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Summer is here and so is the season of bathing suits. With that comes the sudden urge to lose weight. I have tried to find an easy way... I tried green tea and benefiber. I tried sweet n low and brown rice. I tried the waist belt and the tummy trimmers. Anything that would do the work for me.. but I haven't had the chance to verify their real capability .. for on the side I also gorged on the muffins and doughnuts, the ice creams and chocolates, the samosas and fries. Not to mention a sedentary life style of adorning the couch!

Not that I ever intend wearing a bathing suit.. yikes who wants to swim really? (the case of the sour grapes?) But still I would give anything for some killer abs... except maybe give it some pain! Like I say if you need me to choose between the fat and the pain, I choose the fat of course! For who would have a sore tummy all the time from all the crunches, or hurting muscles from all the running. If anything can be solved from a stroll down the treadmill, count me in!!

For years I was the thin one.. and I looked like I had been rescued from a famine stricken land.. then America happened and with that arrived a plump Preethi. Following that Cheeky happened, and with that whatever else remained of the thin mirage disappeared! Since then I have been the butt of every heavy weight joke in my never forgiving family! I have threatened with force and tears each equally powerful weapons but they are undettered!

Finally I decided to take action and stopped eating out.. while M and Cheeky seemed to evaporate in front of my eyes, I seemed to be inhaling all the weight they were losing and only seemed to get worse. That this was a testament to my culinary skills is no doubt, but lets leave that discussion to another day!

At the end of the day here are the tallies
Weight Lost - nada, zilch
Weight gained - ahem ahem.. lets just say that is a secret
The pleasure of eating what you want and doing what you do best - lie around - PRICELESS!

I have a new excuse now.. settling down in the new house.. never mind that our friends put everything in place and all the boxes and bags have now gone missing, and the place has a semblance of a home. I still have the audacity to claim that all the settling in chores are keeping me from the gym! And with that note.. let me go try that new flavor of ice cream... slurp! slurp!


sweets ,Ice creams etc etc..why miss them..go on with them & I assure you they dont add to weight..after all ice cream weighs only few grams !!
Gauri said…
:) and here's the clincher - it is not tough just to lose all that excess flab - it is much tougher to keep it off.

I say - go and gorge on that new icecream flavor :) Who needs swimsuits anyway ? :) - u've got company in eating those sour grapes too !!!
rayshma said…
i'm currently hooked onto the snickers ice cream bar! :D
Rambler said…
hmm why compromise on priceless moments :)
SSQuo said…
:) I hope you are having that ice cream with some nice gooey chocolate cake and drizzle it with some caramel sauce and piece of dark chocolate!

Exercising is hard, but I want to lose a few pounds (I am thin), so finally I am working on it a tad bit. For e.g. yday I walked home from work ...I love walking, it took me a long time to finally carring my sneakers to work ,but I hope to continue to do it a couple of times a week, let's see how it goes!
Emaan said…
rotfl.. u sound just like my mommy.. she's been wanting to join a gym for over a month now !!!
rm said…
i sure do agree..its priceless :-).
Count me in the club.
Pavi!!!! said…
so u moved in n had friends to help u unpock,.. im so jealous!

Giving instructions is so hard..i know...u really do need the ice cream ;)
asaaan said…
Mine's alcohol. A mojito, or a cold beer. I dont like wine much and my dh does so he keeps buying it and I dont drink it :)
Suma said…
from what i can make out, i may need a magifying glass to see the flab ;)

go enjoy yourself gal, as long as you can keep the guilt away :)
Vivek said…
The pleasure of eating what you want and doing what you do best - lie around - PRICELESS!

Pefect! I share the same sentiments :) No point in being bothered about the weight! ;)

Enna, it will make nantu look for a new soccer coach soon ;)
Aryan said…
Don't bother prethi....enjoy the icecream..and swweeets...'
Aryan's Mom
Preethi said…
CU - Where have you been?? welcome back :)
Gauri - keeping it off.. I dont know about.. its tough enough losing it :P
Raysh - haha join the club.. I go to the mall and make a bee line to the Snickers icecream place every time!!
Rambler - well said!
SSQuo - I enjoyed walking too.. now its either hot and humid or cold and dry to walk outside ;) that is my excuse!!
Emaan - I am sure you give her enough exercise running around :)
rm - done :) welcome!!
Pavi - haha.. thanks for the support ;)
Asaan - So stock up on the wine and chuck out the beer :) By the way you are doing great girl, mojito or not!!
Suma - Guilt whats that.. I used to look like beached whale not too long ago remember.. so till I get there, I am ok :d
AM - Yeah. why bother right??
Neera said…
:) one life yaa, one human life after I dnt know how many dog years ..our good karma right? we deserve all these ice-creams and the other treats ;)

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