The tale of the moving kitchen!

Yes you read that right! The moving kitchen .... That is what I need! A kitchen cart! About couple of years ago I moved to California! I was totally unprepared for the loss of space among other things! The kitchen came as an absolute shock! I have survived in small kitchens, galley kitchens! But this kitchen was designed in spite! Just to throw me the famous curve ball!
Survival instincts had me using the garage as an extension! In came a pantry closet! But still how could I make it work? I ordered a kitchen cart! A year later I moved to a bigger place with a kitchen to dream for! So in my moment if sheer bliss, I gave away the cart!
Now that Tootsie has decided on her life mission! To raid every cupboard high and low, climb every surface and destroy any semblance of order; I miss my kitchen cart! Especially since the only place I have managed to secure is my pantry! The only child lock requiring no drilling!
Now off to do some cart hunting! Maybe I can finally cart the dishes to safety!


Sumana said…
Lol good to see you back with a short post. Tootsie is totally keeping you on your toes. I know how it feels with a small kitchen especially with our type of cooking.

Please come back wih more posts of tootsie and cheeky.
rm said…
hihi.. good luck on ur venture :-).

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