Wrrrrrr... Zoom.. Bham!!

I know there are some of you out there bring out the clubs to bash me up.. No not story time yet.. I really wish I could sit down and pen some of the tales I gleefully listened to on my rendezvous to the Southern Tip of India. But please accept my apologies when I declare they will have to wait a while. I am about to tell you why.
First I have an unruly son who has now been spoilt rotten by all the attention he got. He is BORED! Aah.. and I thought he did not know how to get bored. Gone is my timid son who would sit in his room for hours and play with his cars and other four/two/one wheeled toys. Now he wants mommy to play with him, or take him out to the park or switch on the TV. When he is not doing any of this he is yelling and running around the house.. often in some language I cant even understand at times.. and even if I did I cant begin to describe! (Pict Courtesy: www.louielouie.net)
I started writing a Nantu update.. its been a while since I last did after all? But what can I say, my son went to the land of freedom it seems like. And he has now learnt the law of survival of the fittest. Its amazing how different kids there behave. If you don't shove you never get your turn... If you don't yell you don't get heard... If you don't go after the bad guys with guns and knives (I am not kidding... at least they were pretend/ verbal ammunition) you don't get included in the game! Now I grew up in India.. but this is the first time I am observing this difference.. maybe the first time I am taking a close look at the kids!!
Oh well, you do know I am exaggerating don't you? Yes I am... the kids are also such angels who respond every time they are called. And who listen unquestioningly to their parents!! No "Why should I eat that?", "What if I do not?" or "I don't think so" like I get from my little imp! So now I have a cheeky brat who has the American Independence mingled with his already present stubborn streak not to mention the Indian rough edges! So now you know why I cant write the stories yet?
Actually there is more.. no this was not enough excitement for me, returning from a long vacation with a little imp and settling down to the life here. I needed more to keep me occupied.. and I got just that. Oh yes we are moving again. You think that's enough fun? There is more.. we are moving in a week!! Yes I am not kidding.
So now I am getting everything organized.. and breaking out in cold sweat at least a dozen times every day!
The estimator from the moving company came here yesterday... He walked through my house and made elaborate notes and finally gave me an estimate of a fortune.. I am not shipping everything in gold am I? I am hoping it was just that moving company and not every one.. so I have another coming today.. and imagine how the lady who arrives today will gasp when I tell her I need everything out in 4 days? I am going to be dubbed "Crazy Woman" soon!
So why am I boring you with all these details? Oh just my way of spreading some joy.. you can all now be happy in the knowledge of how relaxed your life is!! So now I am moving East.. at least I am not moving countries as we considered doing but gave up in sheer despair of the complexity of the move!! I hope to do that soon though, after all I will soon exhaust every zip code in the US, then I will have to move to newer frontiers!!


K 3 said…
Oh sorry abt Nantu being bored - I guess it is a tough adjustment for them - from the crowds, to street side vendors, to huge family meets. Good luck.

Which zipcode are you moving to - email me, hope its someplace close to where I am! ;)
Rambler said…
moving ha..that can be taxing at times
DotThoughts said…
India is so stimulating to young minds! And the attention. Its like being on a high.

One word of caution about movers. I know you have moved a lot, but do get a recommendation. Two of my friends were conned. The movers arrived on the appointed day and demanded twice or more than twice the agreed upon amount. Caused a lot of headache.
Orchid said…
bored and appropriately so, after India what else did you expect?
moving can be daunting..but tell yourself its not, easier said than done and I am sure you knwo how to handle it...good luck and keep us posted!
Preethi said…
K3 - I am moving to North Carolina.. you anywhere nearby?
Rambler - Ask me about it.. even for me who is almost a pro at it.. its very taxing!
DM - Yikes!! Are you serious? God.. now I am really worried!!!
Orchid - Yes.. India is so much fun for kids.. home is boring after that!! Nothing can keep me away from here.. as you know.. no vacation, no move!! :P
Visharada said…
Have fun with ur moving Preethi;-) By the way I worked with Infy in B'lore DC and Chennai DC.
Sumana said…
Oh wow another move. So you have no much time to miss India, you already have your hands filled.
Noodlehead said…
hmm, isn't your life all fun and joy right now :D i'm glad this is virtual and you can't beat me up!

i know what you mean when you say nantu is bored. Bonbon is bored 24/7 and i dont really know what to do about it!!! sigh. i empathize - truly and deeply.

we moved sometime back and i was a nervous wreck. all the best, girl. you've done this before and you can do this now!
Preethi said…
Sarada - sending you a note
Sumana - you betcha...
NH - Yeah you need to be glad you aren't nearby..or you would be lending a hand packing and cleaning :P
Aryan said…
Moving in a week...All mess. Good positive attitude..
HAts of to you
Neera said…
Hey, good luck with the move. You must be already at it!

Imp with the rough edges from the India trip..I know exactly what u mean :)

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