Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Walking Cheeky!

I have been writing some posts for WorldNewsVine.com and last evening I made this post A day out with Cheeky. It is about the woes and trials of walking a toddler. Also about leashes!
Wonder what I am talking about do you?
Remember I wrote about taking Cheeky to the Day out with Thomas? Thomas the train and Bob the builder made an appearance at a town a good hour and a half away from where I live. And like every parent of a 5 yr old we are suckers for the sweet smile and incessant polite requests of "please can we go mommy?". And so we got sucked into doing this for our son as well. I am sure the little imp punched in air "Yes! Got them again!".
However we settled in for a week and a half of incessant bouncing in anticipation. For that entire week all conversations in our home revolved around Thomas. From counting down the days in anticipation to threats of cancellation if that meal was not eaten or the toy not picked up! So having milked that anticipation to the fullest, mom and son and of course the dad settled in for a hour and a half drive. While for us it was an hour and a half of incessant chatter and no amount of favorite songs would give that a pause, for Cheeky it was a worrying hour and a half! Especially when the traffic piled up and we started inching our way down the freeway! Even if it was for a couple of miles, it seemed like eternity to the little imp! Anyway that is not what my post was about. Remember we were talking about leashes?
Alright once at the arena we were dragged from one amusement to the other. Our little imp skipped and hopped, jumped and pranced through the exhibits and tattoos and percussion music, not to mention the gift store while we struggled to keep up! At the end of the day, we the exhausted parents dragged the reluctant imp home. While we headed to the car we saw parents holding a leash. M gave me the look and I took notice. The leash was not on a dog! It was on a kid! I have seen this before .. at zoos and parks where the parents put their kids on a short leash! I thought back to the dog walker I see every morning.. She is always being walked by her dogs! And here were some parents who hoped they had had pets instead?
With my mind reeling with possibilities I headed back home and stowed the memory to a corner in my brain. A few days later Cheeky and I were at a mall and a lady talked non stop on her phone while she held a leash! The kid on harness (no backpack mind you, it was a harness), was on all fours! I had to rub my eyes and look again.. was I hallucinating? But no it was a child.. about 3 yrs of age. He was of course looking for a ball or something under a bench.. but still that was uncanny! Again I started wondering if the child would need therapy when he grows up?
Then I remembered an old Indian grand mom telling me of how she had to keep her son tied to the bed post while she cooked for her big family. She went on to have 7 children all of whom are well balanced adults! So what was I to make of it?
As I wrote this article for World News Vine, I started googling to find out more about leashes. I found people like me expressing shock at what they called lazy parenting... and others giving the reason. Parents of autistic kids, kids with ADHD and hyperactive kids. And suddenly it started making sense! Still I would presume a stroller might be more effective? For all other moms out there who are fond of the telephone, put that phone down for a minute and hold his hand.. that really works you know? Look at the picture.. the leashes are out of stock! So tell me am I missing something here?
Ever heard of the Wife Carrying Contest. No I am not kidding you.. read about it at my post - http://worldnewsvine.com/blog/2009/10/wife-carrying-contest/


Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

The first time I saw this, I was shocked ... the concept of having a kid leashed was alien to me. But I have seen this more often than not now and makes me wonder, HOW could these parents do this to their kids and HOW do these kids accept this?
I cannot get my 1 yr old to wear her sweater without constant whining ... and she barely talks ... and these parents can get these 3/4 yr old on lease ???

Pavi!!!! said...

I have no clue how hard it is to hold a 3 yr old..but from what I’ve heard from parents..i guess it is a very very tough job. Specially boys..my sis says.

Having a child on leash sounds very very wrong….but here is what I have to say if I try play devil’s advocate…This wknd we were at the mall with a friend’s 1.5 yrs old girl..n she kept us on our toes. She was out of sight in the blink of an eye. N didn’t want to be held AT ALL. she was just on the run n wld easily get lost between the clothes n stuff. My husband and I were so darned nervous about losing the child or her getting hurt as she ran. as if it was the first time ever that shez been out of her house(n just the prev day she was in the mall, so she has been out a LOT)…so given that…isn’t it safer to have control over ur child(with a leash?) instead of losing her in some mall?

N ur writing at a new spot!

DotThoughts said...

I used to have a backpack harness for Chip. Liversaver while travelling alone. Especially while keeping an eye on the carousel for bags, filling forms while standing in line. I had peace of mind knowing my very curious 2 ur old was safe, tethered to me.

Preethi said...

CA - You can get them on Lease too?? haha.. just kidding!! I am sure these people have a point.. but it is mind boggling for sure!
Pavi, Dottie - I see both your points.. but honestly what purpose would a leash serve? If the leash was long enough to let them out of your sight.. that is probably just asking for trouble and if it was short enough to keep them close, whats the difference between that and holding the kid's hand?

Preethi said...

@ Pavi - Writing at a new spot .. yes. The spot will change soon as it takes a more official look, but trying out something here! Lets see!

Aryan said...

Ahhh..I am imagining how it would be if i leash Aryan...funny...he will take me to Zoo....

Ahh I read about wife carrying contest...hey please convince your hubby...I am sure he will win the prize...


Neera said...

Well the leash makes sense to me but doesn't look right somehow!

Abt the hour and a half trip to the show and the week before that..oh God tell me abt it ..as a result we have stopped telling Vansh till we actually get to the place that he likes and we are taking him to to escape those thousand and one questions abt when is today and when is tmrw and when is 3 days later and when does day come and when does night? Bah!!

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