Monday, April 28, 2014

Starving for lunch

I have a big problem! The day care Tootsie goes to refuses to feed her lunch. They just starve my poor baby every day! Poor girl just cant catch a break here!

So every evening I pick Tootsie up from school and start on my hour long drive back home in traffic. This is usually our time to chat about our day! Or so I think. The first thing I do is hand her a snack and when she is done judging and going through all the different options for the day. Apparently I am a restaurant on Wheels! Anyway when she is done we can finally begin to share our day!

Usually one of the first questions I ask her is about her lunch. So here are a few examples of our conversations

Mom: Tootsie what did you eat for lunch today
(No Answer)
Mom: Tootsie what did you have for lunch today?
(No Answer)
Mom: Tootsie did you eat lunch today?
Tootsie: No
Mom: How come?
Mom: Tootsie did they give you any lunch today?
Tootsie: No
Mom: What about the other kids?
Tootsie: They ate lunch
Mom: What were you doing?
Tootsie: There was no place for me at the table, so I did not eat

Another day
Mom: Tootsie did your teacher give you any lunch today?
Tootsie: No
Mom: SO you did not get to sit a the table today?
Tootsie: Today I sat at the table, they did not give me lunch
Mom: What about the other kids?
Tootsie: No one got lunch today
Mom: So you did not eat anything today?
Tootsie: No I ate dessert
Mom: What did you eat for dessert?
Tootsie: Yoghurt

Yet Another Day
Mom: Tootsie did you eat lunch today?
Tootsie: No
Mom: But I saw them making lunch this morning
Tootsie: You did (I can hear the wheels turning at this point) 
Mom: I did, so don't tell me they did not give you lunch
Tootsie: They did give us lunch, but Mason was very hungry. And he ate it all up
Mom: What? Did your teacher not tell him anything?
Tootsie: She said "Mason don't eat from other's plates"
Mom: And...
Tootsie: He still ate it

And the next day
Mom: Tootsie did the give you lunch today?
Tootsie: Yes
Mom : Did you eat it?
Tootsie: Yes, Mason did not eat it today
Mom: What did you eat for lunch?
Tootsie: Rice and Bean ...
Mom thinking "Finally"
Tootsie: And Nuggets and hot dog and dal and rice and rice cakes and strawberry and broccoli and banana. I ate it all up.

Oh Boy! I give up officially... I would take back Cheeky's "I don't know" or "I don't remember" any day!!!


Priya Gopalakrishnan said...

lolol...So funny.. OMG...totally agree with you..

The Nomad said...

Born to be a customer service person :) She is second guessing what you want to hear :)

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