When I grow up...

What do I want to be when I grow up? Rather late to ask the question you think! But a very important question in my life now! I have all I need in life, credit cards, drama and entertainment. In a moment of insanity Hubby Dearest provided the first. Cheeky makes sure the other 2 aspects of my life are provided for. But apparently the two men in my life have tired of all my melodrama and are on the verge of kicking me out and send me rolling to a job!
I sat on the couch and asked "So what do I do?" with a painful expression on my face. "Is the thought really that painful" DH asked. I dug out the lego block from under me and yelped... After putting away the blocks and straightening up the house, doing the dishes and burning some stuff on the stove, I was back to resume my position on the couch. Amidst smirks and giggles I grouped my audience/ think tanks.

"I really want to know, what kind of job do you think I should take up?"
Now it was DH's turn to look pained. I explained "I am tired of being a computer engineer" {smirk smirk.. I have been on a break long enough to drive everything that spells software out of my brain, but lets not disclose that}
"Aah" said DH "you could stick stamps at the post office"
I perked up "Now we are talking... I could do that.. I would love to say next please, how can I help you today"
A pause later DH said "I think they would kick you out, if you keep making conversation with every one who comes in"
"Oh" I said in disappointment, so that rules out customer service I suppose.

"I could be an interior designer" I started
"Right, you watch too much HGTV" DH said with a smirk and a look of grimace at the new shiny pillow cases.
"Hey they were on sale" {besides they looked lovely in the packaging, but on adorning my bed the gold satin pillow cases look tacky.. how was I to know?}
So I guess Interior design is out of the question. Sigh.

I eyed the book I have been reading ... "The other side of the story" about authors and agents, behind the screens of writing a book. I could be an author,but the closest I have got to writing a story are the tales I spun at school to my teachers. And I assure you they are not novel material!
I could be an agent though.. sounds like a fun thing to do. If only I lived in Newyork, and lived a pub swinging, disco dancing lifestyle! Now all I have to do is invent time travel and go back in time to my single status.

Hmm what about acting thought I. No please dont laugh, I know that me in all my pot bellied beauty would just rock the screens. But Cheeky just informed me that I would look gross in a two-piece and asked nicely "Amma dont wear that please" So that rules out acting,

Teaching too is out of the question, after a taste of my teaching skills Cheeky declared "Amma, you be my mom dont be a teacher please!"

Fashion Designing is ruled out too, sigh.. I in all my hastily thrown together wardrobe am the perfect target for the show "What not to wear"

With a heavy heart I dragged my feet to the library and brought back a big fat book on DotNet Architecture. My dreams of chaging professions seem to be futile and in sheer defiance I have picked up the pencil and paper to scribble away and dream of being an artist. DH shakes his head at a loss for words of reason and decides the topic of me returning to the work front has to be tabled for later.
Phew and I will live to blog another day!


Sandhya said…
Oh my god, I can't believe this. I am havign the same discussion with my hubby these days. I have never been in a profession in US and didn't have much of a career back home also. But now with my preschooler all growing up I am aching to d something!
Suma said…
ummm...how about giving cheeky a lil bro/sis? :D

i like the light hearted humour in this...why are there no posts at u're other blogs?

coming back to this one, it is scary how a 'break', really breaks us away. it's tough getting back to the grind...
The Nomad said…
I know your feelings... I think you have left out a couple of options... that I have been considering. Fitness instructor or Yoga teacher. That should be fun to learn that and has teh added advantage of getting the fitness routine out of the way! Unfotunately if you start comparing the hourly returns... you may come back to IT :-( I plan to do the fitness thing once the mortgage is paid off.
Mama - Mia said…

great laughs for a monday morning!!

come to think of it even i dont have ANY career path! i dont even do software!

but i shall worry about it another day! ;)


Gauri said…
:D - nice one ! Yeah - it sure gets confusing when you don't want to go back to the career one had "before baby came along" and want to opt for something else.

You serious when you say "the tales you spun were not novel material" Preethi ? I, for one, think you write real well - the way you weave and infuse humor is not something easy.

And am sure i will have a lot of people voting "aye" on that one !
rayshma said…
i agree with suma... li'l bro/sis for cheeky...
i'm gonna try the pay per post for blogging thingie. since getting a visa doesn't seem to be around the corner. :(
as for a change in career... i wanna be a pole dancer! but given my current stats, that may just be out of question...also, of course, there's the question of the hubby. sigh!
p.s.: have u read the secret?
looks you are missing something in life too much..Donno what !!
Rambler said…
hehhe I think suma is right :)

btw software aint so bad :)
Preethi said…
Sandhya - join the club.. I have done the IT route long enough both here and in India to know its boring!!!
Suma - Whatever for? Poor me like I dont have my hands full already! I am experiencing writer's block and wallowing in it!! :P
Nomad - yoga really, as long as it does not mean I have to keep my eyes closed, thats one thing i hated about yoga, I kept opening one eye to sneak a look at people around me!As for the lucrativeness I know but I don't want to know !!
Abha - trust me, you don't do software? you live in a world that is lot more fun!!
Preethi said…
Gauri - Oh my you do have a lot of confidence in me girl... but you have trouble separating fact and fiction !! {wink}
Rayshma - et tu?? I am going to bawl now.. coming there to read the big secret!!
CU - Well put.. but I do know whats missing in my life.. spice!! :P
Rambler - Suma is right about what? You in software? You poor geek!
lol, well u left out the chocolate industry!! :(. . u could look out for nice cocoa bean plantations :D?? what say ? and yeaa convince athims n appa to put in some money tooo :P . . i am almost broke now :(
Pavi!!!! said…
Came here frm Ray Ray's blog...n am lovin ur space:)

n YES YES YES IT is boring..actually anything that has to be done every single day of my life is boring!Why cant i wake up each morning n choose wat i want to be/do for that day....
Mira's mom said…
Hey Preethi, had fun reading the post!:-) My advice - just don't worry and do things that you like doing - life will be all nice and happy.
Preethi said…
Vish - refer next post for why I cant eat chocolates :P
Pavi - Welcome. You have given me an idea, could I wake up today and choose to be a princess (I think I could put up with being princess only for one day at the most!!)
Mira's mom - that is the problem, I cant decide what I like doing.. a definite crisis situation.. see next post!
Neera said…
he he he ..catching up after long and had so much fun reading this ..suggestions u have got aplenty.

I back Suma abt the second kid :D and Gauri abt ur fantastic writing skills :)

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