Quite a Handful

I am nearing the one year completion as well as the 100th post celebration for my blog. Not yet but will be there soon, if I decide to start posting anytime now. Time to dust my brain and shake off the writer's block (I can call myself a writer can't I?) I told myself. If I don't get off that couch and start typing.. I will never reach the 100.
And then I read Prats blog. Prats seems to be a constant inspiration/fodder for me these days. She had written about being Nerd Momma... and I went on a trip down memory lane.
And I thought
  • About the time in first grade where I was asked to write words 10 times each and I wrote 1,2,3,4,6,8,10.
  • About the time in first grade when I flicked a 5 paise or some such thing off the living room table to go buy a Popsicle on the sly. (I of course could not keep a secret and ended up telling my mom the tall tale over dinner.)
  • About the time in 5th grade when my hand just would not heal from its fracture because it was time for the exams.
  • About the same time when my mom would ask me questions to see how well prepared I was for my exams. I would stand behind her asking to play with her hair and read the answers right off the book. Duh (I think my mom knew all the while, and the ploy was to get me read at least that once).
  • About the times I put my comics and novels in between my school books and read to heart's content! (My uncle caught me once, but was trusting enough to let me go if I promised never to do it again. As if!)
  • About the time our biology teacher would give us assignments to draw each diagram 5 times. She would send us all out of class and then would stand at the door and mark out books as we walked in. We always made sure we had a pencil and exchanged notes through the window right behind her. (I have never been known to do these imposition assignments).
  • About the time my history teacher in 6th grade made me sit in the front row unable to put up with my non-stop chatter.
  • About the time I refused to do the steps in my math problems claiming "Amma, I am sure my math teacher knows how to get the answer" (Prats are you listening)
  • About the time I wrote on my answer paper "refer to answer 10b" when the teacher had the audacity to repeat the same/similar question in 2 sections!
Seriously the list could go on.. this is just the tip of the iceberg like they say! But as the spirals of flashback start fading away and I take a look at Cheeky seeing a bit of me already peeking through! What did I get myself into? I could be a nerd (first try, the bullets for the list above) and stick to the rules and give out high sounding advice like my mom did! I know Cheeky is going to be rolling his eyes and going "What a nerd?" or I could let Cheeky have fun but fail to follow all the rules in school. You know what I will go through every time I need to meet the teacher! The same thing my mom went through "Your daughter studies well and her marks are good, but I want to talk about how naughty she sometimes is"!! Like she did not know already, hey she got to take me home!!
Sigh!! I do have a really tough life ahead as the Imp grows up!!
Meanwhile here is how we have been expending our energy these past few days... Painting.. Now remember I am a beginner but here it is for you to see. (A watercolor by yours truly)And this one by Cheeky. I drew the Pooh, but Cheeky decided the picture needed some clouds.. so thats what you see, Pooh lying under a blanket of clouds!Now I am off to go mope about how I am going to set the right example for Cheeky. Post Facto? And I cant even get the bullets to stay!! Boohoo!


Rambler said…
reading behind the mom's back..wow that sounds fun :D
Mira's mom said…
Lol! The watercolors look cool :-)
Suma said…
comics inside textbooks...guilty
having bad headaches during a class test, given permission to skip it and rest, blowing the chance by asking the teacher "since i'm not doing the test can i borrow that book to read..."( i was iin class 2 then) needless to say , i was made to do teh test...

psst...pls, pls remove the word verification...i think i have bad eyesight...;)
rayshma said…
hehehee!! :D
i was quite a nerd. actually, still am. :(
i didn't study much... but my logic was that i managed to clear the exams decently despite not studying... but yeah, wasn't ever naughty... i'm making up for that lost naughtiness NOW! :D
thanks a ton for removing word verification! :D
Preethi said…
Rambler - you bet.. there is something in that it makes it more fun than reading in the open!!
MM - Thanks
Suma - Done.. I did not even realize it was there, I hate word verification!! :P You seem to have been a handful too.. now I know where S&S get it from!!
Rayshma - Nerd? really!! no kidding.. you make up for it girl.. be naughty now!!!
Neera said…
he he he ..fun post ..brought back a lot of memories ..

* dozing off to snooze till I heard footsteps approaching outside the door
* wanting to go to potty when mom asked me answers to questions :) shall do a post soon, hopefully

Amazing painting u guys do yaar ..first noonoo, now u ..even Cheeky has done such a swell job!
Sandhya said…
beautiful nostalgic post and your watercolor looks good though you can't beat cheeky!
I've lost count of the times I've been caught hiding fiction/comics inside text books! Lovely paintings - it's obvious where Cheeky gets his painting skills from! :)
Mama - Mia said…
that painting is by bgeinner??!! i STILL paint SO badly! poor cubby!


loved cheeky's work too! :)

i used to solved Maths sums by looking at another similar sum solved peeche WITH mom! my mom used to think i have understood! she soon caught on tho!

those were the days! :)

verrry nice post!


~nm said…
What a lovely post and even lovely memories that you have jotted down!

And that painting was so wonderful! I liked the innovative way of painting by Cheeky! :D
K 3 said…
Writer, painter, Superwoman! Bah!!! So J.
noon said…
OMG Preethi!! The Pooh water colors looks so awesome! I loved it! You are good really! I love doing water colors as well. I recently posted the water colors I did for KB - also kiddy ones...how coincidental! :)
But yours are really nice...the colors, the expression on the face...you should do more!
Just Jen said…
That's hilarious!
I wonder where Cheeky gets it from??? lol
Happy 100th when you get there!
That first one of 1 2 3...that cracked me up! It's ingenious...lol
I did the book inside a book through school too...lol....textbooks are boring, right? LOL
Great pics of Winnie the Pooh! I'm a little blue rain cloud...wasn't it a black cloud? but that's ok, clouds are blue most of the time ;)
Noodlehead said…
now i know where cheeky gets his cheekiness from..."refer answer 10b". rotfl.

hey, your poster color is so superb. have u thot of pursuing painting seriously? you're really good! cheeky's painting is so cute!
nice post :D. . & lovely water colors. . . .guess who is the new da vinci?. . .
Robin said…
I used to sneak novels inside my text books all the time!

The watercolors are great. I couldn't paint a recognizable figure if my very life depended on it.
Preethi said…
Neera - yeah do the post soon.. waiting to read it!!
Sandhya - Yes I cant beat Cheeky for sure... at anything seems like!
MM - Comics in text books seems to be the norm eh?
Abha - hehe.. good one!!
NM - Thanks
K3 - Bah.. nothing of that sort!! :P
Preethi said…
Noon - I did see your watercolors and thought they looked great.. mine doesn't match up!! :P
Noodlehead - Exactly what I feared :P As for the poster colors.. this is practice.. I am starting awfully late!!
Vish - me?
Robin - hehe thanks!

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