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Last year when we were on our vacation to India.. we had only one agenda, to meet people and introduce Cheeky to his myriad relatives.. a vacation from the vacation did not seem necessary.. and we were happy enough to spend a couple of days in Ooty.. and kid ourselves that we had spent the best part of our vacation there!

However this year we were fore-warned.. so we started planning the break well in advance! My sister was longing for a break from the Chennai heat.. and we were not really prepared for another Indian summer.. so we chose to go north.. We decided to go to Himachal Pradesh.. and head to the Himalayas. After scary stories of the monsoon rains and land slides, that plan was dropped and instead Rajasthan was picked! Yeah I know more fool we.. we were hoping that with the monsoon rains Delhi and Rajasthan would be cooler than usual. The dates were decided and tickets were booked.. and the wait began!

On the day of the travel.. everyone was rushed.. bags packed, tickets printed, doors locked.. check check check.. we were off to the airport to board Indigo airlines to Delhi! On the flight, as we took off, I could be heard praying fervently.. I always knew that Indigo had cheap tickets and they saved by not serving you any food! However as we took off, the rickety plane made creaking noises.. the engine roared while the plane did not soar.. vroom vroom the sound said as the flight made its slow ascent!! It seemed like going in an auto rickshaw as against a BMW 5 series!!

However the flight was smooth and we made it in time (well just over time) to Delhi. And we were hit by a blast of heat.. coming from Chennai it seemed even more hot and humid.. we were so surprised.. and we thought it was monsoon season! So now none of our clothes in the 3 jam packed suitcases could work.. we needed more clothes!! yay!!

Early the next morning (that is if you will let me consider 9 am early), we hit the roads to explore Delhi.. We were awed by the Parliament, the Presidential Palace - Rashtrapathi Bhavan, India gate and Janpath... as much as we were in awe of the structures, the roads were duly admired too.. Despite the facts that no lane rules were followed on the wide roads, let alone the fact that sometimes there were no lanes even marked on the roads.. Still Delhi has the infrastructure to implement roads of international standards! We then headed to the highlight of our Delhi tour.. Qutab Minar! While the minar itself is awesome.. it is surrounded by some really awe inspiring pillars and statues that are breathtakingly awesome! I seemed to be transported in time to the 1100's... as I traversed the walkways and admired the workmanship!!

By mid afternoon though, after lunch at some obscure place suggested by the taxi driver; we headed to red fort.. the long lines and the heat had us rushing back to the car after taking some customary snaps of red fort and us in front of it.. Now we can say we have been there! Soon it was time to head to the railway station.. we were going to begin our soujourn in Rajasthan! So with eager anticipation we headed in the heat of the day to the railway station! How did that turn out? Come back and read the next part of the Adventures of Cheeky and Mommy!! Meanwhile I leave you with some pictures from Delhi...


Pavi!!!! said…
Did u say "on our visit LAST YEAr"..u visit india everyyear..lucky u!

gr8 pics.. i LOUVEEEEEEE delhi! Shopper's paradise, beautiful places to visit n i felt the same way abt the roads!

wtg to hear the rajasthan story n see the pics.

meanwhile..i've noticed that no one whines even a wee bit that in the us..they don't serve food even on 4/5 hr long flights..whereas in india..we complain and conclude that we get wat we pay for..whn therz no food served on a mere 2/3 hr flight! wonder why?!
Preethi said…
Pavi- I am not complaining about no food.. in fact I like this better.. I hate it when I am forced to eat on a 45 minute flight!! Just observing the rickety plane.. ever been on an Indigo? you will know what I am talking about!
rayshma said…
you make me want to take a vacation to india now! :)

and delhi's awesom to shop AND eat! i love the food there!!
Sandhya said…
thank you fro these Delhi pictures, I got to see home :-)
Preethi said…
Raysh - Oh yeah Delhi was good fun.. although we did not get very adventurous with food.. we loved the shopping!!
Sandhya - You are welcome.. your hometown was awesome!
Neera said…
Delhi sure is an awesome city ..makes me like it some more after reading ur post :) But yeah the weather must have been a dampener. How I wish I could go shopping more often wtng for Jiya too turn 4'ish and more independent :)

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