Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why? Seige of terror!

All it takes is one moment, one gun and one crazed killer.. and the world can go berserk for many... Throw in months of planning, loads of ammunition, 2 dozen trained killers and a busy city...what ensues is complete chaos. And 24 hours later the stand off continues.
I turned on my computer last afternoon randomly surfing the net when MSNBC sent me a note.. Breaking News they proclaimed... Terrorist shootings, bombings reported in Mumbai, India. I was unable to find much information over the net.. but as the story unfolded and CNN kept at it all night I was shocked and at loss for words to describe what I was feeling. I called my dad in South India at 6 am and asked him to turn on the television. Although my family does not live in Bombay I felt the need to connect to them.. the need to bond with them! I can only imagine what people on the ground are going through. As I watched the news late into the night and turned it on again early this morning.. I was overwhelmed by a feeling of utter helplessness.. what use is security measures and elaborate screening mechanisms in airports.. the terrorists continue to meticulously plan and execute their attacks!
Many movies have been made about how the Islamic militia recruit young kids and brain wash them to make them believers in a so called ideology that calls for the blood of innocent bystanders. These kids whether or not they have sight of any purpose have turned into crazed killers.. attacked by what seems like a permanent case of insanity. I was only reminded again as the TV flashed images of this boy with a crazed/glazed look who is believed to be one of the terrorists!
Not so long back I wrote a note on the world being in wrong hands. It still stays posted on my blog Creative Outbursts as the last piece written by me. Maybe a Deja Vu? I have always been at loss to understand what motivates these guys? Religion? Politics? Quest for World Power?Thirst for blood? How can they live with themselves at the end of the day? I know I am joined by millions others who are also trying to make sense of this crazed world we seem to live in! If you havent already read my poem, do read it and tell me what you think?
CNN reports that many bloggers have been expressing concern and fear about living in Mumbai which has lately turned into a volatile city. I wonder, where is it safe to live in the whole world? And this makes me ask how can I help? How can I help making this world safe for my children and grand children? Is this the legacy we want to leave behind for them? If not then how can you and I change it? For now all I can do is watch with a growing sense of panic and helplessness while many live through this nightmare! All I can do is pray that justice be served!
[CNN reported almost as an after thought the seige on Thailand Bangkok airport where a group of political protesters have taken over the control room. Again, what is the world coming to?]Images - from


Pavi!!!! said...

The rate of attacks in India this year is shocking. It is saddening and pitiable! So many innocent people are affected..n all we can do is watch TV,blog abt it n say a silent prayer for world peace!

Altho the reality is for life to resume..i feel guilty to!

--xh-- said...

yeah - what is the world coming to?
I am also asking teh same question in my mind - what can i do to make this world a better place for all of us to live?

PG said...

It is really horrible and disgusting. Hate is bad, in any form and is unjustifiable, I know that for sure. It is not a solution to any problems and has never been.
I have the same thought in my mind: What is the world coming to? I have no answers either.

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

These people disgust me ,I wish I could shoot them down one by one . .

I feel guilty that I would be yet another person who would blame the government for not providing enough security and go on with my daily routine. . .

rayshma said...

i don't know preethi..
right now it's horifying to even see what's going on.
in a couple of weeks, we'll all move on with our lives... till the next time.
been trying to think of how we could help.. have been blank so far...

Ps said...

See--they have no conscience--According to them what they are doing is right and its justice and they will be rewarded for it in heaven.
The best way to deal with it is to NOT live in fear (Till a gun is put to your head), as a freed hostage said.These were foreign nationals who were rescued and are continuing with their tour of India and not running back to their country saying they are scared.I applauded their spirit. It is what each one of us needs to show.
That we are not scared. That is what will hit the most.
Apart from of course taking stringent measures.
My heart bleeds and beats for India.
Jai Hind.

The Nomad said...

Well all we can do is try to keep instilling in our kds the rights and wrong the best we can. While we all keep saying we cant do anything at the end of the day it is us the world is made of. So if we all keep at it, am sure it will finally change back to the good times again. Till then I guess the main thing is not to let the terrorist win their battle by instilling hate in ourselves, even for those unfortunate souls who get brian washed by the few fanatics... and pray that the parents & other elders who influence those kids are more succesful than the fanatics who brain wash them

Sandhya said...

I am left speechless while siting here thousands of miles away from the terror, cannot even imagine the condition people there must be in,

This picture of the terrorist is very disturbing, I haven't been ale to look at it fully.

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