Cheeky Rules!

It all started with one innocent phone call to R one evening! We were thinking about the July 4th weekend and deciding whether we wanted to make that trip to DC. Meanwhile Cheeky had been asking endless questions all day and I was truly tired. So I suggested to the geek to call R and find out what they were doing for the long weekend. After all I am always in the quest of finding more people to answer Cheeky's questions.

So we called R and Cheeky ran into the room. Once he heard Uncle R on the phone, it was his turn on the phone now! "Uncle R I moved to a new house. The house is called North Carolina" Uncle R remembers Cheeky of a few months ago, a Cheeky who quietly played with his daughter A and was so excited about cars that was all he could think about!
So the poor guy said "You know that is so close to Tennessee! "
"Really" went Cheeky his voice going over the edge and getting very squeaky in delight!!

The geek and I knew then that we had lost our chance to see DC. So after figuring out that uncle R could not come here, promises were made to drive to TN for the weekend. With a Cheeky bouncing off the walls excitement the details for the trip were finalized!

What details you ask? Well a few days ago I had gone ballistic and purchased all the ingredients for making a cake. Dottie is to blame of course, for she made it sound so easy - here. So I went to the store and got all the ingredients, despite all the sarcastic looks I got from a very amused GD (Geeky Dad). Now the persistent Cheeky wanted me to bake a cake to take to TN. Yeah Right, subject them to the tortures of my culinary skills!

So on the morning of the 3rd the cake was mixed and baked, cooled and frosted and even iced on! Then I had the flashing bulbs on my it was tasted too..It seemed to taste okay, Cheeky was called on for confirmation and the verdict was given. So the cake was covered and kept away.

On July 4th lil A had planned a picnic lunch by the lake and after a romp in the water park (with all the fun fountain features), we went to sit by the lake and the cake was cut and dug into. It was declared yum.. by all the important tasters (the kids) and the beam on SM (Silly Momma)'s face was enough to light up the place!

But the fun was hardly over.. the evening brought a firework spectacle. We sat in the back yard watching the fireworks and next it was our turn to tune it up.. So we brought out our personal stash and dug in.. Cheeky had a blast while playing with the fireworks and at the same time being the firefighter with a stick for a hose!! He ran around extinguishing fires all evening! A bunch of tired kids made it to bed that night!

The next morning dawned with promises for yet another fun day. The boats had been spotted on the lake the previous afternoon and July 5th had been declared a day for boating by the unanimous vote of the kids. Parents of course were not consulted! Unfortunately after a morning of running from one boat club to another, it finally dawned on us that July 4th weekend was either very busy or closed! We could not find a single boat to rent! But not wanting to disappoint these little imps that rule our life, we went to the caverns at Lost Sea. The Lost Sea is part of an extensive and historic cave system called Craig head Caverns near Sweet Water, East Tennessee. The specialty is however not the crystalline formations in the caverns, but here is where you will find the largest underground lake in America (according to Guinness Book). We even got to go on a boat ride in the lost sea!! So the kids were appeased and brought back home after yet another tiring day of walking in the cavern on steep pathways!

The vacation was short and sweet, for after lazing around at home the next day we started home that evening, dragging a reluctant Cheeky along with a long face. And with the promises to meet up again soon! But the vacation was good fun, and Cheeky got what he has been longing for ever since the return from India. People!

Now Cheeky has another plan "Amma can you call Santa and tell him I want a steam engine with cars behind them?"
Amma "Its not yet christmas"
Cheeky "Thats ok you call daddy and tell him "
Right till its time for Christmas, Daddy can be Santa!!


Rambler said…
hey looks like a fun vacation you guys had
Anonymous said…
Such fun for the little cheeky - go papa get him the steam engine! ;)

Suma said…
hey wannabe baker, u did a good job there!!

and yes, dad is the off season santa, so go get him that steam engine...
Nomadic Couple said…
When did a long weekend become a vacation.... I can see you being yankeefied...
Nice photos on picasa. Little Nantu is growing tall!
Mira's mom said…
Yup - it sounds like a good holiday and the cake look yummy too. I'm sure Dottie will be glad to see this :-)
Mama - Mia said…

first time here and i guess will see me often!

the cake look yummylicious, the break sounds perfect and cheeky well very cheeky! :)

loved reading it!


rayshma said…
arre waah! u baked and all! and it sure does look yummm!!! these morons made me bake my own bday cake! :D
DotThoughts said…
you almost made to DC?? next ime we should meet when you are near this part of town. july 4 is a fun time in DC! The cake looks scruptious, wehre is my piece??
Preethi said…
Rambler - Fun for sure.. we had an absolutely marvelous time.
K3 - Oh yeah.. but lets wait for his birth day.. we already have to buy him roller skates, a bicycle and a scion for summer.. my his list is endless!!
Suma -- Oh yes.. I was so proud of myself.. given my history with cooking!!
NC - Oh yeah too yankified if you ask me.. but we are planning the big finish for the year... no not India.. but something like it in terms of climate and mossies!! Nantu is growing tall for sure!!
Preethi said…
Mira's mom - oh yes.. the unabashed Dottie is here asking for a share now!!!
Abha - Welcome and do come back.. you said it right.. Cheeky is cheeky!! :)
Rayshma - read about that.. got to give it to Vin and Galadriel.. they do know how to make you work for once don't they?
Dottie - Wow.. now I have a good reason to come to DC.. I will make it there I promise, at least next holiday!!
Swati said…
LOL at the last line :) The cake looks yummy
Hey! Cake looks yummy! Nice fun vacation you folks had it seems. :) And I'm sure daddy will do a Santa and get him the steam engine he wants!
Sandhya said…
That sounds like a great Holiday spent in the company of friends and family. Your looks yum!Great write up too!
2 B's mommy said…
sounds like a fun packed weekend ! The cake looks yummmm....
Neera said…
Wow!! You know I was in a similar situation ..Jiya's birthday on 2nd, 5 day vacation to begin on 4th and all the cake ingredients bought, Dottie really made it seem very simple. Thank God I did buy a Betty Crocker cake mix just in case everything else got too overwhelming and thats what I ended up baking :(

Good relaxing break u had :)
Preethi said…
Swati - Oh yes it was yum.. thanks to Dottie!! :)
MM - If dad does a Santa, the list would be endless :)
Sandhya - yeah it was a wonderful holiday
2BM - Thanks {blushing}
Neera - Clever you!! And happy birthday to Jiya!
ddmom said…
Hey, cheeky is one smart cookie. Has his priorities right :) Sounds like a mini vacation to me..
looks like a play doh cake to me ?:P. . .I realy loved the bit about making athims santa until christmas. .:D

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