Dreaming big...

For the past week I have been conjuring up images of my historic come back into the blogging world. I was supposed to have lost weight with my gym routine and staged a come back where I proudly announce the loss of all those love handles.. and at least 20 pounds.. but instead all I have to announce is the sweet taste of chocolate cake and the gain of a few more pounds! Well what the heck, its not like I will be needing the weight loss.. my valentine has no choice but to take me out and get me an obese looking chocolate cake and manicotti and EggPlant Parmesan with extra cheese. Might as well bury the guilt and enjoy the meal.

I also wanted to talk about an upcoming book, article.. anything which tells me that I have been useful this past year when I spent hours every day on the blogger. But lets face it, who would buy a book of my rants and raves. At least I am realistic enough to see it for what it is.

So while some of you have been speculating with finger tapping restlessness and evil grins (Suma I have been reading the comments you know!), I have been lolling around and nursing my self infested writer's block.. not to mention the martinis and vodkatinis that I drown down when I look at the abysmal CNN every night. Just kidding... I have never touched alcohol ever in my life.. wish I could drown them though... but boy are cosmopolitan's out of reach!! (I mean that literally)

Meanwhile Cheeky has been his old cheekish self.. sending us to duck under the table and find new places to hide every day.. with his endless questions! 4 years back, little did I think that I would be on the Internet every day hunting up answers for all the endless questions!! He has big dreams though... just yesterday this conversation (or rather monologue) ensued..

I am going to build a castle.. with 7 floors and an elevator to go up and down in. Then we will go live there...

The first floor will have a living room with a movie theater.. I will grow this TV (pointing to my 50" plasma.. not big enough for the imp?) and have lots of seats..

Me: can we have a movie theater room?

No no we will have the movie theater in the living room. And in the other room we will have a monkey joes! (yeah that makes a lot of sense, after sitting for long we will go uncramp our legs by bouncing!). And we will go out of the movie theater and get some popcorn (Me: I am not making popcorn). that's okay someone else will make popcorn ...

On the second floor (yes the first floor just has 2 rooms)... we will have 3 working rooms, one for you, one for daddy and one for me. And then we will have a bus? (A bus?) one made of bricks amma, it will be a fun bus! I will be the driver, daddy the conductor and you will be the passenger! (yes I am always that.. the passenger.. but conductor? I am not sure where that comes from.. I don't think he has seen the fun guys handing out the tickets in India.. I always wanted to be a conductor as a kid...)

On the third floor we will have a restaurant.. (I am not cooking I scream), that's OK Daddy and I will be the chef. He will cook and I will help him (this from a guy who adds salt and eggs to hot chocolate and another who needs a route map to the kitchen, imagine what I would be eating.. apparently hiring a chef is out of question too.. I must consider moving out of the castle.. which is now beginning to sound like a death trap.. but wait the best is yet to come)... there would also be 2 more working rooms on this floor.. (why I ask) for us to work together.

On the fourth floor there would be some lions and giraffes and tigers and basically the entire cast of Madagascar. I and my rabbits are not allowed on this floor unless the rabbits want to be the lions meal.. And I am supposed to lock the rabbits in the cage when the lions visit the movie theater to see a movie (boy are we thorough). (Can I please move out?)

On the fifth floor there is a football field. The sixth floor has a basket ball and tennis court

The seventh floor has 4 bedrooms. One for you amma, one for daddy (yeah he wont listen to reason... ), one for me and the fourth for Salty (his dog)! (What about when thatha and chitti come to visit I ask?) I will have a living room in the seventh floor where they can sleep. (They need a room I answer.. he considers letting them sleep with salty oh yes let them sleep with the dogs).. but then no salty needs his room they can go pet him but cant sleep there! (Thank goodness, the living room sounds much better... but then I cant let that go),.. so we have 2 more bedrooms installed in the seventh floor. There is also a patio in the seventh floor where when Daddy and Cheeky go they turn into super heroes.. Cheeky is batman and Dad is superman. Mom could be super girl but she cant fly :(. (I am curious, what does batman do?) His job is to fix bats. You know amma batman has a very sad face. I think its because he doesn't like fixing bats. So he is going to be Superman's helper. And superman is hawk's helper. Amma you can be hawk. Hawk is batman's helper.. (that makes a lot of sense.. we will all help each other...). And they fly down from the patio to the playground with a sandpit. And play there.. they also play soccer in the soccer field and ride on the trains Gordon and Thomas and the list goes on to include every engine in Island of Sodor!

