Driving Confessions

My car pool buddy and I have very intense conversations every night. There is something about sitting in the traffic for hours at end that will do it to you. It makes us philosophical. Besides that sometimes there are geography lessons to be had. And who is this driving buddy you ask? Why it is the little pixie called Tootsie. Tootsie has been a late bloomer when it comes to conversations. She is a talker alright, but she is a dreamy talker none of the cheekiness of the big brother. Here are some excerpts from our conversations

"Mommy, S is going to come to my home, take the princess clothes and give them away to Santa". S is the best friend and they so lovvveee each other. If you have a girl you know how that works. With Cheeky, the other kid was either a friend or not. And if he was a best friend they played together, if the kid was not a best friend they still played together every other day!! Life was simple. Now its all stories about "How will you feel if I do that to you" or "I am going to send a note home to your mommy. Then how will you feel" or "I am never going to be your friend again". There is so much drama involved.

Anyway so today's story was about the princess clothes. After trying unsuccessfully to tell her that S did not have the authority to do that, I decided to try another route.
"How does she know where Santa lives"
Tootsie - "Everyone knows where Santa lives"
How come I am not in on the secret then?
"Really? Where does he live?"
Tootsie - "He lives in a hotel"
"Which one?"
"The Hotel Santa"
"Where is that"
"It is where Santa lives on his sled and his reindeers live with him"
"Ok, do you know how to get there?"
"Of Course!"
"You get there by car mommy"
"But how. What way do you take?"
"The road way mommy"
 "But do you know how to get there"
"I told you .. you drive in the car mommy" Exasperated voice
But I know to push it "How Tootsie?"
"Like this" says she turning the imaginary wheel round and round!!
"Oh that way. Now I get it"

Albeit slow, I am finally all caught up on Santa's co-ordinates. If you need help just ask Tootsie and her friend S.


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