The word hijacked has taken a new and more personal meaning today. I will not say that I have not seen the signs of the coming era.. just that I did not expect it so soon. A couple of years back, I would drag a toddler down to the local library. While other kids tapped on the mouse and keyboard this one would look on with avid interest. The minute he found an empty spot he would toddle up to the chair, pull himself up and rapidly proceed to strike on the keys of the keyboard humming to himself for lack of anything to do.

However the computer at home was still off limits! Then I succumbed and bought him one of those toddler laptops.. but after a few half hearted attempts at playing with it that was relegated to a quiet corner, only to be brought out for pretend play. The little computer engineer brings it out to type status reports for his boss!!

Friends however were plotting to destroy this peace in my household. They got him a computer game last year.. but again mommy has managed to lose that in the move. Not that the game was a regular thing.. it was more like a special treat. However despite these precautions the results have been imminent.

The fact that I am yet to listen to a single song of my choice in my IPod must have meant something. The fact that I am yet to sit undisturbed in my couch or sleep un-kicked for one night must have warned me.. but the slow poke that I am I failed to notice the signs...

The little imp is now a rookie reader and in my enthusiasm to encourage the reading, I might have let the grip slip.... What grip you ask? the grip on my life line the computer.. and now I have competition! I have a 4 year old who has an email ID and has email conversations with his aunts and grand dads. I have a 4 year old who can get on skype and make video calls, who can turn on the chat window and type things to them. He can get on yahoo messenger and doodle and was found experimenting with audibles and emoticons last evening.

This afternoon DH asked Cheeky "Whats your email ID"
He not only rattled it off "cheeky.nantu@gmail.com" but then went on to say "I need to go on orkut". (for those of you who haven't heard of it, its google's version of facebook - social networking!!)
DH was shocked.. "You have an orkut account?"
My eyes were falling off my head..
Cheeky "Yeah .. I like to click on the photos and check all the pictures"
No he doesn't have an orkut account and I intend locking up my computer in a safe safe place till he turns 18. Just tell me please what happened to my blissful little toddler who was content to be swinging off furniture? For all you know Cheeky might start blogging soon!


rayshma said…
hahaha!! :D
yeah... do let us know if he gets down to blogging... we can read here for YOU cribbing abt him... and there for HIM cribbing abt you! :D
Pavi!!!! said…
the way u say it..its as hilarious as ever and cheeky sounds cute cute cute!

But on a serious note..isnt it scary n if i mite say a li'l unhealthy for kids that young to be on the comp n have a mail id n all that? I read on (i think)suma's blog abt 10 yr olds being on FB n was realllie shocked!
Preethi said…
Raysh - Yeah sounds like a plan!!
Pavi - Yeah I have thought about that too.. which is why I did not want Cheeky introduced to computers at all.. but in this day and age there is no keeping them unawares.. as for the email id.. it is supposed to encourage his reading actually (tongue in cheek).. I let him check once in 2-3 days .. but even then I either transfer it to word and make the font bigger or print it out for him :P him typing the reply is another matter though.. for now I play seceratary
Rambler said…
hmm interesting, just wondering when he discovers text messaging and MMS :)
VJ said…
LOL !!!!
beware preethi !!
maybe he does already have a blog !!
rm said…
:-) !!!!!. so now u have competition.
Really! I mean, really? Pliss to keep us updated coz I'll need some pointers in about 2-3 years time, I'm sure. Btw, when's cheeky gonna start blogging? I won't mind being hijacked to his blog ;)
Mama - Mia said…

then what will YOU blog about is the question?! ;)

but seriously i heard my pal telling me that her almost 4 yr old can start the computer, go online, check youtube and watch his fav videos! gasp!!!

whats with all these super brains?
Gauri said…
Oh Yep !! Hijacked indeed !!

I know of kids here 5 and 6 year olds who have Facebook accounts - and here I am - not letting my elder one get a Facebook account. No wonder they think I'm Jurassic !!

Email account - is comparitively safe - if you're checking it and then transferring the contents onto MSWord for him to read.

But then again - both the nutty siblings are found logged onto the net very often nowadays. Schoolwork demands it and that means an extra pair of eyes which are needed to keep an eye on the PC !!
Suma said…
hold on tight, its a roller coaster ride...cheeky sure is making you earn every grey hair :D

i had a good laugh imagining your reactions :)
Sandhya said…
wow, he is computer savvy!!
Anonymous said…
Does he have his own blog as yet?I am sure he blogs anon and cribs about his mom :-)
lol , cant wait to read his blog :P . . . .
Preethi said…
Rambler - I am sure that will come soon.. even though both I and DH aren't into it.. his friends will introduce him I am sure!
VJ - He does spend a lot of time on his pretend computer maybe there is a concealed connection?
RM - Why are you so glad?
MM - If he starts blogging what would I blog about.. I am sure if you are hijacked.. you wont return here :(
Preethi said…
Mama-Mia - Very well said.. what would I blog about then?
Gauri - You are scaring me!
Suma - Very well said.. I once posted a picture that said "I earned every one of my grey hair" this is another dimension to it for sure!!
Sandhya - :)
LOS - You think? hmm.. not very unlikely..
Vish - Talk more like this and you dont get to see him!!
2 B's mommy said…
cant wait to read his blog and his version of events :D

My son had a blog when he was 9 ! part of school curriculum apparently for that year. The teacher would check to make sure that they are updating it regularly !

Thank God, that was for only one year !
Subhashree said…
So cute. Hilarious. You have a way with words, P.
Preethi said…
2BM - You got to be kidding me.. a blog for a school project?
Subashree - Thanks girl :)
Neera said…
WOW!! he has an e-mail id and is so well versed with the chatting and all! I do like ur idea abt encouraging reading via this medium because there's no point trying to keep them away frm it in this day and age. In fact its good that u r the one introducing it to him so he'll come to u fr whatever he comes accross and has doubts abt.
Neera said…
forgot to check e-mail follow up comments earlier :)
Preethi said…
Neera - Whether I introduce him or not.. he is going to learn from friends and others.. so might as well do it in my presence.. having said that, you and I did not know about computers till we were 14.. and this generation are so savvy at 4! Where are we heading? the next generation will be born with their head in a computer for sure !! :P

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