Pumpkin head and other stories!

Before I go to tonight's top story.. The Pumpkin head.. here are some Cheeky Tales for you

Knock and Run
Halloween night was upon us again this year.. for those of you who were following this blog last year, you know about all the sleepless nights we had in lieu of Halloween. This year though, we waited till the last minute to break the news to the imp
However on 31st afternoon an excited Cheeky came home and declared "I am going to be a clown tonight, that's what I told my teacher"
Momma "You can not be a clown"
Cheeky "Yes I can" proceeded to do some high kicks (??) and somersaults!
Alright said I and brought out my lipstick.. "let me paint your face now". And so the imp decided to do a repeat performance of Spider man this year and Halloween was salvaged. ALMOST! Cheeky dressed up as spider man and went trick or treating..
The sequence of events went like this
1. Cheeky knocks at doors with no pumpkins.. they don't open (Thank God!)
2. I threaten returning back and Cheeky promises to behave!
3. I knock at the door and move back letting Cheeky take position
4. Cheeky yells trick or treat.. door has still not opened!
5. Cheeky runs!
6. Mommy runs behind him hair flying in all directions(more on that to follow)...
The resident of the house looks out and yells in horror and quickly shuts the door.. and that was how Cheeky had an empty pumpkin at the end of the day! I had prepared a couple of friends.. who had got him bags of goodies thus saving the day yet again!

Cheeky's school has come up with a service project.. Operation Christmas Child. Cheeky is expected to help around home and get paid for doing his chores. At the end of the month he uses his earnings to get gifts for the needy! And his teachers help ship it out!
If I started to pay him for each chore.. that would make my life very complicated.. so I told him I would pay him 10 bucks at the end of the month if he helps me out with all his designated chores through the month! Cheeky.. always the negotiator retorted "30 dollars"! So while I continue to do the chores, Cheeky continues to negotiate his wages.. soon it will be end of the month and I will be poorer by $10 (or 30) with nothing to show for it! SIGH!

Last year Santa got him Lightning McQueen. This year he has been instructed to get him a list of engines from Thomas the tank engine series! I told him "Maybe Santa will get you one engine, your favorite" (which by the way keeps changing.. once he got Thomas, Henry was his favorite, he got that for his birth day and the favorite has changed again)
"Remember Santa got you lightning McQueen last year"
Cheeky "Yeah I remember, but no King or Mater"

For Diwali on my sister's insistence I gave him some books as a gift from God Krishna.. So he was asked to go thank the God. Cheeky was found having a heart to heart with God "I would like James and Toby, a train table, a bunk bed...."! CUT IT OUT?!!

Now to today's top story ...
The Pumpkin head
My hair has always been the rue of my life!! Oh well, one of the rues.. like many other things in my life my hair is out to get me! I can see pictures of sporty bobs which they called boy-cuts (yikes) as a child.. so the phenomenon apparently started later than that!

I never did much about it although I would stand in front of the mirror and contemplate my ill luck that I had this unmanageable hair! Till one post natal afternoon in all my hormones-going-haywire splendor I decided to get a make over "So I would stop feeling so frumpy!". Cheeky all of 2 months was thrust into the novice hands of M while I hit the parlor, may I add one of the more famous ones in Chennai.

A few hours of pruning and preening later, I decided on a step cut for my hair.. a few more hours when the lady cut and tossed and turned my hair about while I was dreaming about making an appearance at work with my new look a week later!! Later that evening got home with my hair looking exactly the same as I had left and M received a bill for thousands of rupees!! Relatives arrived over the week to look at my expensive non-haircut!

Since then I have had many haircuts experimenting with layers,razors and what not! And now there are those days when my hair looks "almost" nice and we take loads of pictures of it! So this weekend I went for yet another haircut! The lady cut my hair in layers teased it, prodded it, razored the ends and my hair looked shorter and felt lighter! I was so pleased with the result I came home with an attitude, tossing my hair in pride! A short nap and an hour later, my hair had suddenly grown in volume and looked like an evil looking pumpkin! I tried washing it, it grew even bigger.. I dunked it in hair spray and it lay limp plastered to my head making matters worse!

