Here we go again!

Its that time of the year again. Call it a very late case of spring cleaning.. or the recurrence of restless feet! And when everyone thought that we were finally ready to settle down. Some of our all knowing friends have even been suggesting that we finally put down some roots and buy some real estate... "Where" I had to ask them.."in this city or the next?". Anyway the good news is we are not moving very far this time... just from one end of the town to the other! So technically I am not sure if this can be accounted for as a move move or just some minor displacement!!

So now I have a legitimate reason for the mess in the house (like I need it)... and am beginning to despair at the amount of crap I have accumulated.. and we have begun the debate yet again on whats best.. more square footage, or the drive to a dumpster.. but we know where that will lead.. the moment we de-clutter we just seem to be opening doors for more shopping, and more unwanted junk! Phew.. who will save us from ourselves?!!

We have nabbed a few of our unsuspecting friends to help us with the move.. now if only we can blindside them so they do not faint and fall on stepping foot in our house. My house is beginning to take the looks of a railway station boxes littered everywhere.. not that it was any better a few weeks back, but now that there are boxes I can claim that it is the move causing the mess.

Like I said many friends think this is the time to actually spawn some roots and buy a house! GASP!! What about my plans of moving to Europe in a couple of years.. and to China and then Australia four years hence!? Should we tell them and shock them? Is it not enough that M is often found shaking his head at being tied to this delusional woman? I am sure friends would only hurry to remind me ... of the fact that I am not single and footloose any more! Sigh!! Not to mention that little imp running in circles and getting into all the boxes! Boy am I really delusional.. I am not allowed to forget, after all sometimes being a mom seems to be my sole identity... The little imp is on summer break for good and throwing a spoke in the wheels by declaring that he just wont move and leave his friends behind!! Should I ask their parents if I can leave the imp behind?

It has finally dawned on the imp that there is that lady who keeps getting underfoot. That lady he can no longer forget all about when he steps into the fascinating realm called school. That lady he attempted to make amends with not too long ago in the recent past. After a whole year of ignoring her, he invited her to go on the "last field trip" with him. I do think this has something to do with the fact that he overheard the lady say the other day "If I can't manage to go with him, I just wont send him this time". This year has seen many field trips where different parents volunteer to accompany the class. The imp has been waltzing off with anyone that can take him. While his friends have been begging their respective parents to volunteer, the imp can't care any less! But now all of a sudden he cared "Mommy can you please go with me... this is the last field trip you know"! Even when mommy knew fully well what triggered this sudden affection, she tagged along. Only to be promptly ignored! While other kids needed their moms to get them snow cones and a turn on the swing, the imp just did it all by himself... Mommy did her share of duty at the tattoo booth which by the way the imp avoided! His friends got tattoos on their hands and face and every other part of the body they could pull off, the imp refused to acknowledge the tattoo booth! But now is the time for sweet revenge.. mommy can no longer be ignored and has to be depended on for any entertainment that is going to happen the next couple of months!!! Time for my sinister laugh "HAHAHA"!! Now its my turn mister!
[Edited to add: In response to Pavi's comment - No we did not buy a house... we need to put an end to our nomadic life style to do that.. and I can't see that happening ... can you?]


Anonymous said…
Moving again? You got to be kidding me!!! Don't you ever stop?
Pavi!!!! said…
ohh ur moving! i know "oh so well" wat that entails!

ur goin to have busy crzy, crazy busy days with cheeky @ home and a move around the corner..Good Luck!!!

so did u buy a home???if yes, Congrats!n celebrate!
VJ said…
U R Evil !!!!!(wrt to Imp)
good luck with the move !!!
have fun and isnt a trip to india also on the books?
Sumana said…
Haan a chance to spring clean. cool. So the cheeky running in circles and into the boxes, can so well imagine that happening.
rayshma said…
hahahaa... when're u moving and where to?
Shilpa said…
Enjoyed the read :-) Write more!!
Nisha said…
HEy! were you being serious about moving to europe etc etc and then Australia? I don't really care about the in betweens but it would be awesome if you came down here! i don't have any nephews to play with!!
rm said…
:-)desperate? hihihi ur chance will come. wish u a superb vacation.
Preethi said…
K - I don't know the answer to this question :)
Pavi - Answered you with an edit to my blog ;)
VJ - evil eh? yeah India is on the books too.. phew!!!
Sumana - I am ready to drop!!
Raysh - Just to the south end of town.. :P Moving this weekend!!
Shilpa - as in CBE? welcome here!
Nish - hey.. We do have to visit Aus.. long pending.. will do that in a few years when I can drag this nephew of yours on a back packing trip!! As for moving .. you never know... did you know that we considered moving to Aus last year.. but that did not work out.. and we moved within the US instead!! Moving out of this country now is not very easy anymore.. but in a few years we could very well be considering that again ;) For now you will just have to get here to see your nephew!
RM - Thanks :)
lostonthestreet said…
Are you telling me that even marriage and kids donot necessarily stop nomadic tendencies?? Good, that means marriage is not bad a deal after all ;-)
ha ha , enjoy all the attention from cheeky while it lasts:-) . . .
Pavi!!!! said…
nomaidc lifestyle..lack of stability..Sigh...i could dedicate an entire blog to it..forget post about it!
Sumana said…
Sure, actually please he has 2 more for company. They will not get tired of each other i bet.
2 B's mommy said…
I could guess it from your post title :D

You must be a pro in moving houses by now !!

All the best.
SSQuo said…
Nomadic life sounds awesome...its always good to switch it up a bit!

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