Home Again....

He walked in and looked around the room.. not a visible surface. Every surface was covered... piles of clothes books, shopping bags and toys all over the place. "What is this?" he asked. "Just the things we are taking back home with us" she answered.
A while later the piles had disappeared into the bursting at the seams suitcases now filling the room. Later that evening we rushed from store to store in search of a weighing machine.. To weigh and repack and weigh and repack till the final hour when we will have to leave after all. In the process many of the books I had assimilated had to be put back with the promise of "Next Time"... The Cheeky Monkey however was pretty sneaky and all his toys kept appearing back in the suitcases as we kept putting them out when his head was turned! Smart eh? As I unpacked I found that every single toy was accounted for while a couple of my things had gone missing!!!
Oh yes I am back home and back to routine. Except that 3:30 AM this morning saw me wide awake and restless and as I write this I am feeling groggy and disoriented. I have also been eating like a pig this past couple of days.. I do hope this is all just jet lag and I wont tire myself by cooking incessantly for my growling tummy! I do intend to loose all the extra weight I have gained after all.
I would love to blame the jet lag (which by the way I am experiencing for the first time... I have made at least half a dozen trips back and forth and have never had these symptoms!!).. anyway, I was saying I would love to blame it on the geek or the imp.. But no, as they both love to remind me I am to blame. I was the one who inso-maniacally (spell mistake intentional) watched back-to-back Hindi movies on the flight. Well who is to blame for that? I never get enough time on the DVD player at home to catch all the meaningless never ending movies at home!! Anyway I was glad to get off the plane after the never ending flight back home. However, now I am nostalgic for India already.
And now I am back to both my obsessive compulsive disorder of straightening and cleaning all day, interspersed with the other addiction - blogging!!! Cheeky is back to his routine and has been begging to be taken to school.. Being typically male.. India is already in the past for him!! However, India has gotten in his blood and behavior.. more on that later!! I seem to have forgotten how to blog though.. so please bear with me as I re-acquaint myself with the blogging world..
(Pict Courtesy: Suma of Thinking Aloud, Airplane)
Before Signing off.. I have to leave you with this article.. A plane went missing in Bangalore Airport.. this is so hilarious.!!


Rambler said…
hey welcome back..
lol,missing u big bit :(..good luck with the jet lag:P
Suma said…
heh..heh...nantu is typically male..wha else can u say?

WELCOME BAK...u've been missed for sure!!
K 3 said…
Woo Hoo! She is back with a bang (new look, looks great)!! ;)
Sumana said…
hey good to hear from you. Relax and take it easy.
Neera said…
Welcome back dear! Sounds like my story from not too long ago :)
Swati said…
Good to see you back in action.
Sraikh said…
Welcome home. I experienced the horrible jet lag as well.It took us abt a week to get over it.
Edison said…
Welcome back... !! Hope you have enjoyed your trip.
Preethi said…
Rambler - Thanks
Vish - Miss you too... the jet lag is almost gone now.. Slept till 7 am today yay!!!!
Suma - :) thanks!!
K3 - You like it??
Sumana - Glad to be back :)
Neera - Haha.. thanks :)
Swati, Sraikh and Edison - Thank you!
2 B's mommy said…
welcome back ! Nice to hear from you - More stories please !
Noodlehead said…
jet lag, huh? the root cause of all evil ;) hope the back-to-back movies were full paisa vasool!
Preethi said…
2BM - Coming up soon!!!
NH - Oh yes.. when in doubt blame it on jet lag!!! The movies.. not so much unfortunately..
ddmom said…
Look who's back. With a new look :) LOL on forgotten to blog. Keep em coming, you are doing just fine.
mayG said…
welcome back! nothing like being home na?

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