So I hunted out my geeky glasses and sported it to take the attention off my pumpkin head!

(image courtesy: http://www.kairos2.com, http://www.catfactoryonline.com)


lol , pumpkin head . Hilarious as always :) . . . Its always fun to ring a bell and disappear , too bad nantu had to miss out on candies whilst having fun with the bell trick :)
rayshma said…
i shouldn't do this... considering my hair.. i really really shouldn't.
but... PICTURES?????
DotThoughts said…
where are the pics???????? well.. cheeky did do the trick part without the treat this year :)
Pavi!!!! said…
Hahah Cheeky is so much fun! U owe him as well as ur hair one for mkg ur life so interesting :P!

BTW..i hate my hair too..it never sets right!
Sumana said…
So nantu's halloween was tricky. LOL. I am all with cheeky for the 30$, you ought to give him for all the entertainment he provides you with. James and Toby, ahh i suggest you get the rest of the gang edward, percy et all.
--xh-- said…
:) lol.. it was a hilarious post...

Thomas the tank engine :) yeah, boys will be boys always...
rm said…
hair, holloowen, horror...perfect combo!!!!
Subhashree said…
Hilarious... What all we need to do keep the kids smiling? I'm sure when Nantu reads about you 'arranging' your friends to get him goodies, he's going to find it real funny.
Preethi said…
Vish - Oh no he got enough candies.. and now he is not eating them.. thanks to his paranoid Mamma
Raysh - You expect me to click some.. you gotta be kidding me!!
Dottie - Am a little paranoid about posting pics here.. but will send you the pics ;)
Pavi - him ok.. but my hair??
Sumana - then what would we buy next month eh??
Lonewolf - yeah thats right.. boys will be boys.. now you have given me an idea for my next post ;)
rm - Yeah my hair was in time for Halloween.. a bit off but still!
Subashress - FUnny? He better be grateful {wink}
@pre : ur not letting him eat candies :O , no candy = deprived life ! I am disappointed I tell u , very very disappointed :(
Rambler said…
ah would be fun to see the little spider man..
K 3 said…
Out with the pics! Little spidey must have had loads of fun right! Hugs and good luck with eating all the candy! ;)
Mama - Mia said…
how does one woman get to be this funny while mere mortals like me hide behind photos??! how??!!

seriously! no treak or treat?? when we hear about halloween out there you expect dhamaal all over! and he is so cool whateva happens!!

and tell ME about the non-haircut! even i couldnt notice it this time!! next time i am planning to go to one of those fancier salons!! more money for same shit!

but least i would have tried!! :p

ofcos my hair is so little now that I am scared the stylist will shoo me away!! sigh!


The Nomad said…
Agree with Piyu... How come you were allowed to eat (are eating all those Chocks and pure Nantu is being controlled! And think of the poor dentists who miss out cos of you
Hip Grandma said…
Visited after a long time and oh yes I remembered last years story too.Tell Nantu to continue his negotiations.Mommy's are a hard to please lot.
Preethi said…
Rambler - hop over we will put on a special show..the pumpkin head and spiderman
K3- Oh yes he had a blast.. yeah thanks for the luck need it!
Abha - Good luck with your fancy haircut!! ;)
HHG - Hard to please? very easy to walk all over!!
Vish and Nomad - I arranged the candy.. so its all mine.. when he collects his own stash he can have it
Visharada said…
hey Preethi!!! after a long time I got a good break from my project release. Need to cover a lot in ur blog I suppose :) Really appreciate ur patience for such a detail writeups.Ur pics are too good. Hilarious!!!
Preethi said…
Sharada - Welcome back.. and thanks {wink}
Neera said…
he he he ..another great one

I like the idea of Krishna getting gifts on Diwali though the heart to heart is my worry too now ;)
PG said…
I don't know how I missed this post. Good that I'm using google reader (I opened it only to to find more than 1000 unread posts in it). well, look I found yours. :)
Too funny - the halloween incident and actualy the whole post! :D

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