Letting Cheeky in on the little big secret

We toyed with the idea of telling Cheeky after the 3 months had passed.. but we had to visit the doctor with Cheeky in tow.. and there was all the barfing he would end up watching! Either he would “ew” it or maybe just maybe worry (who am I kidding uh?) about why his mother was trying to throw her insides out every morning! Not to mention the fact that she was always found languishing on the couch! So we decided to tell him.. and went about it all wrong!
“Cheeky guess what we are going to have a baby join our family” we said
Silence.. more silence
“Oh No” he exclaims
“When ?” he says with such a pained look on his face I thought I was going to cry (well between my mood swings Cheeky could hardly be blamed for that)!
“It will be sometime in July 2010 Honey” say we!
“And that is going to be the worst day of my life in 2010″ says he?
“Cheeky” we say in unison in absolute horror!
He explains “But Mommy I am too young to have a baby yet!”
Sigh! “Cheeky not you, mommy is going to have the baby, you are going to have a brother or a sister”
Then he sighed.. a huge sigh of relief! The funny guy “Then let it be a brother” he beamed!
“But God will decide hon” say we and before he loses the smile ask him “So what do you think we should name it?”
“If it is a boy – Jack” he says
“And if it is a girl?”
“Lets name her Shreya” says Dad
“Or Asin or Trisha or Priya Mani” chimes Cheeky belting out the names of all tamil lead female actors! My oh my.. at 5 if he does this I wonder what he would do at 25!!

If you expect a happily ever after, think again. We sat at the doctor’s office a few days later and the doctor was busy talking to Mama. Cheeky whispers to his Dad “So you going to marry mom again?”
Dad bewildered “No why?”
“Then how do you have that second kid now?”
“Shush Cheeky lets talk about it later ok” says a red faced Dad!
And later.. Mom was posed the same question, but she was now ready and armed “We ask God Sweety and he decides when to give us the next baby”!
“Remember how you prayed to God for a brother or sister last year?” I said congratulating myself on my quick thinking...
“But then I told God not to bother and that I would like a pet instead” he says eyeing the tummy!

Despite the ultrasounds and weekly pictures from parenting website I am sure the arrival of Tootsie was what convinced Cheeky. Now Tootsie has a tough act to beat.. following the Cheeky Brat and I sure have my work cut out for the next 20 + years! So how did you break the news to your first born and how did he/ she react? Do Share ,...

(Image source: http://imagecache5.art.com/p/LRG/16/1650/N1ZGD00Z/laura-monahan-hope-baby-hands-and-feet.jpg)
[p.s. The flip side of blogging - The out of town hubs and friends gathers updates from my blog rather than hearing my long winding tales on the phone!!! Sigh!!]


Mama - Mia said…
haha! trust Cheeky to come up with the most hilarious questions and conclusions!!

Cub now seems to be comfy with the whole thing! tho i have no idea how he would react when 2B is out! hehe!

lotsa love n hugs to both of em!! :)

and yeah, you too! :p


Sumana said…
LOL that was a nice update. So finally who got to pick the name for tootsie?
For us, Tiny was just 2.5 years when Little was born. She really thought that a barbie doll was to come out of her mom's tummy someday.
ROFL at curious cheeky's questions.
Pavi!!!! said…
So how is he handling it after tootsie arrived? Does he get insecure sometime or is he handling it all like a big bro?

My sis broke the news to ehr li'l one...by saying..he will now have to SHOW that he is actually a big boy..and will have to show a newcomer in the family what to do n what not to do...n the works.
Gomathi Sarma said…
hahaha LOL.. u parents just drove him nuts.. he was like "what i dont want a baby"..
LOL this is a very good episode.. print it out as a keepsake for Cheeky on his 20th bday..

lov the bundle of 4..
rofl !!! Glad the cheeky tales are back , and now you would have more to share - now that there are two :)
rm said…
the way kids think.. always unexpected...had a great laugh.
Aryan said…
So happy to hear cheeky tales....his question was very valid. Is dad going to marry mom again???
mnamma said…
Congratsss Preethi!! So is the baby here now???? Do give us an update when you get a breather.
Vivek said…
:D :D Awesome!

the ones sitting next to my cubicle must be thinking i ve gone crazy to laugh aloud all alone :D

you do have big task on ur hand - apart from rising them blogging for the next 20+ years! ;)

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