I finally had to send him to bed with promises that the castle would appear in his dream.. by this time I had listened to the monologue for 2 hours straight.. I curled up on the couch and put a hot pack to my head and turned on the dark looking CNN, anything to drive away images of me dropping to the ground from the seventh floor after having been chased by lions and tigers, not to mention 4 dogs, and oh yes the food! God I am shaking!

I think this story should be enough to entitle me a break from everything.. but for now.. I am just going to go rest my head for a while before Cheeky wants to share more tales!


Anonymous said…
Where have you been. I keep looking at my reader, hoping for an update from you.

Good to see you back.

And Cheeky is always delightful.
Suma said…
hahahaha...that was funny indeed...

separate rooms for yopu and papa? looks like he's made up his mind about no sibling! ;)

glad you are back, invisible love handles and all :)
rayshma said…
maybe u could have cheeky write a book and sell that and reap the benefits till he's 18?
by then, u write a book. what say? ;)

and heyy... welcome back! cheeky AND you - have been missed :D
WELCOME BACK..and a what a way to be back...
Love handles..just dont bother,just handle your love better !!
Castle with an elevator & chased by lions etc from first to seventh,..Do you need to go to Gym after all this ,anyway LOL..
Once again ,great to have you back
Rambler said…
hey good to see you back.. and cheeky too
rm said…
wow back with such a superb tale..glad to see u are back.
Sumana said…
Just superb. He has a room separately for you, He does not want you to cook not even popcorn, so should you not be delighted??? Based on Suma's comments, i had a thought that you might come back with some news!!! We can wait though..
2 B's mommy said…
You are back ! and what a comeback cheeky !! you were missed.
Sandhya said…
Good to see you back with funny cheeky tales.
lol , the living room for moi :-( . .booo hoooo :-( . . .
Preethi said…
Ladies and Gentlemen.. thank you so much for your warm response! It is good to be back.. I will be bouncing by your blogs very soon!!
Pavi!!!! said…
Welcome back!!!! missed reading ur ramblings n cheeky stories!

Cheeky is soooooo imaginative! he deserves credit if u construct a home and use his ideas okay!

n did u get him a dog?? or is Salty imaginative as well?
Vivek said…
Wow!! He was just too good! Can't believe a four year kid can get this imaginative! And for the Hawk girl, its time to reinvent your lost skills! Looks like your entire family is part of the Justice League :) (Glad I watched all these cartoons recently ;) )
And you should be teaching him about Deadlocks and semaphores ! Don't you want cheeky to be geeky too :)
Anonymous said…
Hey welcome back and all that jazz.But first, you have to tell me how did u manage to lose those love handles?
Preethi said…
Pavi - Imaginary of course.. my sil bought a dog though.. and the pressure is getting higher!!
Vivek - you lost me there.. I have not watched any of these super heroes in action.. and neither has Cheeky.. this is all school talk!!
LOS - I haven't lost my love handles... have every one of them intact. Why would you think I had.. I am not jumping and bragging and tooting !! boohoo!!
Aryan said…
he is such a cutie pie...one bedroom for his dog????

So funny......Hugs to him
Anonymous said…
Oops I mis-read the second sentence as " I proudly announce the loss of my love handles"..:-)
Hey there, welcome back!!
You better copyright his floor-plan girl!! Why am I not surprised with his imagination?
Cutie pie as always!!
Preethi said…
AM - Will pass on your hugs:)
LOS - There you go :) see for a second you had me bewildered
GND - You bet.. I need to figure out how to copyright that now!! :D
sulo badri said…
*"I am not cooking I scream"

*"this from a guy who adds salt and eggs to hot chocolate and another who needs a route map to the kitchen, imagine what I would be eating.."

*"I must consider moving out of the castle.. which is now beginning to sound like a death trap.."

*"One for you amma, one for daddy"

loved this piece.. you hav a good sense of humour :)

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