Restless Feet...

When I was young I would dream of exploring every part of the world. Before our wedding I made DH promise that we would travel and see places. My aunt and uncle are the Nomadic Couple who have seen most of the world including Siberia and China, and I wished to emulate them.
Little did I know that fate would take it so literally?! We have been cursed ... every few months we move to a new place! DH and I are die hard optimists who take this in our stride and can actually work up the enthusiasm to move to a new place and set up our home all over again... I had no idea how much till recently. We had thought we were going to move again... after weeks of being offered various assignments in one location after another, DH found one to his liking here in CO itself. So it turns out we dont have to move after all, I felt strangely deflated!
Nantu has been a real trooper all this while ... In the 3 years of his life he has (officially) moved atleast 4 times and has taken to it as happily as his crazy parents. So I thought nothing of it as I sat to chat with him about the impending move.
Mom: Nantu what do you say we move to a new city, that will be good fun!!
Nantu: I wont go!
Mom: But Mommy and Daddy need to go, what will you do without us.
Nantu: I like Colorado, I am not going.
Mom: (on her knees now) Nantu you are mommy's pet arent you, please go with me!
Nantu (clever boy that he is): Ok I will go, but will my school be there?
Mom: (Uhoh!) There will be other schools there, just as good as yours
Nantu( thinking deeply): .... Alright will B go with us then?
Mom (Fat chance B's parents will consider making the move with us) ... Lets see ok..
On this aspect its perhaps good that we dint move after all, but eventually it will happen.. we will move and when we do will the moving no longer be a fun project - I dread to think!!
Meanwhile we celebrate a new record this coming weekend - The first time we have stayed in a house for over 11 months - we complete 11 months and a day this saturday (we also celebrate our wedding anniversary this weekend - but thats not so important it does come every year).
Having said all that.. there is still the whole world to see.. I have still lived only in 2 countries.. so Nantu better get used to it!!


noon said…
HI Preethi - wow wow wow - 4 moves w/in 3 yrs - not just houses but actual cities?! Oh my god - I agree it's fun to be in new places - but with a child - it can be so tiring - packing/unpacking - we have moved houses twice since KB was born - it's refreshing but is too much work!
CO - how are you managing the winter there now? You must post winter pics around your home!
BTW - is the art work here yours too?!
rayshma said…
i have this travel bug too... but i like going-and-returning-home kinda trips more! :D
dread to think so much into the future...but i wanna travel as much as i can before i have a kid, actually... :)
Sumana said…
Hey preethi, Have a wonderful anniversary. I can see moves are taxing. Wish you guys all the best.
Thinking aloud said…
hehe..that sounds like me when swaraj was a year old. Its fun moving when the kids are young. but yes, it is hard work too...:)
Thinking aloud said…
and happy anniversary...:))hopefully i don't see you blogging that day ;)
DotMom said…
oh man! how do you manage to do it with a kid... I would love to see the world too.. but I would much rather take a vacation and do it :D:D:D But hope you get to see mongolia and china and siberia and all other exotic places. Closer to home, you might want to see Alaska. It's breathtakingly enchanting.
DotMom said…
and..happy anniversary..
Preethi said…
Noon - yes ... 4 cities.. I have also moved within the same city in the past.. oh well... it is tiring and with a kid the worst is living out of boxes for the first few days in the new town!! :P
Yes CO.. we still havent had much snow... it promises to snow a lot this weekend... then will post the pictures.. and no the art is not mine... something i got from a blog template site...
Reshma - We also love travelling.. esp road trips, we do that too!!
Sumana - Thanks so much.
TA - Haha.. lets hope so, that will be a reson to celebrate in itself wont it??!
dotmom - yes we do want to see alaska... but probably not siberia... but where is the time... we move so much!! maybe we shud move to alaska for a few months!! that shud be fun!!
Orchid said…
hopped over form Parul's! That used to be me..with the unending wanderlust, but now I've settled for a vacation every now and then :)
but moving is a lot of hard work..kudos to you for enjoying it!
Sukla M C said…
So many moves.
I am thinking about Nantu, who'll have to start making new friends all over again. Traveling and new places is fun but Shifting so often. . . nothing short of being nomadic
Nomadic Couple said…
Hey moving is great fun! Especially countries. The cultural experience you get is sooo differnt and great.

Sorry Dotmom, I cant do 'vacations' two weeks in any place looks so same.... Try goig for a few months. have done two trips of 9 months plus and will do it again. Mind you it does get tiring, and will be hard with kids, BUT have seen some couples do it with kids in my travels, and tell you what Those kids where very intersting. Infact I believe they really got alot from it.

So go for it Preethi, plan the next move, But go to another country. Differnt cities in Us are differnt to look at BUT culturally no differnt. Ty and get a move to Europe. You will see what I eman, And it will do NANTHU aload of good to see a differnt culture (albeight a few days/months of intial pain)
Just Jen said…
first, I LOVE this site, I'm a huge looney tunes fan :D
secondly, I know I have the same moving picture, that's hilarious! I'm still waiting to hear if we are moving for the 22nd time, glad my boys are homeschooled and even more happy that we have msn and they've been able to keep in touch with the friends they've made-everywhere...hehe

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