries and trials in getting here has been forgotten .. just the sweet ending remains. And what a welcome. Its cooled down in our honor. Its been pouring in Chennai and we are having wonderful weather mostly!! I feel as though all this has been done just for me!

And now I must stop lazing around, and start calling the few thousand relatives and friends. And then the biggest whirlwind of visiting all of them. But before that a dreamy sigh to say I AM HOME!! Meanwhile Nantu has been directing his chatter in every direction but mine these past few days.. and there are so many eager ears to listen to his non-stop entertainment. He is turning into a radio that just wont turn off! Oh God I get to take him back with me in a couple of months.. and then where will I be?

A quick note to say all is well, and that I have seen the tags some of you sent my way! I will get to them soon! Meanwhile I will be lurking around in the blogger world for sure!! :)


rayshma said…
wow!! u're home!!!
ur ticket wudn't work!? geez! now i know why i'm always paranoid while traveling!!
have fun, woman!!
and i'm sure nantu knows that he's a radio only when in india! ;)
K 3 said…
I am so happy for you! I hope Chennai has some more showers for you ... ah the smell of wet soil! You make me so nostalgic.

Anyway, hope you have a great time, and you can paint each one of those million trips to family and friends for us, who are so far away from home that we would rather live it up through you! Again HAVE FUN!
Kodi's Mom said…
holidaying for 2 months??
*trying real hard not to be jealous*

enjoy, gal! and looks like the airlines these days make trips nightmarish by default. yours is the third I read abt since mine.
Never mind - just saw your email on the home page. Will mail you soon :)
Thinking aloud said…
welcome to lucky girl...:D

have fun...and let others enjoy nantu...while u take some time out for ureself...
Rambler said…
hey have fun in chennai :)
Usha said…
Hope you have a good time = of course you will. After all this is home!
I do remember that feeling when landing in Chennai! Feels so long ago...(sigh)!!
Enjoy your trip!!
Prats said…
Time to bring out your books, the cold , lemonade, vadas, and enjoy..Nantu is going to really absorb all the chennai banter, and you shoul djust let him be, while you soak in some 'me time', something that you can get only at mom's
Preethi said…
Rayshma - I know.. what a trip.. hopefully things will be sorted out when I go back.. But then at least I will have company... Geek will be here by then :)
K3 - Hehe :) Oh yes.. posts on the visits soon
Kodi's mom - haha... you just made a trip remember.. and jealous already?? :P
Mystic - Sure feel free!
Preethi said…
Suma - Yeah thats the plan ;)
Rambler - Thanks
Usha - Oh yeah.. home is good fun.. and like they say home is where the heart is :)
GND - Aaw.. hope you get to come real soon
Prats - Oh he is.. yday he had a play date with a cousin's kid.. that kid is a true chennai-ite :)
mayG said…
end of the day, there's no place like home and nothing like coming back to it! Enjoy! :D

LOL at the "radio that won't turn off!" - I hear ya!
mnamma said…
:))) I can totally relate to the feeling of 'I am home' and no it is not gross. And I was there until last month :) Have fun and keep us updated about your trip and about Nantu's adventures also.
Aryan said…
Ahhh...2 months vacation at home...Shower in made the flight wait for you..
As kodi's mom said, I am trying hard not to be jealous...
Go ahead jump jump and jump like the tiger....
Vidhya Rajesh said…
hey! did not know you had gone "home" ... wow! am I JJJJJJ of you .....
that's so sweet of you to make this entry , despite your "busy" schedule LOL .....
nallllllla enjoy pannu .... enakkum sethu.

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