Saturday, August 1, 2009

M and the laddle!

VJ tagged me (of all people) to write about M (M the Hubby dearest for the unintiated) ... If I could really get sentimental ... I would probably wax long about how much he means to me or how much I owe him for putting up with my scatter brained self! But I probably couldn't keep a straight face while I wrote such stories.. for if this is true, then the reverse is the harder truth (my putting up with him of course!!)... so in the true spirit of this blog let me tell you a story..

About The Man and the ladle!
I had heard stories about how in the "Bachelor days" in a remote corner of Arizona 2 roomies would make a mean rasam and aloo fry sabji and actually have lunch from home everyday! And I chose to believe this tale! So when after boring each other to death with emails, one of which relegated the tale of this culinary hero making Payasam (Kheer, a milky relish) on his birthday! We finally met each other.. and I (so naively) asked about his culinary proficiency and decided from the stories I would never have to learn the elusive art of cooking! The first few months were actually close(r) to what should have been reality.. while the self proclaimed Chef did not cook everyday.. he did party catering and provided tips and advice... and I held that stupid sweet smile of the new bride in denial!!
But on this day 7 years later I have decided to finally bury that feminism hatchet, heave a big sigh of despair and declare that the man and the ladle don't go hand in hand.. and the Culinary hero of the yester years and his tallest tales remain a distant dream! Maybe for this vacation I could pack this man and his ladle to a culinary camp!! What say? (Images courtesy:,

Keeping it real!
As many of you know it is very hard for me to write sentimental tales.. when my friends would narrate stories of sentimental trysts with boy friends/ finaces/ husbands.. I would supress an involuntary laugh and wonder if that would ever change.. Maybe when I got engaged I would sprout two angelic wings and a angelic halo and start cooing and blushing!! But unfortunately.. I waited and waited and the change never came.. I remained the tom boy that I always have been!! But then M takes it a step further.. if you think I am funny (alright I am fishing for compliments now.. come come on.. do your bloggerly duty and pour them in) , you should see him!! Between us we have never been able to hold a serious conversation for more than a few minutes... but then life has been all about laughter and fun!! Having said that I am gifted with the guy who keeps me real and doesnt take me too seriously.. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I wonder!! With that note I am on the verge of losing my edge and actually those wings seem to be sprouting.. hush hush Preethi.. get a grip!!

Cheeky.. the true story!
While M's family choses to think that I am the one Cheeky gets his bratiness from and my family rushes in to confirm (what an ungrateful family I have.. after all that I have done for them!!.. As if being born in this family and gracing them with my presence was not enough...) Anyway, having said that, the true story behind His Cheekiness is the Papa bear with the innocent face lurking in the picture.. while it appears to the rest of the world that it is this silly momma who does all the talking and has the claim to blame for the Cheekiness.. today let us set the records straight and let them show that it is the Cheeky dad to blame!

The Blog Patron!
I work hard to write this blog.. that I borrow from the stories of my life.. and go on to add spice to reality.. not to mention chronicle the life and talks of our joint venture.. The Cheeky Brat; is immaterial! There is a lurker here who comes to see what else I have blabbed about.. and who seems to take pride in my writing and tell the rest of the world about my blog!! But I have this inkling of doubt.. are you trying to tell them "Look what I have to live with?" that is the question!!

I actually seem to have run out of sarcasm.. I need to check with magnifying lens.. is that a halo over your head? Is it possible or have the 7 years of blissful ignorance dulled my otherwise razor sharp perception? Or have I sprouted 'em wings?! (image courtesy:


Galadriel said...

haha! good to know.. and the laughs are all that matter.. :)

VJ said...

LOL !!!

loved your version... thanks for writing.. was eagerly waiting for it.

rayshma said...

hahaha!! :D
sprout wings... then you won't have to deal with those airport horror stories!
when d'u get back?

Sandhya said...

you always manage to make me laugh! Thank you. How many days more in India?

K3 said...

7-years of marital bliss? is that the 7 year itch thats sprouting these tales, I wonder! :)

BTW, Happy 7 years! May the next 7 and the next 7, and the next, and next, and next be even better, greater and all around wonderful!

aMus said...

written in true 'la Preethi' style...:) :) :)

as for getting him to cook, you may as well forget may not happen :D

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

a very different version.. infact i liked this much better than the senti ones ;)

Anonymous said...

Man and ladle don't said it well...
Enjoyed the post

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