The perfect heels!

This blog is taking a break from regular programming to say this...

I have been catching up on fellow bloggers lately and I read so many of their honest, sweet posts filled with love and affection for their kids! And I wondered why I cant write like that.. And I decided I would do a post on all the wonderful things about Cheeky.. after all the only facet people know of him is the talkative, naughty little imp! Right? (Now if only I could remember them while he is jumping around me!) Anyway, as I was making up my mind, I read another blog and read a line about high heels there and my mind was unmade again! So now I will write to you an honest and sweet (oh well, I will attempt to make this as sweet as possible with mentions of chocolates and jelabis.. what say?) as possible!

As I was growing up, I was always among the tallest in my class. While Cheeky is so proud about being tall, and dreams of being taller than Daddy some day.. I was not so thirlled about being tall. I wanted to be petite and small built. I wanted to be cute and chubby too.. Instead I was reed thin and tall.. This would haunt me through my teen years, although I am not one that can be easily haunted! So while I bore my tall thin looks with a cheshire cat grin and a cheeky spirit, I continued to fret about it! (I hated looking down on people you see!)

Even when Meenakshi Sheshadri (I am not kidding you, I went to her house once with a friend who was in a dance program with her), commented on my model like height and posture (haha, I know that is way too funny.. to write an honest post about). Well to be honest, even though she commented about that she followed it up with a request for a massage! As you can imagine she was rebuffed and my friend got an earful for taking me to places with all these "I am the queen of the world" types! So anyway, I brushed that comment off with a flick off my shoulder.. however the chip remained!

So when my mom introduced me (via email, hadn't met him yet) to this guy all of 6'2", I thought he would be just a wee bit taller than me. For while I was 5'5" in reality, in my mind I was well over 6 ft. And then reality struck.. I was found running around days before my wedding hunting for the perfect heels.. I had worn flat shoes till then and had no clue how to walk in a stilleto.. so I needed heels that were not stilletos but big enough so I did not look funny standing next to this tall creature! The tall creature who still mocks me about our engagement photos. Let alone the fact that I was looking really weird with the funny hairdo done by relatives (punished for not booking a parlor.. my hair was an experimental piece for all relatives and ended up looking just awful!). Besides that I was standing there shoeless, while the tall dude stood next to me sneakers and all looking taller than ever!

At the wedding reception I finally managed to get some heels and still ended up looking short. And ever since my quest has been to find the perfect heels that will make me look at least a wee bit taller! My dream has finally been answered now and I feel so short all the time.. not to mention with all the love handles .. now I am (way too) chubby too (but we will leave that tale for another day, or we will just stove that story in the closet shall we?) but whoever said that the other side of the grass is green has to be crazy.. I want to feel tall again.. boohoo!! (Images: http://www.carthage.ed,,

(I will soon be back to complete my long winding, boring, pictersque travel posts)


Mama - Mia said…

well i always wanted to be taller than 5'6 that i am! and have never worn heels. i didnt have to wear any to my wedding either 'coz M is a BIT shorter than me!! hehe!

and your travel posts are anything but boring!!

Galadriel said…

sev is 6'1 and i'm at an average 5'6 and you see, i do have reason to wear high heels. not to work though, i feel like crap after i go to work in blocks. :D
rayshma said…
YOU, woman... are NOT chubby!

i LOVE my heels... each and every one of them! and the fact that i'm short helps me wear as many as i want! AND it lets me hoard heels! but even if i were taller... i wouldn't trade my heels for anything!
Pavi!!!! said…
I 2nd rayray abt the chubby thing. How can one find love handles in YOU??? In ur pics u yet come across as thin n tall lady!

N then abt the heels…I’m 4’10’’ and the hubby is 5’9’’ or is that 10’’…well sumthing…so ya he’s one foot taller than me..but I WILL NOT wear heels.. as to how we look together wit this kinda height difference…well, the hubby or I cldn’t care less. I’m not comfy in anything other than teeny-weeny heels (if at all) and so I will not wear them!

N hell ya, the grass ain’t greener on the other side…I won’t deny that it used to be during one phase of life..but that’s another story for another day. For now I love my height n don’t want to be any taller.
noon said…
OK, I hate you and hate Mama - Mia. Casually dropping the 5'5" amd 5'6" in! Huh. Who likes tall women anyway! Grrr...not one who is 5'1".
I wore heels - brand new ones bought at the last min in Chennai - for my wedding reception - paid so much for it and that was the only time I ever wore it - brought it here and kept it for sentiment for a few months and gave it to Salvation army. Big big mistake to have bought it. The height difference was so obvious anyway.
Man I am jealous - you are traveling all over India now? What about the swine flu scare? You're not worried?
lostonthestreet said…
oh at 5'1" i can only ask, "Hows the air up there " :-)
Preethi said…
Abha - Thanks for the vote on the travel posts.. after that I forget what you were talking about.. am in seventh heaven!
Galadriel - do you need a reason to wear heels? I dont like blocks too.. nor stilettos I am a pain to take shoe shopping but I dont have a choice, got to take me!!
Raysh - Thanks for the not chubby vote.. ;)
Pavi - thanks thanks!! if you think I am fishing for compliments.. mm yeah a bit.. but I still think am a bit too rounded :P and whats the story.. give give!! sounds interesting!
Noonie - hehehe!! hate us?? as for the flu.. we just got back before the whole rigmarole started.. now am avoiding all crowded places like plague!! oh well.. that's so close to the truth... boohoo!!
lol - haha.. as long as it is Chennai the air everywhere is warm and humid.. I must say it is cooling down in Chennai though,..

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