Cheeky Tales

As the time flies by and I keep floundering with no topics to blog about.. Cheeky is growing up too fast. He is becoming street smart and quite the negotiator.
Street Smart?

Cheeky seems to have inherited our genes after all.. and can be unbelievably lazy at times.. but his laziness does not impede him.. instead he can be very sly. At soccer class every week after giving the kids instructions the coach would ask them to get a ball each from around the field. Cheeky being Cheeky would nonchalantly look around him while his friends ran around to get a ball each. True to my momma status I would fret from the sidelines at him not getting a ball .. Cheeky would sweetly declare to the coach "I don't have a ball" and end up getting the coach's ball!

Every afternoon I get to his school a few minutes early as all the kids are finishing up lunch... Cheeky always fumbles with his lunch bag and box.. at the last minute when till the minute before that he has been chatting with friends while ignoring the teacher's calls to pack up.. so the teacher helps him every day to pack up.. while Cheeky watches! One afternoon though Cheeky was as far away from the tables as he could be, with his lunch box resting snugly in his backpack (something that has never happened before).. I figured out why.. my son has learnt a new trick.. he tells his teacher "I am not feeling too good" and his teacher tells him he does not need to eat! Needless to say this trick did not work at home!

For a kid who used to write every letter of the alphabet with fervent enthusiasm at 3, Cheeky has turned into this imp who hates picking up a pencil now. He has suddenly developed a dislike to anything to do with putting a pen on a book, including coloring. While I am wondering how to re-entice him, he has figured out how to stay away. Apparently he tells his teacher "My hands are tired" every time he is asked to write and his teacher responds with "You can stop now". Ahaa!!

And there is more.. A Cheeky Cheeky came up to me the other day and whispered "Amma guess what I did at clean up time?" With great reluctance I asked "What?" ..
"When my friends cleaned up I hid amma".
"That's not right Cheeky, you need to help clean up.. you know that"
Still giggling "I hid under the table and no one found me" haha!!

Ouch.. the teen years are really going to hurt aren't they?
And whats more I have a nifty negotiator on my hands!
"Go to bed"
"I am not going, and that is it" is usually the reply! No tears, no fuss.. just no nonsense!

He has been asking me for a dog for months now! I told him he could have one when he was 10.. every day he re-negotiates the time frame.. its down to age 7 now.. and I have no clue how I let that slip!!

And the negotiations are on for a twin brother. How on earth am I supposed to produce that.. he misses no opportunity to point out how life would be easier if he had a twin. Like when he wants me to play with him (even after I have rolled the toy car yet again for another hour).. Amma, see if I had a brother I would not ask you to play with me.. Yeah right.. like I don't have my hands full with one boy! But the catch is the brother has to be a twin.. a 4 yr old brother is what he wants and "That's it"!

Now I am off to go worry about my pitiful state ... in a few years I will even have a teen on my hands!! boohoo!!


Rambler said…
ah the perfect kid :)
Rofl ! Fianlly cheeky tales are back , yaaaayyy ! Get more naughty lil cheeky , and that will keep us a lot more entertained :D
VJ said…
Hi Preethi,
New to your blog.. just finished reading all the post.. cheeky monkey is really cheeky and is so cute...enjoyed reading about him..
I have a 14 month old who already is behaving like a 3 yr old... after reading your posts.. I am worried.. how its going to be in few years time !!
suma said…
now, this my dear, has been just what i've been waiting for....

that was hilarious!!!! he is so adorably cheeky and smart too...

now you concentrate on getting that twin for him :)
Sandhya said…
Preethi, these kids are gonna take over our life!*sigh*
--xh-- said…
kids r definitely getting smarter day by day :) and he is really creative in making the excuses...
Sumana said…
Wow a true negotiator he has been. See you have 2 options, either a twin brother or a doggie? Lol at My hands are tired. There was a age when we would try on listening to our parents and now it is high time to listen to our kiddos. Kepp it coming cheeky.
~nm said…
Although bratty, he sounds just too cute and adorable!
Galadriel said…
you could compromise and give him a sibling you know.. from what i hear that's not too hard.. :P
Preethi said…
Rambler - Perfect indeed!!
Vish - naughty? that is an understatement!
VJ - First welcome.. and yes you are in for a lot of harrowing moments and a lot of excitement!! :D
Suma - I always deliver.. or rather Cheeky does!! how do I get a twin seriously?
Sandhya - Well said!!
XH - Yeah they have too much creativity and cheekiness in them.. these kids!
Sumana - These kids are nothing like we ever were!!
NM - Yeah.. in retrospect I almost agree!! :)
Galadriel - not too hard.. what are you talking about girl.. I have had one remember {wink} just you wait.. I will have my turn to talk !! :P
rayshma said…
did my comment disappear??? or u got it???
suma said…
a twin as far as looks and attitude go, forget the age..we'll compromise on that :)

now get to work ;)
rm said…
was wondering why no stories abt cheeky... from seven i am sure u will go down to his age and give him that doggie..really kids need a pet or a sibling apart frm mother..and if u find how to produce a twin let me know tooo :-)
rm said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PG said…
he is really cute!
I must admit, I blackmail sunny boy with all kinds of things and sometimes also use some motivation to put him to bed. He suddenly becomes slow like a snail when it comes to that.
I wouldn't worry too much about his not wanting to writing letters. I think he needs to know what is it good for. As, the facination for it has gone already, as he can and has been doing it earlier. Or what do you think?
Preethi said…
Raysh - Which one? was there another one?
Suma - Thats too much work.. might settle for a pet instead.. pet hair is better than dirty diapers :P
rm - no clue on the twin.. will ask the master of cheekiness if he has any clues!! as for the pet.. yeah maybe a fish tank? a lot easier on my nerves!!
PG - Writing.. just that playing all day is now a lot more fun than writing.. and he has parents and teachers who are too easy on him :P
The Nomad said…
You can try an old famliy tale tath kind of sort of worked with me...

Have another kiddo (do a proper job I say,have none or have atleast three!) and say that the twin did not grow as fast as he did, so he will just have to wait and eventually he/she will catch up. He need know know that the eventual will take 20 yrs !

Worked with me when my very own bro born 10 yrs and 9 months earlier claimed I was his twin only because everyone said I resemble him and we both had a common birth date 12th! I actually believed it for almost two yrs until I was 6, and then woke up to the fact !
Pavi!!!! said… cheeky is that! heheeh!

Hey sounds like he'll make an awesome elder bro....i think u owe him his sibling ;)
Mama - Mia said…
with cheeky tales, i think we have new Clavin on the block! and i totally mean it as a compliment!! :)

he is so smart and so chilled out!!


Pavi!!!! said…
Preeetiiiiiii... Where are u??u haven't blogged in ages!!Hopin ur busy hoildayin sumplace!
Wish u n ur family a Very Very Happy n Joyous 2009! A special New Yr Hug to Cheeky!

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