I salute thee!

In every place where terror strikes, heroes come through! The hotel staff at Taj and Oberoi some of whom are said to have literally put themselves in the line of fire to save the guests. The Police, Special Task Force, Army who put themselves at risk while they meticulously saved the innocent victims one by one.

As I sit here watching the news.. the seige goes on, people are expressing displeasure against the Commandos for not ending this faster! But the intensity is unimaginable! Crazed Killers, Brutal killers who hold no value for life sit there with weapons and explosives. Lives of innocent hostages lie in balance. If you need to detonate this with as less damage as possible, it does take time! You can't really expect them to run in guns blazing and take them down!!
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I am proud that I belong to a country of such heroes. A country that refuses to bow down in the face of terror. And I hope this episode only makes us more resilient and urges all Indians around the world to look at your nation with pride at their armed forces and execution in such a tense situation! I am aware that there is a faul finding exercise going on.... about how the Indian Intelligence failed. But lets focus on the positive and grow stronger for this experience!

Even in the face of terror, life goes on.. and such episodes only show us the value of life and the need to shed fear and fight back!

Indian Security Personnel and all the unsung heroes of the past 2 days... I salute each one of you!


Its sad that some of these brave men of our country had to die in the hands of cowards like them!
Rambler said…
its really frustrating to see people suffer...so in a way I guess I too was guilty of accusing NGS commandos for not ending this sooner..I guess what we fail to understand is the tremendous pressure under which they have to function, with their life under threat
keithsramblings said…
As a British passport holder as were those under attack, I too applaude your brave men who risked everything in the line of duty.
The Nomad said…
Forget the commandos and others Its even sader when peopel like the announceer I heard about at VT station who got gunned down becasue he was announcing in Marati to people to lay low. Apprently (this did not egt picked up by any of the inernatioanl news as there where no americaans/english ot aussies in there) in vT the two gun men strated shooting randomly, and looking at them the announcer started saying dont go to this area... in marati. The guys heard him and shot him down. Also another railway employee tried to save a young girl who was out there crying and got shot at. These are news I got from My H's cousin who lives in Bombay. THese heroes dont even get mentioend in our news channels!
rm said…
that really was a positive post..
Pavi!!!! said…
They deserve a salute n more. Its very selfless and great of em to put the country before their own lives...a task very few people are capable of.

But i condemn the govt/people..who are being practive rather than reactive; who inspite of so many attacks in various forms on India this yr..have not take a big measure to protect; who waited for 9 hrs before callin in the army during the Mumbai attack.. All of this has costed india more lives...lives that were meant to be..but can never be brought back!
Suma said…
true preethi, but the fact remains that these men could have reached earlier...it is said that crucial time was wasted getting a plane which could fly 200 of them...i never knew that Mumbai did not have a critical force stationed there, considering it is such an imp part of India,...and Ratan tata did say that they had prior intelligence of the threat...


but as you rightly said, lets focus on the positive and be stronger...

and i applaud the brave heroes, for their courage...
Preethi said…
Vish - Yes the waste of life...is such a pity
Rambler - there are others to blame for the delays.. why were there no commandos in Bombay? Why was it so difficult to get a plane and then a ground vehicle to transport them to location?
Keith - Yes considering that you must have been to Mumbai a number of times before.. I can imagine how you must be feeling!
Nomad - You are right.. the coverage here is so one sided.. like a guy said on CNN.. there are other people who died too you know.. every life is precious American or not!
rm - thanks!
Pavi and Suma - Yes the infrastructure in India really sucks.. 2 fire trucks appeared? No commandos for a big important city like Mumbai? No transportation for the Commandos in Delhi.. the Infrastructure is truly appalling.. but hopefully this has been a lesson!
Mama - Mia said…
you know we all love to sit and make up faltu theories!

like we all want to talk about how our team should have played cricket, we want to tell how commandos fight terrorists too.

while finding faults is necessary to know where we can improve in future, to do it just because you are used to, is simply mad!

I think the police, NSG and army did a terrific job!



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