Outrageous Halloween?

Many of you have been reading my blog the past years.. and some of you have told me you liked it while others have thought I was way out of your realm talking about kids and parenting!;) I am now doing a lot of freelance writing.. writing some exciting and some other run of the mill articles! One very exciting thing I have been doing is writing some articles as a columnist on Worldnewsvine. The next couple of weeks, we are running a contest among the authors. I am going to be posting many articles hopefully.. unless my brain goes blank (that is something I am dreading honestly!). Anyway, today I wrote an article about Halloween and the outrageous costumes out there. Is halloween losing its true meaning? Are we encouraging our kids to dress more outrageously every year? Sometimes I do thank god I dont have a daughter when I see these costumes. Please read my article at http://worldnewsvine.net/blog/2009/10/outrageous-halloween/ and vote to say what you think about it. Please do leave comments to tell me what you think.

Have a great day! Cheers!


Pavi!!!! said…
Hey...Good Luck on ur new writing venture! Look forward to the stuff ur going to write!

Voted there..but for some reason it wldnt publish my comment...so leaving behind a comment here :

I louveeeeee Halloween too! N wish that I cld have celebrated it as a kid. Even now..I keep toffees at home for the li’l ones that may come trick or treat. Also i’m alwez begging my friends for company to dress up crazy. N I would rather be a scary witch than a beautiful princess. But then I donno how “crazy” crazy is. Those sexy nurses n certain other costumes that make one look like a porn star is definitely not my definition of crazy. I have never gone down the shopping isles looking for Halloween costumes for kids…I sincerely hope they don’t have slutty costumes for li’l girls. That would be disgusting n sooooooo not appropriate..
Mama - Mia said…
this was a great read!! :)

and yes, whats with clothes for l'il girls getting sluttier by the day. and not h=just for Halloween. where are the frilly dresses with sash and bow pray tell me?! gah!

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