Happy Birthday Cheeky!

Oh yeah its that day of the year again.. Cheeky turns 5 now.. more on the day and the fuss we are making to come.. but for now like a nice little mommy, I am going to wish my little darling (if Cheeky) son a very happy birthday!!
The wishes started pouring in last night.. as it turned 7th around the world.. Cheeky checked his email and responded to the emails promptly... here are some samples!

Dear V patti and R thatha,
Thank you for the email. I am not in preschool anymore. I am in kindergarden. I have a lot of friends. My school's name is Shining stars. Are you going anywhere out?In America my birthday is only tomorrow. Mommy got me cup cakes to pass out to my friends. I also goodie bags for them. I bought them Tootsie pops, stickers and pencils and a lot of candy.Daddy is in LA. We will celebrate my birthday on 10th with Daddy and his friends.
Love you,

Dear Naani
Thank you for your email. We are celebrating my birthday on Oct 10th because my Daddy is not in Charlotte. He is in LA. LA is in California.Tomorrow Daddy will still not be here, but it is my birthday in America. I am going to take cup cakes with rings on it to school. I will pass it out to my friends.For my Oct 10th party I am going to get a big big birthday cake with Lightning Mcqueen on it.
Love you,

Please note that the letter has been drafted by little Cheeky to the last full stop!! See how he opens it with "Thank you for the email". And his signature end "Love you, "... I am still reeling from the fact that my little baby has grown up so much that he can write such a mature letter.. well almost.. he keeps talking about Dad being in LA.. just to set the records straight.. Dad is having the guilt trip.. he had to go to LA for a conference! And has been feeling so bad.. Cheeky is ofcourse milking it.. he got to ride on Thomas (Day out with Thomas was in NC these past couple of weeks) last weekend. Next weekend, he gets to have a party, go shopping as well as take the day off on Monday to spend it with Daddy !! Might as well spoil him proper.. what say?


oh yes , spoil the little lad !!! I am sure his blogging days are not far away now . . . He already does do the drafting for most of your blogs :D . .
Happy birthday munchkin ! Love you loads :)
Galadriel said…
growing up to be quite like his mommy, isn't he? happy birthday to him, btw. :)
Mama - Mia said…
happy birthday Cheeky!!

i want an email from him too!! :)

have a super year ahead dude!

Pavi!!!! said…
Ohhhh wish the li’l one a Very Very Happy B’day! It is quite impressive..how much he is able to do at his age (taking advantage of the dad’s guilt,writing emails ‘et all) .n well it is HIS MONTH..so ya..u can spoil him for another 24 days!
N good luck to u..For making the day as much fun for him as u possibly could.
Suma said…
happy birthday, big boy..drive your mom crazy! :)

preethi...i love his letters, he's truly following his mom :)
Lavs said…
Many more happy returns of the day Cheeky!!
VJ said…
Happy Birthday Cheeky !
Wow !
that was a well drafted letter.
r u sure he doesnt blog?
Priya said…
Happy Birthday Cheeky!! Preethi, his letters are amazing. Looks like he got it from you. Good for him.. Love to bday boy..
Anonymous said…
man...he wrote this letter fully!!!!he has grown dear....how fast children grow na
Happy birthday...I am just wondering Aryan is three and he doesn't know to write "A"...can kids learn all these writing in two yrs...or Cheeky knew to write when he was three????
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday Cheeky
Anonymous said…
Ahh it is me posting Anon comment
Aryan's Mom
Sumana said…
Oh wow little things like LA is in California. Amazing clarity in both explanation and thinking. Good going cheeky. Wish you a very happy birthday with your McQueen. My 2 year old also runs around the house with a pic of Mcqueen. All you little guys are so so fascinated with cars. Have a fun fifth bday.
Happy Birthday Cheeky !!
You are a big boy going to Kindergarten !
Have loads of fun ...
sulo badri said…
Cheeky alwys makes my day... all other followers' day too... warm wishes to the lil sweetum...

happy bday cheek :) god bles!!!
Preethi said…
On behalf of Cheeky.. thank you folks!! As for his blog.. I live in constant dread of the day he will start blogging!
Gomathi Sarma said…
Happy bday sweetie cheeky..

Have a blast when daddy is back and dont forget to write me an email on how your day was

lov u, kiss u, miss u
K 3 said…
Toot!! Toot!!! A Big Happy Birthday, to not so little Cheeky!!!
Sandhya said…
Belated birthday wishes!! I am simply amazed by his emails, really.....he is only 5!!
Rambler said…
email at 5?..wondering whats at 10 :)
Neera said…
A very very Happy Birthday dear Cheeky and OMG my jaw dropped at ur e-mails ..way to go Genius! Much love and hugs.
Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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